Summer Solstice, 2013

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 June 21, 2013
Sir Chanting
TKV Desikachar at a chant performance with (left to right), his wife Menaka, Sonia Nelson of the Vedic Chant Centre in Santa Fe, NM, Kate Holcombe of the Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco, CA, and Chase Bossart, Yoga Educator based in San Francisco, CA.


Happy Summer Solstice!  It seems an auspicious day to finally send out a long over due newsletter. 

It is also my teacher's birthday.  TKV Desikachar (affectionately and respectfully referred to as "Sir" by his students) turns 75 today.  Last year, Sir officially retired from teaching.  I am privileged to have learned from this humble and knowledgeable man in the last decade of his teaching.  

A few things stand out for me about Mr. Desikachar.  The first is his utmost dedication to the teachings of his father, the great yogi and yoga scholar, T. Krishnamacharya.  At a workshop with Sir, when asked if he believed in God, he pointed to a picture of his father, and said that it was he who represented God for Sir.  He went on to define God as a "higher being full of auspicious qualities, beyond fault..."  

Sir also has the ability to see beyond the outward pictures that we paint of ourselves.  These masks fool most of the people most of the time, but they don't fool Mr. Desikachar.  He is capable of seeing the light in the heart of someone who is suffering, and help bring that light to their own awareness. He is also able to see the jealousy, resentment, bitterness and negativity that we all possess from time to time.  With a few words, he can hold up a very clear mirror to that darkness and bring clarity to a student...whether they like it or not!

I was first introduced to the work of TKV Desikachar twenty years ago at a conference of yoga teachers.  His landmark book, "The Heart of Yoga" was one of the items on the door prize table.  After perusing the offerings, I decided that I'd really like to win that book, and in case I didn't win, I wrote down the title and the author so I could buy it later.  The book was the first item drawn in the raffle, and my ticket was the one pulled to win!  I have read the book many times and have used it as a textbook for several trainings that I've taught over the years.  It is currently on the reading list for our teacher training program at the studio.  I still work from the copy that I won 20 years ago!

Today, Mr. Desikachar is in my thoughts.  The sun is shining brightly and I can hear Sir's voice in my head saying, "Everyone loves the sun.  It is a very good focus for meditation because it brings warmth, light, clarity and is like a good friend who is always there even when you can't see them."

Happy solstice to you all.  Enjoy the sun and all the clarity that it brings.  And, happy birthday to Mr. Desikachar.  Thank you for sharing your gifts of yoga and clarity (the root of the word clairvoyance!) to the world.  

Summer Yoga Classes

vrajasana fwd bend
 Summer classes begin the week of July 8, 2013 and run for six weeks.
We are running a limited schedule of classes on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings.
See the website for details: www.wavelengthsyoga.com

 Teacher Training News

mats in studio  


A NEW Program for graduates of other 200 hour Teacher Trainings


Are you a yoga teacher and want to learn more?  Do you already have a 200 hour certification and want to further your studies to become certified with 500 hours of training? We have a new program starting in September that gives you credit for your previous certification, allowing you to receive a 500 hour certificate with 350 additional hours of study.  


This program is in compliance with standards set by Yoga Alliance, and graduates can apply to be recognized as a 500-hour yoga teacher.  (RYT-500)  This is the maximum level of  training currently recognized for yoga teachers.


Details are now available at 


Fall Workshops

We are running a series of weekend workshops in the fall for those who are interested in learning more about yoga than you are exposed to in a regular weekly class.  These workshops are ideal for the serious student or teacher of yoga.  All are welcome.
The workshops will cover the topics of:
The Yoga Sutras (one of the prime texts of yoga philosophy)
The Bhagavad Gita (one of the prime texts of yoga philosophy)
Yoga Asanas and Sequencing:  how to perform the postures safely and how to sequence them into an intelligent and safe practice
Pranayama: The breathing practices of yoga.  Techniques for various effects. 
Please stay tuned for more details.  

Summer Retreat Algonquin (and a sneak peek at Summer 2014)

Yoga on the dock

Join me for a yoga retreat at the edge of Algonquin Park. Each day will begin with energizing yoga, and continue with opportunities to canoe, kayak, swim, mountain bike, hike, or chill out by the lake. Evenings will wind down with relaxing yoga. All activities are optional, so if you just want to sit near the water with a good book, that's fine too. The food is out-of-this-world delicious, fresh and cooked with love. Northern Edge Algonquin is an off-the-grid eco-retreat, known for their warm welcome, serene environment and wonderful food. Accommodations are shared cabins (two to a cabin).  Women only.

Dates: August 22 - 25, 2013

Please contact us for full trip description, pricing and registration information.

Iceland Horse Trek



Summer, 2014


Next July I will be guiding hiking and yoga adventures in Peru, at the 15th century Inca site located on Machu Picchu.  


In August, I'll be horse-trekking in Iceland.  Details are coming soon. These adventures are for women only.  


Dates and details to follow. 


These trips will fill up fast!


Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu, 15th century Inca site, Peru


More workshops, trips and events.

May the light of the solstice bring you much insight and summer fun!