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April, 2013
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New Club Policy
Meet our Junior Entrepreneur Club!
Ian Smith Named NBGC Youth of the Year
7th Annual Children Against Child Abuse Art Project
Kids Corner
Upcoming Events
April 26: Lacrosse signups end
April 29: Lacrosse begins
May 1-10: Floor Hockey Signups
May 3: House of Champions Boxing Show
May 13: Floor Hockey begins
May 15: NPS Early Release, Club open noon-6:00pm
May 25: Club Closed
May 27: Club closed, Memorial Day
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New Club Policy
Attention Parents/Guardians

Parents/Guardians, please take note that we have a new Club policy regarding members leaving the Club to go to area restaurants and convenience stores. Effective immediately, elementary school age children will not be able to leave the Club to walk to get food. Middle and high school aged members will need a note from their parent/guardian; a phone call home is no longer acceptable. A letter from Executive Director, Phyllis McInerney explaining our decision has been sent home daily with members as they leave the Club. Please click here to see the letter.


Thank you so much for your cooperation throughout this transition.


Meet our Junior Entrepreneur Club!


The Junior Entrepreneur Club was started in December 2012, and is up to 11 members! The focus of the Club is to teach members the importance of good business practices. So far the Club has earned over $500.00 and is learning about revenue and expenses, marketing, and other business concepts. The group plans to take a trip to Hyannis at the end of the school year with the profits from their hard work!

jr entrepreneur club

Ian Smith Named NBGC Youth of the Year!
      Ian, youth of the year 2013
We are proud to announce that Ian Smith, a senior at NHS, has been named our 2013 Youth of the Year! Ian has been a member of the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club since he moved to Nantucket from Jamaica when he was in sixth grade. Since Ian's first year here at the Club we have all seen him grow immensely. Throughout his high school career he has participated in numerous athletic programs as well as been a great student, and involved himself in various student driven clubs. He truly is the definition of a well rounded student.


Ian plans to attend Nichols College in the fall of 2013 to study Human Resources. He looks forward to bringing his positive, out going attitude and charisma to the Nichols College Campus community.


Be sure to congratulate Ian if you see him around the Club!

A Safe Place Presents...

7th Annual Children Against Child Abuse Art Project

 2013 A Safe Place Project

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and for the seventh year in a row A Safe Place has partnered with the NBGC to present its Annual Children Against Child Abuse art project. This week long activity takes place here in the Club's art room and teaches members about child abuse and ways to work together to prevent it.


Throughout the week members create "Safe Homes", in which they construct homes using different materials. The members then talk with volunteers and staff from A Safe Place to determine rules they would like for their homes, in order to keep it a safe place. At the end of the week the homes will be judged and awards given out for the Most Creative, Best Effort, Safest Home, Best use of Materials, and Safest Rules.


Check out our Kids Corner below to see how our members made their homes "safe homes"!



Kids Corner!

"What makes your A Safe Place home safe?"


My home is safe because it has nice people in it. It has an electric fence to keep out intruders. It is made out of stone so it won't ever break or fall over.
Amy, age 10
Amy, Safe HOme   
My house has a dog because if a robber comes people would know. I have a shell driveway so they would crunch and you can hear someone coming.
Adriana, age 7
Adriana Safe Home 
My house has a horse in case a robber comes. There is a chicken for food. Only nice people live in my home.
Kate, age 6
Kate safe home 
My home is a bird house. There's a small hole so big birds and big people can't get in. Big birds beak can hurt you so they can't fit in the home.
Edrian, age 7
Edrian safe home 
My house is safe because it has 3 lizards in the back yard. The man guards the house and the star watches over everything in case the guard falls asleep.
Tessa, age 7
Tessa Safe Home 
a positive place for kids
Club Athletics


Basketball may have come and gone, but it's right on to the next for the Athletic Program! Boxing has been going great, with another large turnout of participants. Members will show off their new skills next week on Friday, May 3rd in our annual House of Champions boxing show. The show will begin at 6:00pm and will take place right here at the Club in our gymnasium.


Boys and girls Lacrosse begins next week. Participants are provided all necessary equipment, however please send your child to the Club with appropriate athletic clothing (shorts/sweatpants, sneakers, etc.). Also, while the Club has sticks here for members to borrow, if they have their own, please feel free to bring them as well.


One last reminder...if you still have uniforms from any past sports, please return them as soon as possible to Jamie. Uniforms are very expensive to replace and we need them for our future members and programs!

Upcoming Sports Schedule
Girls: Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-4:00
Boys, ages 6-8: Wednesday and Friday 3:00-4:00
Boys, ages 9 and up: Wednesday and Friday 4:00-5:00


*For a complete list of our sports schedule,
please click here to visit our website* 




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