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2009 has been a year of changes. Some good, some expected, and at least one, well. . . not so good. But all of the changes were filled with new experiences and lessons that continue to make us who and what we are.

My husband and I had lived in the same home in Anaheim for 34 years, and I didn't know if I wanted to move, or stay there for the rest of my life. Being the wonderful husband he is, he proposed that we rent a nice home in a nice area for one year, and at the end of that year he'd let me choose what I wanted to do. We soon found a lovely home to rent, and our son and his family moved into our former home.

During the year we lived in Anaheim Hills, we saw the economy dwindle and homes come down in price to half of what they were before. We had some money saved up, and it looked like a great opportunity for us to buy another home, so even though I was feeling great internal turmoil, I did agree to move again at the end of our rental year.

After an extensive search, we bought a wonderful new home in Norco Hills. (For those clients in Orange County, CA. we're at the intersection of the 91 and 15 freeways.)

Dr. Monica Diedrich and Chopy, Jr.I'm sitting in my office overlooking our acre backyard, looking at my husband happily working on our Palapa. Next he will work on a doggy run, enclosures, and playground. He was given 'early retirement' at his work (the expected change), but not to worry, my 'honey do' list is vast and long, so he'll be very busy for quite awhile! Besides, he'll also be helping me with my next endeavor.

From time to time I've been asked by my clients about pet sitting for their animals when they're away, but in the past I found I wasn't equipped to provide that kind of service. I was always working, didn't have the space for them to run in a backyard, or if I had to be away from home during the day, there was no one else there during those times.

Now, we have a big house, a huge backyard, and my husband is home all day. Perfect time to open our doors to our new venture called "A Doggy Inn!" Much more about that just a little further below.

Everything I've just shared with you above was either good news or expected news for us. However, on a sad note (the bad news), our precious old girl of 16 years "Princess Tatianna" had to be euthanized on July 22nd. She'd lived a very long and happy life, and in the end she taught me that it was OK to die with dignity when all of your senses are gone and there's no more happiness left. She's survived by her daughter Youshi, who at 14 years and 9 months of age is slowly but surely following her mom's longevity, and also her health challenges.

Even though I'd lost a great love when Princess crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and I still had our precious Youshi, the lesson for me was to then let another special love come into my life. And that special little love did come into my life, thanks to a friend of a friend of a client, who put me in touch with Chopy Jr., our now five-month-old new little Shih-Tzu. He has lots of energy, and he keeps all of us young, and he adores Youshi!

Now, on to even more good news. As far as my consultations are concerned, I still see clients every day and do events on weekends, so please check out my Schedule of Events on my website for more information.

And remember, every Wednesday, I also provide 15 minute consultations at two different Animal Hospitals. 

10.00AM to 12 Noon

12 Noon to 2:00PM

Animal Medical Center

Loma Linda Animal Hospital

Dr. Burch

Dr. Sigdestad

340 6th Street

2605 S. Waterman Ave

Redlands, CA 92374

San Bernardino, CA

(909) 793-1499

(909) 825-3144

Please call in advance for an appointment, although same-day appointments may sometimes be available.  I hope to see you soon!
More About "A Doggy Inn"
A Doggy Inn
We were planning a one-week vacation in late May this year, when I realized that my 16- year-old Princess couldn't be left with just anybody. She was deaf and blind, didn't go for walks anymore, and if she was spooked by a loud bang or vibration, she'd shake uncontrollably for hours afterwards.

What was worse, because she'd also lost her sense of smell, it would take her about 10 minutes to 'find' her bowl of food, even though it was always in the same place. Hand feeding her was out of the question since she moved away at the first sign of having  anything close to her face. We just had to be patient and lift the food bowl reasonably near her nose until she found it. We also periodically switched to different smelling foods so the new scent would prompt her to start eating. Yes, it was time consuming, but when you love someone, you do it without giving it a second thought. But who else would do that for her?

She couldn't be left at a regular kennel where they put all of the dogs together for play time because she didn't play anymore. And I couldn't take her to a vet clinic to be left in a wire cage all the time. She had her 'spot' in a corner of my office, and that's the only place where she felt safe. Otherwise, she would shake uncontrollably and move around like a caged lion. Just thinking about her discomfort over having to be in a strange place made me feel sick!

Although, I had found at least one place that would have been appropriate for her, in the end, Princess passed on before we left on vacation, but all the anguish I felt during my search made me think about the hundreds of people, just like me, who worry about leaving their pets behind. MANY never take vacations at all because they can't even bear the thought of making their Fido stay in a cage or a cement run the entire time they're away.

After discussing this kind of problem at length with my husband, we decided to open our own home for those pets with limitations or special needs, and for those owners who worry themselves sick about their 'babies' when they have to be away.

Although we can care for any kind of pet, we want to specialize in those that are hard to place in a regular kennel or a veterinary clinic -- those who suffer from separation anxiety, the very young, the old, the senile, the infirm, the sick, and those who need 24/7 attention, shots, or pills.

If you need tender loving care for your pet in a family-oriented setting while you travel, attend seminars, or visit friends and family, all you have to do is call me in advance at (714) 772-2207. For those who live fairly close to us, we even offer pick-up and delivery service for a small additional charge. We've already had the opportunity to care for cats and dogs, although all types of pets are welcome.

Our first two visitors were dogs belonging to a client who originally came to see me about a behavior problem with one of her two dogs. Luke had started peeing around the house, and especially in the kitchen, even while she was watching him. We talked about that at our first consultation, plus a lot of other things, and after creating a plan of action, she left. She then called me a couple of weeks later asking if we could sit for both dogs one weekend. "Of course!" I said. "It would be a pleasure to do so!"

She dropped Luke and Bella off at our home on a Friday afternoon, and I watched Luke like a hawk because I wanted to understand why he had the need to pee so often. I decided to start communicating with him, although this wasn't in our contract, but I did it just because I wanted to get an idea about why he kept insisting that he 'had to go.'

Well, by the end of the weekend, I was convinced it wasn't a behavioral problem, but a health issue instead. When she returned, I told Luke's mom that she should take him to the vet right away because I had the feeling he had crystals in his urine.

She did, and he was immediately diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, with crystals in his urine! Two problems solved - a health issue, and a change in behavior!

I'm not saying that I can do this for everyone who comes to "A Doggy Inn," but a live-in visit always gives me a better idea of what your pets are trying to tell us.

So, I hope you'll keep my phone number handy and give us a call next time you're planning a weekend off, or a vacation.

My office number is (714) 772-2207.
More Kudos for My Last Book
For Pet's Sake, Do Something! Book 3
For Pet's Sake: Do Something! Book 3Rebecca's Reads provides a wonderful environment in which the reading public can learn about new and exciting publications and authors. Enjoy a visit at Rebecca's Reads by clicking here.
Here's what they had to say about:
For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book Three

Dr. Monica Diedrich
Two Paws Up Press (2008)
ISBN 9780979448614
Reviewed by Kam Aures for Rebeccasreads.com (07/09)

"For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book Three" presents various ways to help heal your dog or cat by using alternative and complementary therapies. 
This is the third book in the "For Pet's Sake Do Something!" series of books.  I have not read the prior two but after reading Dr. Monica Diedrich's newest, I think that they may be ones that I would like to check out.
The book covers a number of different methods of healing.  The first section starts out explaining how to use flower essences and essential oils.  Diedrich then moves on to explore magnetic therapy, reflexology, massage, and sound healing, among multitudes of other methods that you are able to perform on your own. The third section looks at professional therapies like chiropractic care and acupuncture. Finally, Diedrich presents us with a lot of useful information regarding first aid, how pets age, and foods and plants that pets should avoid.
I found the book to be jam-packed with interesting information.  One of the things that I learned is that there is "a direct link between different parts of the body and specific sounds. Each organ of the body has its own frequency, and that frequency resonates with specific sound vibrations that help it to function optimally." (p.104)  These correspond to the exact same frequencies in music.  For example, lungs correspond to the F tone, and the Colon to B.  If you found that little bit of knowledge to be intriguing, let me tell you that the whole book is full of useful facts just like that one. 
I think that "For Pet's Sake Do Something!  Book Three" would be a wonderful reference book for anyone who wants to try alternative and complementary therapies with their pet, learn about pet first aid, and/or just learn general overall information to help their pet live the best life possible.  The therapies are presented in a very easy-to-understand format and you will learn a lot from this book!
Love and Light, 

Dr. Monica Diedrich