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Dear Friends:

Announcing my next introductory 15 minutes consultation in March.

Animal Communication is a form of picture telepathy in which your pet relates to me in 'pictures' what he is feelings, thinking, and the way he perceives his life, his work and his family.

This individual consultation can help you  better understand a behavior your pet is displaying, and work on a suitable arrangement that can fix it. I can't change their minds but will be able to give you a sense of what they are thinking and helping you devise ways to help him change.

You might want to attend a group consultation, for you and your animal friends to see what all the fuss is about. During a consultation, people often find they leave the room with a deeper understanding and a more meaningful relationship with the pets who share their life with.
Don't miss this opportunity to understand your pet better and to have things 'you knew' validated by their responses.

Make your reservations today!

(909) 425-8849
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Next Group Consultation- March 7th, 2009
Next group consultation will be at:
Dr. Jacqueline De Grasse's office- Chiropractor:

7085 Palm Ave.
Highland, Ca. 92346

Reservations are a must: (909) 425-8849
Remember you'll have 15 minutes only. Come prepare with your questions. Sometimes we can get to ask as many as 5 questions, sometimes less.

The consultation fee is $35 per animal.
What Clients say about me:
What's Up Cat Just wanted to thank you again for our session with Jenny before the holidays.  She traveled calmly in her carrier to and from Arizona, and was pretty much a perfect guest for 11 days at my mother's house. 
We really appreciate your help with making Jenny more comfortable with
this adventure.  We sure are enjoying her.
Mary and Pete
January 2009

I hope to see you real soon to help you with any problems you may have.
Dr. Monica Diedrich
Pet Communicator