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Welcome to Dr. Monica's
Dr. Monica Diedrich
Animal Communicator 
P.O. Box 6107
Anaheim, CA 92816
About Dr. Monica
In addition to private consultations in person, by phone or by e-mail, Dr. Monica also works in the community, offering 15-minute introductory consultations.
Using her intuitive gift, she enables her clients to participate in a dialogue with their pets. After a consultation, they're better able to understand their pet's wishes, needs, fears, behavioral problems, health challenges or end-of-life requests.
Dr. Monica feels her greatest gifts involve bringing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to as many animals as possible, and teaching people, who have an especially deep bond with their pets, to communicate effectively with them, thereby improving the quality of their pets' lives. 
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Your "Pet Bible" 
Book 3 - Hot off the Press! 
For Pet's Sake, Do Something!
Book 3
How to Heal Your Pets Using Alternative and Complementary Therapies 
The Grande Finale of the series: Everything you ever needed to know about alternative ways to heal your pet. Flower essences, essential oils, homeopathy, magnetic therapy, reflexology, massage, sound therapy, color and sound therapy, crystals, incense, much, much more!
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"...(Dr. Monica) uses what she has learned to heal - with Cosmic Energy - relationships between animals and humans, demonstrating that the Source has enough love for all creatures and that miracles are possible for every being..."
- Kim Dung, in a speech to members of The Association for Research in Metaphysics. 
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BOOK 1: How to Communicate with your Pets and Help Them Heal 
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Learn more about Book 3...BOOK 3: How to Heal Your Pets Using Alternative and Complementary Therapies 
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workshopDr. Monica's Workshop
 "How to Communicate With Your Pets"
(For Beginners) 
Dr. Monica and Friends
 Saturday, 02.07.09
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Fee: $50 per person
(usually $100)
Dr. Jacqueline De Grasse's Office
7085 Palm Avenue
Highland, CA 92346
* Space is limited *
Reserve your spot by calling 909.425.8849 OR by
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Greetings from Dr. Monica!Greetings!
I have been blessed this month by your e-mails telling me about the amazing changes you've experienced after just one talk with your animals.
I heard about the reclusive dog who complained about why he would no longer come to the door to say, "Hi" to his humans.  He's a much happier guy now, enjoying his walks and a greater understanding of why his 'brother' never came home after being rushed to the hospital.
Another e-mail told me about an older cat who is very ill, but was refusing her medicine. After she told her humans how to administer them, she's taking all her medicines without complaint.
And, I also had a video sent to me by Camaro's Mom.  You may remember Camaro from our last edition - he's the horse we wrote about.  The story concerned Camaro and how he befriended Good Boy, a troubled horse who had been mean to him.
If you would like to read the original story, you can read my previous newsletter by clicking here.
If you'd like to see the video sent to me by Camaro's Mom, click here.

Of course, my hope is that all of you can benefit from a little talk with your animals and although I can't promise 100% results all the time, I always strive for that.
From the Pet Bible
Book 3"Until recent years, the trend in western medicine has been to rely on surgery and pharmaceutical medications for healing, but even traditional human and veterinary professionals are beginning to pay much more attention to the body's own natural healing ability."
One healing ability our pets display is their ability to tell us what's wrong and what to do about it - if we listen.  Traditional diagnosis provides tons of information about the physical condition of our pets.  Communicating with them provides supplemental information that can help us key in on important issues and suggest ways to address them.
The Pet Bible works together with pet communication to provide an extensive array of ways to address those issues, and a depth of information to empower you to take action. 

Did You Know...

...individual chapters of Dr. Monica's books are available online? 

 For $2.95 - $3.95, you can instantly download a single chapter containing just the information you need now!
Dr. Monica's Story
Gumbo & Bayou 
Boston TerriersLate last month I was visited by a pair of Boston Terrier girls and their human mom.
Each of the girls had their own personality and we were able to discuss a lot of things with Mom. Bayou, the younger one, had been with the family for only a few months.  Gumbo, the older one, just turned eight years old.
They got along just fine and were excellent playmates, especially when they were home alone for many hours.
Just before leaving me, Mom wanted to know how Gumbo felt about the pictures she took.
The images Gumbo sent me back were very fast and very clear. I was a little shocked by how real they seemed and a little confused at the same time, because of how Mom had worded her question. You see, I thought Mom had taken the pictures of Gumbo. Gumbo, on the other hand, was telling me that she was waiting for someone else to snap her picture. Then she showed me how she was 'posing' for these pictures, waiting for a flash. As I was receiving these images in my head, I had to stop translating to ask Mom if there was a professional photographer taking these pictures.
Mom laughed as she told me she had, in fact, hired a professional photographer to take pictures of both girls.  While Bayou was running around the beach unaware of the photo shoot, Gumbo made deliberate moves to stop and look into the camera during the whole shoot. To prove it, Mom walked me to her car and gave me a 2009 calendar in which Gumbo appears on the cover. She was also picked to be Ms. June for 2010.
Way to go, girl!
Don't let anyone tell you animals are not proud of who they are and what they do.   Gumbo sure proved it to us!
What's Up
What's Up CatOK, now you've seen our first edition of this e-newsletter, which serves as our starting point for deepening our relationship with you and your pets.  And, thankfully, you're reading our second edition.  We plan one more before year's end.  At that time, we'll evaluate whether or not to keep doing them.  And, if we do decide to move forward, what kind of adjustments we'll make.
So, we'd like to hear from you.  It means the world to us to receive your feedback.  It's great to hear what you're up to - to know what's working for you and your pets - and what's not working.  And, we appreciate your ideas about these e-newsletters.
We're still thinking we'll need to share production energy and cost with a couple more people or businesses if we're going to continue.  We've asked a few people, but we haven't found the right fit yet.  We would appreciate your help with this.  Perhaps you know someone who you could see sharing this adventure with us.  If so, why not forward a copy of this edition with your note to contact us if they'd like to talk more about joining us? If you yourself are interested, please email me.
Basically, if we're going to continue, we need a little push from you.
About My Next Workshop
calendarI am often asked to do workshops on how to communicate with your animals. It's generally women who are intuitive by nature who ask me to guide them into understanding their own pets, so they can have a better relationship with them.
I have not been doing these workshops often enough, but I plan to offer more in the future. My first workshop of 2009 is geared towards beginners. This workshop is for those of you who may have received some kind of information from your pets, or maybe just a gut feeling that came to fruition - those who want to explore animal communication in a safe environment with a teacher because nothing is better than validations.
My job will be simply to guide you as we open the door of possibilities.  Since we are all different, how the information might come through and ultimately what kind of information will you be able to access in the beginning will be different for each one of you.
For most of us, the fun part isn't the theory - it's actually communication with our pets.  That's why I ask you to bring pictures of your pets, alive and deceased. We will also have three live animals for you to practice on and since you will know absolutely nothing about them, that's when the fun really begins!
I hope you can make time to join me. The fee is half of what I normally charge in view of our economic times. Space is limited so you'll need to make reservations as soon as you can. Please contact Dr. Jacqueline De Grasse, my chiropractor colleague, at (909) 425-8849 or email me to reserve your spot.  You'll find more information in the sidebar.
Mark this date in your calendar: Saturday, February 7, 2009 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
See you there!
Healing Together
Plant Healing Power by Roger Wyer 
Roger WyerAs I learned it, the forms and situations of everyday life are a kind of holographic movie that's really an illusion.  It's an interesting challenge to figure out what that means, and more important, what it means in everyday life.
When you try to understand the meaning of words like "healing" and "wellness" in an illusion, you really find yourself out in woo-woo land!
I was surprised to learn that some forms that appear to be in the holographic movie are actually real.  That's a mind bender, but wait until you find out what those forms are!
Plants and animals.  That's right.  When we see a plant, we ordinarily think it's "real" - a solid life form.  But then we remember that it's in an illusion where nothing is real.  And, as we're computing the unreality of everything around us, then we learn that some of that stuff turns out to actually be real after all!
By the way, our bodies are not real.  Neither is our brain.
What is real stuff doing in the illusion?
I think it was put there by our capital-M Mind - the Me that lives outside the illusion.
Why are my pets and plants showing up in the holographic movie?  They're messengers.  They bring messages straight from Source.  They're pure, clean, and beautiful.  Our pets and plants serve both as symbols of the goodness of the Creator, and powerful messages for us to hear, see, feel, and act upon.  These messages and messengers have the potential to heal us.
Q and A
Pet massageQ: My dog Charlie is getting old.  I can tell his body is stiff and painful every time he gets up or tries to move around in a hurry.  Do you think massage would help him? 

A: "You may be aware of times when your pet is experiencing muscular discomfort or pain, especially if he or she shows a resistance or unwillingness to move in a normal manner.  If there's stiffness or pain in a muscle, it may even cause a pet to react with undesirable behaviors.  But through the use of massage, that muscle tenderness, pain, or spasm can be released."
That's a quote from the chapter in The Pet Bible all about massage.  Massage brings relaxation and encourages the flow of energy throughout your pet's body.  This is the energy Charlie's body needs in order to heal itself.
Massage also provides pain relief by moving blood and oxygen to sore spots.  It encourages relaxation and helps release tight muscles.  All of this brings increased range of motion.
On another level, massaging Charlie really connects the two of you in a deeper, more intimate way.  This is healing too.  For both of you!
Special Gifts
Special giftsThe holidays are so close now it's hard to think about anything else. We always spend it with family and although we 'say' we are not giving each other gifts, sometimes I can't help myself. This year I didn't want to overdo it and felt that instead of buying something my children would not need (they are adults now) I would ask them and see if they really wanted something.
They did! But if was nothing like I was expecting and their answers prompted me to think about gifting not only for these holidays but throughout the year.
When asked, they answered promptly. One of them said PATIENCE, the other one said TIME.
I propose to give them time to relax and find out more about themselves by allowing them a day or two of freedom from parenting, and hopefully do it once a month.
I guess patience might work following the same thought, but I am still working on it.
If there is one thing I learned over the years, it's what animals want, so let me share a list with you.
First on the list is ROUTINE.  Then they may ask for a long walk or hike, to be with you more hours in their day, to eat at the same time you're eating, and most of all to be allowed to show you how much they love you and have you return in kind. No matter our financial status, we can always give them these gifts!
Love and light, 
Dr. Monica
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