New England modern News
by Peter Murkett
May 2013 
  Wedding Season
Spring bloom 
This was the sky over Southfield about a week ago, during a spell of warm, sunny weather that all but obliterated memory of this year's overtime winter. In a moment it will be June, time for weddings--and wedding gifts!
Over the years, many of our mirrors, cutting boards, and candlesticks have been given to newlyweds. Whether we provide a cutting board that ages gracefully from daily use, a mirror taking its place on the wall, or candlesticks on the dinner table, we're pleased to have our part in the celebration, making gifts that last.
Cutting boards  Lampgroup
MirrorThis year we've been commissioned to make a wedding box. It's a tabletop cabinet with key-lock carved door and a slot in the top, to receive gift cards and best wishes at the reception. Bride and groom will have to decide on its next life in the new home--but the possibilities are wide open.
Of course, not every New England Modern gift need be a small treasure. Our Bidwell bed, for example, would surely be the say-no-more wedding gift.


Bidwell bed