New England modern news                           by Peter Murkett    
February 2013 

We haven't sent a newsletter in over three years, but the delivery last month of a table inspired us to get back in touch. We like simple things best, but have learned from decades of experience that
 simple + refined (≠ boring) = NEM
is a hard equation to solve. So when this new table, plain as can be, clicked into place, we wanted you to know. Not only is it a Knockout, it knocks down for easy moving or shipping.

We have, of course, made more than one table in three years. The work has ranged from a complete library (paneling, fireplace surround, doors, bookshelves, entertainment center, etc.) to various other dining tables, to cutting boards.
And we moved! New England Modern is now housed in The Whip Shop in Southfield, Massachusetts, a wood frame factory dating from the eighteenth century. Our new address is 208 Norfolk Road (PO Box 211), Southfield, MA 01259. The new shop phone is 413-229-2656. 


Mark's tbl w/ PM

Here I am on delivery day with the Knockout we made for Mark Mendel, a friend and colleague ( The top is quartersawn ash, its pinstripe grain stained dark. The base is oak painted black. It seats six for dinner, or one at work with a mess of papers and computer.
As luck would have it, our last previous newsletter (October 2009) featured an early version of the same table:
Overall view in shop  
It was unfinished, a pine top on a tulip base with straight-tapered lightweight legs. The new version has thick legs that look light. The leg-top cutaway was so pleasing and effective we repeated it on the apron:
 Mark's table, detail  
The evolution of this table illustrates a genuine builder's satisfaction: make a good thing, then improve it in ways that only the original itself can suggest.
Let us make a Knockout just for you! Priced up or down from $2400, depending on size, wood species, and finish. Remember, the Knockout knocks down: it can be crated and shipped across the country for $250.
By the way, the turquoise pickup you glimpse behind me in the first photo is Mark's old Ford. I am pleased to say that I executed his concept for the simple rack behind the cab, as well as the rear tie-offs, in milk-painted black locust.
Mark's Ford  
Back to work now. You keep on truckin', and we'll write again soon, promise.