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JUNE 2010
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Leo - The Wise and Stoic Cat
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New pup Chopy
Dr. Monica's new pup, Chopy, relaxing on a sofa that is now in a Doggy Inn suite.

How wonderful it is to be back home in the US again! Don't get me wrong, I love to go back to my birth country to visit friends and relatives, eat local cuisine, and enjoy the countryside, but coming home to the US, and being back after a long absence, is the best feeling in the world!
While I was in Argentina I worked most of the time, sometimes by phone, and sometimes in person with new clients there. I also gave a number of workshops and talks. I was delighted to find that many people in Argentina treat their pets as part of the family, too, although nothing compares with how animals are treated here in the United States.
While we were in Argentina, we saw a lot of stray animals in the streets. Apparently there's no governmental agency who will pick up strays (for lack of funds), so the neighbors get together and they feed the strays, sometimes providing them with shelter on the colder nights, and sometimes opening up their homes or businesses to them during the daytime, while still allowing the dogs to live their unusually free lifestyle.
Dog in streetYou might think this is very foreign to what we call "normal," but for these animals, this is the best of both worlds. I spoke with several of these happy wanderers and none of them seemed to want to change their lifestyles. They were all well fed, happy, and attentive to humans. I didn't see any of them being fearful of humans or other animals. When they crossed the street (sometimes a big six lane avenue), they'd always look for the green signal. Once on the other side, they'd rest in a public area where they knew they were welcome. Observing them, and talking with them, was a great learning experience for me.
Through my workshops, I came to know some wonderful new people, including some veterinarians who had been looking for a "bridge" to help them know more about their animal clients, and in their search, they found me. All of them were very excited about being able to practice more effective "animal communication!" And I'm excited that they're so enthusiastic!
Everyone's concerns in Argentina were the same as the ones we have here - pet behaviors, health, and of course, end of life. It seems life has the same challenges, no matter where you live.
My time in Argentina wasn't all work, however. There were plenty of opportunities for family get-togethers, soaking up the sun near the ocean, and spending relaxing moments walking, dining, and just enjoying some leisure time. All in all, it was a wonderful trip!
I want to thank all of you who waited so patiently to see me in person until I returned from being away for such an extended period of time. I'm once again keeping a full schedule of consultations as usual, so please feel free to call me any time you need to set up an appointment.
A Client's Story
Leo - The Wise and Stoic Cat
LeoI've had a fairly long relationship with Leo and his mom. I met them many years ago, along with his older brother, Hefty. The two cats were good friends, but sometimes Hefty was too bossy for Leo. Hefty used to make Leo feel as if he (Leo) had to keep his distance from Mom whenever Hefty was getting his fill of love. But after Hefty died in 2008, it was Leo's turn to be the recipient of all the love and attention.
Leo's mom is a business woman and her work requires her to travel a lot. On a recent trip, she was going to be gone for much longer than usual. She called me ahead of time because she wanted me to ask Leo if he'd like to come with her on this trip so he wouldn't have to be left behind for several months without her company. Leo had never wanted to travel before, and he wasn't inclined to want to go on this trip either. At first, he said he wasn't up for the long flight to Thailand, but after much discussion back and forth, he decided to compromise, and he finally accepted the idea of going with Mom this time.
Just prior to their journey in September, 2009, Mom took Leo to the vet for a check up. There was a minor sore above his right paw, so the vet needle-aspirated the tissue. It seemed to be a form of sarcoma, but the test results weren't necessarily 100% accurate, and they didn't confirm the stage of the growth, so Mom decided to wait to take any further action until after they returned from their trip.
While they were in Thailand, the sore did continue to grow. Also while they were there, Leo received Reiki treatments from a Reiki Master on a regular basis. He very much looked forward to receiving these soothing, healing treatments.
Leo's buddies
Leo's buddies
The amazing thing is how very calm Leo was under the circumstances. He said he enjoyed the treatment he was receiving as a guest in another country. He was even being friendly to the resident dog, and simply relishing each day, looking at the birds, receiving morsels of his favorite foods, going to see his Reiki Master for treatments, or being loved by his Mom.
As soon as he and his mom returned to the US, their veterinarian found a spot on Leo's lung. Mom then called me with this new information. Since Leo was already 18, the cancer diagnosis didn't come as a surprise to either his mom or me, but it was sad to know that the cancer was already spreading to his lungs.
Mom then asked me to present several options to Leo so he could choose the one that best suited him. One possibility was to have his leg removed by the best specialist in the US. Another option was to receive acupuncture treatments from a holistic vet. I presented these, and several other options, to Leo for his consideration. 
Leo was adamant that he didn't want to lose his leg. He told his mom he was doing just fine getting around as
Leo resting
Leo resting
best as he could, and he still enjoyed eating his meals. With incredible wisdom, he also told his mom: "I know you love me because you're always sending me light and love, and because you always look for ways to fix things for me. But this time you can't fix it. You just have to accept it. I'm proud of you for understanding and honoring my wishes, even though they may not be the same as yours."
Even though Leo's life on earth would be coming to an end sooner rather than later, his mom and I knew we would remember for the rest of our lives his zest for life under these trying circumstances, and his ability to accept that it was best to let nature take its course.
Since Leo was still eating and enjoying his daily activities, Mom wanted me to ask him how he would feel about going back to Thailand again, since he enjoyed being there so much during the previous trip. He did want to go again this time, so in late February, he said goodbye to his favorite vets and nurses, and went back to Thailand with his mom. While they were there together for the second time, he continued to enjoy receiving regular Reiki treatments.
While I was in Argentina, Leo's mom called me again from Thailand when his condition got worse and he had to be hospitalized for a night. But the end wasn't to come until a little later.
Around 7:00 p.m. on the evening of March 10th, his mom was downstairs talking with a client when her assistant came quickly from upstairs to tell her that Leo was having a minor seizure. The seizure activity lasted for less than five minutes, and with his mom lovingly holding him, he took his final breath. It had been six months since the cancer diagnosis, but for Leo and his mom, it had been a very treasured six months.
Leo was a very special cat who was loved by everyone who met him, especially his grandpa. His demeanor, self-discipline, and stoic nature were always apparent as soon as you said hello to him. Doctors and nurses who cared for him found it hard to believe that he was a cat in severe pain from the effects of cancer.
Memorial for Leo
Leo's Wake
Buddhists believe that all animals have the potential to become enlightened beings, so Leo's soul was delivered to heaven in a unique memorial service performed by local monks in Thailand at the request of his mom. Part of his ashes remain on the altar at their home in Thailand, and his mom has the remainder with her at home in the US.
Thank you, Leo, for letting us love you, and for sharing your life with us. For you, and for countless others, we all wish you much light and love!
An Intimate Event
Saturday, June 26, 2010 - 2:30PM to 4:30PM
Heavenly cloudsLeo's life and death has prompted me to schedule an intimate event for those people who want to connect with the spirits of their animals who have passed.
We'll limit the group to 10 people, and everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to receive a message from their animals who are now in Spirit.
We'll explore feelings of guilt, sadness, sorrow, and mourning, but we'll also learn how to translate those feelings into joy, understanding, hopefulness, and love.
This event will be held in the city of Norco, and the address will be provided at the time of registration and payment. The fee for this event is $60 per person.
Please bring pictures of your pets who have made their transitions back into Spirit.
Please RSVP by email or phone (714.772.2207).
How to Communicate With Your Pets - A Workshop for Beginners 
Saturday, Sep. 25, 2010 - 10:00AM to 2:00PM
Girl and puppyThis complete overview of animal communication, plus practice, will give you all the tools you need to communicate with your own pets, or those belonging to friends and family members.
You'll learn how to:
- Jump start your ability to tune in to what your pet is trying to say
- See things from your pet's point of view
- Distinguish what your pet wants from what you want.
This intensive workshop also includes practice in giving readings for others.
Bring pictures of your pets with you.
Be sure to visit the schedule page on my website for more information.
Please RSVP by email or phone (714.772.2207).
Love and Light, 

Dr. Monica Diedrich