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July 2015     
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Maggie is Lost! Can you find her?
Kirby Love
California Challenges, and Looking for Love
Dr. Monica Diedrich, The Pet Communicator 


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The first part of July was filled with a number of very enjoyable family experiences for me. I also had a very special communication experience with Maggie, a beautiful 2-year-old Beagle, that I want to share with you in this edition of the newsletter.

It all started with family arriving for a visit from Argentina, having a great family gathering on the 4th, sightseeing on the 5th, then on the 6th, filming a pilot for the possibility of a new pet communication show. The show is only a concept right now, so there's no other information to share, but if it ever goes beyond the concept and pilot stage, I'll be sure to let you know. 

Maggie is Lost! Can you find her?
A very special communication experience 


With all of the aforementioned activity over so many days in a row, it was no wonder that by Tuesday July 7th, I had a lot of voicemails and e-mails to catch up on.   

The very first call I returned was Nellie's. She'd left a voice mail message on my machine on the afternoon of Monday the 6th while I was busy filming. She reminded me that I had helped her so much when her beloved older dog was dying of cancer. Now, she told me that she desperately needed my help right away because her sister's dog, Maggie, had been lost since the 4th of July during a camping trip from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico.

Family and friends had already done an extensive search of the area before they'd had to return home to San Diego on the evening of the 5th, heartbroken and with their hopes dashed, because they'd still found no sign of their precious Maggie.

They continued to very effectively use social media, as well as many flyers, to spread the word about Maggie all the way from Rosarito to Ensenada. As a result...


Kirby Love
Kirby and family

This is Kirby who had always been dominated by his sister. The stress of living with her was the most likely reason for the many bouts of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) he'd endured. His sister passed away a few months ago, and suddenly Kirby became the king of his domain. He's always finding ways to show his family what a special boy he is. This picture shows just one of the ways he uses to express his love for them.

California Challenges, and Looking for Love

We're in the middle of a drought here in California, so much so that we're now restricted to watering only three times a week or less. Sadly, the lawns will soon start to turn brown, and neighborhoods will not look as lush as they used to. Many of my neighbors are already replacing grass with gravel and stones, and putting in some drought tolerant plants.


My husband and I, on the other hand, are worried about our chickens and peacocks who suffer during the summer and need some relief from hot, sunny days by having water sprayed on their pens several times a day.


Our turtles live in two ponds that need to be maintained and irrigated also. By the way, these three wonderful ladies are very sad because they do not have a male. They're called Red Ear Sliders and the females are large. If you happen to know of a large male of that species who wants company, please let us know because we would gladly adopt him!

Hoping, along with the rest of California, for a very wet rainy season soon!


Until next time...


Dr. M.

Dr. Monica Diedrich

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