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Interview with Anita Burns March 2009
Boston Terriers To my Friends and Clients
This is a short Newsletter letting you know some of the important things that are happening soon.
I continue to book 2 weeks in advance, even in these economic times. Rest assured I am almost always available for you should you need me on an emergency basis. Even if I do not pick up the phone right away, please leave me a detailed message and I will return your phone call as soon as possible.

I will be on vacation from April 23rd through May 4th and will not be available by either phone or internet.

My next group meeting will be on Saturday, May 30th at

Dr. Jacqueline De Grasse's office:
7085 W. Palm Ave.
Highland, Ca. 92346
(909) 425-8849
15 minute consultation @ $35 per pet
Please make your reservation in advance.

You can also visit her site at:
Dr. Jacquie - Pet Chiropractor -  
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A Doggy Inn
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Interview on the "Open Mind Show" with Anita Burns.
Open Mind Show Anita Burns has been involved in spirituality all her life. She has always had a natural psychic ability, been able to astral travel, sense auras, and recall her past lives. She is an accomplished metaphysical teacher, astrologer (with over 40 years experience), numerologist, handwriting analyst, trance channel, and spiritual tarot reader. She interviews other teachers, authors, and researchers to help broaden everyone's field of knowledge on the verge of this New Age.
In her words:
"Spirit has told me that this is a time of awakening. That there is a global energy shift coming and seekers need to awaken."

Visit her website at: Open Mind Show

She interviewed me and you can see her informational flyer here:
Flyer of Dr. Monica's Interview with Anita

The interview is 1/2 hour and you can view it from from my Website. Just scroll down a bit:
Dr. Monica's Interview 2009

A Doggy Inn
Princess and Mom I worry about leaving my little Princess alone while we'll be on vacation at the end of April. She's 16 years old and is getting very frail. She can't go out for walks anymore, sleeps more than 20 hours a day, and at times she 'forgets' where her food is. Lately she's even incontinent. I can't board her in a kennel and I don't want to leave her alone in the house for hours on end.

A lot of my clients have older pets and they're faced with similar problems. Where can I safely and comfortably leave my pet?

Wouldn't it be nice to have an extended family to take care of your dogs when you need to get away on vacation or business?

That's why my husband and I decided to open up our home and offer just such a service to dogs in need of a temporary family. So if you live in, or will be visiting, Southern California, we'll take good care of your dog, offering round the clock care in the comforts of home, with lots of love, company and regular feeding schedules per your requirements (or theirs).
So contact me when you're ready. More information will be available on my Website soon.
I will be available every Wednesday for in person consultations in the city of Redlands at Dr. Louis Burch's Clinic:

Animal Medical Center
340 6th Street.
Redlands, Ca. 92374

Call (909) 793-1499 to make an appointment in advance, but same day appointments might be available too.
A reminder that all the books in my series "For Pet's Sake, Do Something" Book One, Two and Three have been awarded the Mom's Choice Award for best Alternative Medicine and are available for purchase through my Website and also through Amazon.com

I'll talk with you soon!
Dr. Monica Diedrich
Pet Communicator