November, 2012

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 June, 2012



What a whirlwind of a fall it's been.  A new teacher training program began in September, at the same time as we launched our fall schedule of classes and our apprenticeship program.  


It's been heart warming to see the welcome response to the new teachers at the studio. It can be a challenge to adjust to change, which is why we have been working together with the new teachers to create as much consistency as possible.  Each week, we all teach on the same theme, with the same general practices, which are being created by rotating members of the Wavelengths team. 


All the apprentices have gone through the rigorous 200 hour training at Wavelengths, based on the teachings of the late T. Krishnamacharya, as taught to me by his son, TKV Desikachar and other senior teachers in this tradition.  In addition, some of the teachers have received yoga teacher trainings from other schools, and then were drawn to the pragmatic and sensitive approach to yoga in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya as taught at Wavelengths.


I am proud of the teachers, and the feedback that I've received on their teaching at the studio.  One student remarked that she had felt some resistance at having a substitute teacher for her class, but after the class, found that she really appreciated the new perspective that a different teacher offered, while remaining consistent with what she had been learning in the previous classes.  I hope that others have a similar experience, and I do welcome any feedback that you might have regarding the apprenticeship program. 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support.  I also want to remind you that the practice of yoga is about empowering yourself. Your body is your greatest teacher.  Please listen to the feedback from your body to modify or skip postures altogether that don't feel right for you. Please, also make sure to let the teachers know if you have any issues that day that they should know about, before the class begins.  


If you have any comments, concerns or just want to say "hello" while I'm on vacation "down under", please feel free to email me.  I will have sporadic access to email and will do my best to respond to urgent emails.  


See you in December!

Winter Class Schedule - Coming Soon!

We are in the midst of setting up the winter schedule, which will be available soon.  Please bookmark the link below and check back for details.  
See available classes.  Register by mail, in person, or on the website:  www.wavelengthsyoga.com/register_online.htm

Yoga Teacher Training

We began our 2012 Yoga Teacher Training in September, with another full class of 14 students.  We periodically host other Senior Teachers at the studio who have something unique to offer.  On November 3rd and 4th, we welcomed JJ Gormley, a yoga teacher trainer from Florida.  JJ travels all internationally, offering yoga trainings.  She has a unique way of teaching anatomy that combines both the Western structure of bones, muscles and movement, with the Eastern energetic systems of chakras and nadis (energy centres and channels).  

JJ and skeleton
JJ supervises as students use straps to show the four quadriceps and where they attach to which bones on the skeleton. 


We offer both 200 hour and 300 hour programs, which can be combined to receive a 500 hour certification, the highest level of certification recognized by Yoga Alliance. For those who have graduated from the 200 hour program, consider taking the additional 300 hours starting in September, 2013. Graduates from other schools' 200 hour courses may be required to complete an integration course to be considered for the 500 hour certification program.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an 8 week program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. at the Center for Mindfulness in Massachusetts (US) in 1979. Since then, the program has been taught in hospitals, health care centres, yoga studios, private

clinics and other places, all over the world. Emmanuelle Festas-Keogh


Research continues to find links between mindfulness and happiness...

Information Session:
Tuesday, January 22, 7:00 p.m. at the studio

For more information, please contact the instructor:
Emmanuelle Festas-Keogh
(705) 696-2237


Yoga for Children and Teens

The fall session of Yoga for children and teens wraps up on December 3, but will resume in January.   New students are always welcome.  


Yoga for kids 5-8 on Saturdays from 9:00 - 9:45 a.m.

Yoga for kids 9-12 on Saturdays from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Yoga for teens 13-19 on Mondays from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.


Stay tuned for further details on dates and online registration.

Dance Classes

Casey Beecroft dance Starting in January, Casey Beecroft will be offering dance classes for children, teens and adults on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays.  Please contact Casey for details and to register.  (705) 639-5494 or kseemoon@gmail.com.


Casey Beecroft studied ballet, jazz and modern dance under Alyona Khakkoulva, owner and artistic director of Alyona's Dance Studio in Toronto.  Alyona is a graduate of The Dance Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia where she received a thorough education in many dance forms and graduated with high distinction.

Following 9 years in competitive dance at Alyona's school, Casey began teaching classes at the Studio over the course of 4 years.  Three years ago Casey moved to Norwood where she and her partner opened Cat Sass, a coffeehouse and music store.   As the saying goes, "Absence only makes the heart grow fonder;" Casey is very excited to be teaching dance again and looks forward to sharing her experience with new students. 

2013 Trips and Retreats to Consider

Riding in the woods August, 2013, Exact dates TBA

Horses and Hot Springs.  Explore the area around Bella Coola, B.C. by horseback, with a local guide, along with Caroline Owen who will lead yoga classes to relieve your riding muscles, as well as encourage connectedness with the horses and the beautiful natural setting.  We will also visit a natural hotspring as part of the trip.  


August 22 - 26, 2013

Yoga on the Edge of Algonquin Park.  Kayak, canoe, yoga on the dock or the beach, quaint cabins, fantastic organic food, surrounded by woods and lakes, optional mountain biking...need I go on!  Save the date and join Caroline at The Northern Edge, Algonquin, an eco-retreat on the edge of Algonquin Park, near South River, Ontario.  To get more information, or to register, visit the Wild Women Expeditions website.


January 12-19, 2013

Yoga with Tiina in Costa Rica

Many of you know Tiina, from her yoga dance and other classes at Wavelengths.  Tiina is leading a yoga retreat in Costa Rica this winter. Experience yoga, mindfulness, yoga dance and kirtan chanting, steps away from the warm pacific ocean in the beauty of nature. Tiina is joined by renowned kirtan / yoga music artist, Luna Kristin Ray, so expect to be inspired by live music and ecstatic chanting. Visit her website for details.

Workshop: Equestrian Yoga

We will be offering this popular workshop again on Family Day on Monday, February 18. Save the date and stay tuned for details.  Please note that this is an unmounted workshop, taking place at the Wavelengths studio in Norwood.  

See you soon!