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Parish Conversation on Worship/Music (23 July 2013)

Thank you to the 15 parishioners who attended our Parish Conversation on Worship and Music...Steve O'Connor joined us, too.  We had a rich discussion, invite additional write-in comments, and want to know if you would attend a second Conversation on Worship/Music between services.

We had attendees who represented the choir, LEMs, ushers, Alter Guild, Readers, 8 o'clockers, 10 o'clockers, Eventiders, flowers, and greeters.

What would an outsider have learned by attending?
* All Saints worship space is an appreciated, holy arena which enhances the experience for all.  There are no strong, broad criticisms, but clearly demand for a breadth of offerings.
*  There is no consensus on the Rite service (pun intended).  The ritual was expected, respected, and enjoyed by all.  However, Rite One was desired, an earlier second service was requested (9:15 AM discussed), the continued inclusion of children was recognized as important, and Eventide was praised.
* Music was focal to all of our services.  The increased music at 8 o'clock was praised, including having a cantor lead the singing. The choir, guest artists, and mix of old and new hymns were all strongly supported.  There was a clear feeling that the music program had improved over the past decade.

* The general feeling on the preaching style was that we have been blessed with a mix of good preachers with different styles over the years.  Having guest sermons was supported strongly, too. Several attendees said that when the preachers incorporates current events or personal stories with the lectionary, it had the strongest impact. 

* Some felt that the service participants (Readers, LEMs, etc.) appears to be a closed group and that a more obvious call for volunteers would likely result in more participation.  

* A request to be more educated on the rituals was made and received broad support. 

* Lastly, the complete service listing in the bulletin, including the readings every Sunday instead of references to the Book of Common Prayer received mixed reactions.  However, after some discussion, it was clear nearly everyone saw the benefit in having everything written for easy access and contemplation during the service.  

Our next Parish Conversation is July 28th (Sunday) on Sunday School, Acolytes, and Youth Activities. We'll start at 9 AM in the Parish House living room.  Please come to listen and be heard.


Other Parish Conversations to get on your schedule include:

  • Sunday, August 4th, between services: Adult Formation
  • Sunday, August 11th, between services: Fellowship/Social/Newcomers
  • Wednesday, September 11th, after Eventide dinner:
    Parish & Neighborhood Profile

Other Parish Conversations yet to be schedule are Pastoral and Congregation Care and our Campus/Parish School/Friendship Center.  It's likely these will be in September.