Profile Committee Update
Parish Conversation on Our Beautiful Campus
(25 August 2013)

Over 30 parishioners joined in on the conversation about All Saints' Campus, including mentions of the Friendship Center and the Parish Pre-School.  Thank you for those who attended and for the write-in comments and comments passed along through those that could attend.  I forgot to take a new picture (again!!), but look at this one and imagine a few more people.
Adult Formation Parish Conversation 4Aug2013-2
What would an outsider have learned by attending our Parish Conversation?
*  It's impossible to talk about the All Saints campus without talking about the programs using the campus.  That is certainly a healthy sign.
*  Much to the Profile Committee's surprise, there was virtually no questions
or discussion initiated about the Sanctuary Questionnaire and plans.  Most in attendance had returned questionnaire about the Sanctuary ideas.
*  The rental housing properties on our campus (Rectory, house, cottage off house) were highlighted as a likely draw for younger clergy prospects. Many remembered the clergy families who occupied the house and cottage on Eucalyptus lane. Chip Nichols pointed out that all three properties all are currently rented at market rates.
*   There appeared to be strong, positive feelings for the way our facilities are used during the week and clearly a desire that our campus continue to be used by the community for physical support of important spiritual needs.  Of particular note were the 12-step programs that use our meeting rooms.
*   One person mentioned that there was no ONE space other than the sanctuary that the whole of the congregation could meet at once.  Another mentioned that during the previous Centennial Campaign which upgraded the facilities, the idea of one big space was extensively discussed and more smaller meeting options was prioritized.
*  Marty Moore, president of The Friendship Center, provided a testimonial about his family's benefit from The Center and a few details about the relationship such as their rental details and history of our partnership.  He and Heidi Holly, the Executive Director, answered questions after our discussion.  Quick fact:  The Friendship Center contributed $300k to our Centennial Campaign and current pays over $1,600 a month for rent and building maintenance besides all of the own utilities.  They expressed their gratitude for this important Outreach of the congregation, since the rental terms are worth tens of thousands of dollars annually in value to The Friendship Center.
*  Padric Davis, the Program Director of the All Saints-by-the-Sea Parish School sent a letter in her absence which was read.  The theme of the letter was the importance of our Rector's interaction with the school.  Although not specifically called out in the letter, others present in our discussion highlighted that during Father Jeff's time, the interaction between him and the Parish School was minimal and the question of how much that affected the attendance of the school and the number of school families active in the church was presented.  It is clear from her letter and the discussion that Padric and others desire a much closer relationship with the clergy and likewise, with the congregation and the school.
*  There are active, successful programs between The Friendship Center and the Parish School.
*  Of note, Heidi Holly has been Executive Director for more than two decades and has a useful history working with our clergy and staff through that time.  The Profile Committee feels this longitudinal vantage point is valuable to include in interviews with prospective candidates.  Although shorter in time, the importance of the Parish School's relationship with our Rector to its success also strongly suggests Padric Davis's participation in these interviews/evaluations. 
*  Not directly on the subject of campus, but related to earlier conversations, one parishioner emphasized the need not just for intergenerational programs, but programs geared to seniors specifically.
What desirable clergy characteristics were indicated by this conversation:
* The physical assets of the congregation are highly appreciated by the congregation and considered an important part of our ministry.


*  Our physical assets are viewed primarily through the prism of what programming they support.


Our next Parish Conversation is September 11th (Wednesday) on Parish and Neighborhood Demographics. We'll start close to 7 PM after the Eventide meal.  If you haven't been to Eventide, this is a great excuse to try it out!!

Other Parish Conversations to get on your schedule include:

  • Sunday, September 15th, between services:  Pastoral and Congregational Care
  • Sunday, September 22nd, after 10 AM service:  Review of Sanctuary Survey and discussion of Sanctuary Upgrades (not part of Profile Committee agenda, but an important part of our parish life, not to be missed!).
  • All-Parish Profile Survey will be distributed in September with a completion date also in September!  Be on the's longer AND shorter than the Sanctuary Survey...more questions, more detail, less text.