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Molly's Story - I Was My Own Worst Skeptic
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Molly's Story - I Was My Own Worst Skeptic

In my work as an animal communicator, it's sometimes quite a stretch for some of my clients to accept what I do. Some may be supportive, but they tell me right away that they're very skeptical. Others will tell me, in no uncertain terms, that they simply do not believe in what I do.

I usually say, "That's fine! I love skeptics!" And I do, because sometimes I'm a skeptic, too. In fact, sometimes I'm my own worst skeptic, and because of that, I have to be careful not to get in the way of any of the messages I'm receiving.

Take for example the case of one of my skeptical clients who called me in October, 2012 to set up an appointment on behalf of his wife. Their Golden Retriever had passed on and neither of them could find the solace they were seeking. The skeptical husband said he was doing this for his wife in order to help her find closure.

Initially, he thought he wanted to simply have an e-mail conversation, but because the death of a pet is such a sensitive situation, I encouraged the two of them to have a phone consultation instead. Before we got together by phone, I connected with their precious Golden Retriever, Molly, and began to write down notes to share with them.

One of the first images I received was of Molly entering the bright light. At the far end of the light she saw someone she at first thought was her human mom. Molly told me that she could see "her mom" from far away, but as she got closer and closer, she realized that it wasn't her mom after all, but someone who looked very much like her.

Well, the skeptic in me wanted to stop right there and NOT write down what I'd just heard, exactly as I'd heard it. The skeptical part of me kept thinking this just couldn't be right! I didn't want to say it to Molly's mom and dad this way. The human part of me thought... what if I'm wrong... if I'm wrong, then the skeptical husband will never, ever be able to trust me or believe in what I, and other animal communicators, do.

But, my rational thinking self still wanted me to edit what I'd just heard and simply write that Molly saw a human standing at the far end of the light ready to welcome her when she crossed over. That would make more sense, and be safer in this case, wouldn't it?

But, the experienced intuitive side of me insisted I write the message down exactly the way it came through. Over the years, I've learned how important it is not to go back and change anything. It may not make any sense to me at all at the time, but it could definitely make sense to the people who are receiving the information.

I shouldn't have worried in this case, even for a moment. My intuitive sense was right on target. What Molly told me was exactly what convinced them that, truly, it was THEIR Molly who was doing the talking.

Molly's mom knew immediately that the person who was there to greet Molly was, in fact, her sister who had passed on tragically a year and a half ago. Several people had even very recently, out of the blue, told her how very much she and her sister looked alike.

You'll enjoy reading her entire testimonial, which she wrote after our consultation. You can read it here, or you can simply go to www.petcommunicator.com and click on Testimonials.

Only by overcoming my own skepticism, and conveying what Molly told me, exactly as she said it, were her mom and dad finally able to find the comfort they were seeking.

There's also a moral to this story for each of us: Never let your rational, thinking mind overrule what your intuitive mind is telling you, or you'll end up rationalizing away the truth! 
Christmas Gift
On October 24th I received my first Christmas Card. Are we crazy? Each year we start earlier and earlier... most big retailers have had Christmas decorations up since the middle of September! Even for me, with Christmas being my favorite holiday, September is way too early to start thinking about it. But then I realized that it's not too early to start TALKING ABOUT IT.

Puppy holiday gift Every Christmas thousands of people give the gift of an animal to an unsuspecting human. I am 100% against doing that, and I'll tell you why.

Over the many years that I've been an animal communicator, I've had the opportunity to talk to many clients who harbor a strong feeling of resentment over the fact that they were suddenly 'thrown' into the situation of becoming pet parents by someone in the family, or by a friend, who thought they needed company.

It's not the company part they object to so much; it's the fact that they didn't have any say at all when it came to choosing the pet they were going to share their lives with for the next dozen or so years. Think about how you'd feel if your parents picked out your spouse, or even a housemate for you!

Many times we want to help out by doing something we think is good, but in the case of giving someone a pet, the consequences can be problematic for the human, and potentially devastating for the pet.

When I was helping at the Animal Care Center after the holidays, I realized that a lot of the pets coming in had, in fact, been Christmas presents. These days we 'return' pets just as we would return merchandise... without a purchase receipt, without tags, without LOVE.

These are the pets that I later need to do consultations for. They're emotionally and psychologically damaged, and some never recover from that ordeal.

I know this first hand. I still have a dog with me that my local shelter asked me to assess for adoption. Having been deemed unadoptable, she had only two choices, me or euthanasia.

The same is true of hundreds of thousands of other neglected, abused, and unloved dogs, some of whom have been given as a gift.

So, whether it's Christmas or a birthday, my suggestion to you is never buy a pet for anyone else without the would-be owner knowing about it ahead of time.

Let them come along with you, or better yet, give them a gift certificate so they can go in at any time they feel ready and choose the pet they want.

Many times we need to be seeing or holding a pet to experience that instant 'knowing' that this is the right one for us, or we need to be able to look into their eyes and meet the soul first before we can invest our love for many years to come.

A gift certificate for a pet... now, that would be a gift worth giving!
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