February 11, 2013

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All Saints of the Sea


Serving those in need continues to be our focus on the Outreach Committee!  We are excited to have two "missions" underway: both designed to build relationships in the name of Jesus Christ.  Check out the details below regarding relationship-building trips to New Jersey and also to Haiti!
The Outreach Committee will be hosting the Refreshment Table after the 10 a.m. service this Sunday (Feb. 17).  Come enjoy our snacks and ask questions about what Outeach is doing locally, nationally and around the world.  We're the ones with orange name badges. 



Outreach Committee


All Saints group
From left Mark Fuller, Max Carpenter, Don Benninghoven, Kim Carpenter and Carl Carpenter check out the items sent from Holy Trinity Church in Ocean City, New Jersey.


Missions set for New Jersey, Haiti
Outreach at All Saints: Helping Those in Need Nearby, Around the Country, Around the World

All Saints Outreach Team To Visit New Jersey Parish Damaged By Hurricane Sandy

Three members of All Saints' Outreach Committee will visit the parish of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Ocean City, New Jersey March 1 to 4 to personally convey that we reach out in the name of God to assist those impacted by Hurricane Sandy and also the frigid weather of this past week.


Max and Kim Carpenter
Max Carpenter and his mom Kim check out the gifts of appreciation sent by the parish of Holy Trinity Church.

Making the trip are Outreach Chair Susan Evans and Committee members Syd Walker and Mary Jane Buchanan.  The Outreach Committee devoted $10,000 to help meet basic needs of food, electricity, blankets, and other essentials which were wiped away by the hurricane. During the Christmas season, All Saints parishioners donated $8,70 for those in Ocean City, which is being matched by this year's Outreach Committee. These fund will be hand delivered by our team.


You may have noticed a display on the patio this past Sunday with a quilt of appreciation and a "sandy" memento of "Ocean" City!  These are handmade items of thanks from parishioners back east.  Check them out when you're on the patio!


This is the message from Ocean Hills parishioners on a specially made quilt which they sent to All Saints in thanks for our initial financial support and the dozens of Christmas cards we sent to them in late December.


If you would like to become involved Outreach, please see Susan Evans or any member of the Outreach Committee. 

Haiti Students

Haiti School Support Trip Planned: All Saints Parishioners Invited to Sign Up!


You are invited to join with your fellow All Saints parishioners on a trip to St. Cyprien, Haiti being sponsored by our Outreach Committee! You will depart on May 23 and return May 29.  The purpose of the trip is to visit church and school leaders in the community which was devastated by the 2010 earthquake.  The Outreach Committee has selected the construction of a new school in Haiti as our parish's Focus Project for 2012-2013. 


The cost will be approximately $1,700 per person, double occupancy and includes airfare from LAX to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, shared cost of vehicle, rental, gasoline, meal and lodging. We are being supported on our trip by Dr. Serena Beeks, the Commissioner of Schools for the Diocese of Los Angeles.


We will meet Pere Soner, the parish priest and administrator for the St. Cyprien School Church; to share worship with the parish of St. Cyprien; and to witness and give support to the re-building of their school for which our Outreach Committee has promised financial support.


"This is our opportunity to meet, worship together and extend a personal relationship with the community we are helping," said parishioner Mary Jane Buchanan, who is coordinating All Saint's trip.


Proposed Itinerary:


Their main goal is to meet their fellow Christians, to share a meal, learn of their needs and continue the relationship begin in late 2012.

Friday, May 24 -- arrive, drive to Jacmel

Saturday, May 25 -- Jacmel, drive to Bainet

Sunday, May 26 -- church with Pere Soner

Monday, May 27 -- school at St. Cyprien

Tuesday, May 28 -- go to Port-au-Prince, Cathedral, etc,

Wednesday, May 29 -- iron artisans in Croix-des-Bouquets, back to Port-au-Prince for afternoon

Thursday, May 30 -- depart
Thursday May 23 -- fly overnight



Additional Requirements:

Travelers should be in good health, able to tolerate heat and humidity, flexible in nature, cheerful and willing to take an anti-malarial table weekly for several weeks before and after the trip. Adults, only, please. Travelers should be prepared to travel with light baggage as van transportation and capacity is limited.


Two books are recommended reading if you are interested in Haiti: Haiti: The Aftershock of History by Laurent Dubois and A Wedding in Haiti by Julia Alvarez.


Be in contact with Mary Jane Buchanan, maryjaneingalls@gmail.com or call her at 805/570-7158 for more information. 



Haiti Classroom


Haiti Trip Informational Meeting Planned


Invitation to Tea with Dr. Serena Beeks:

All Saints Trip to St. Cyprien



Your Outreach Committee would like to invite all parishioners to tea at the Tea Rose Garden at 28 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, to meet with Dr. Serena Beeks, our volunteer travel guide to St. Cyprien, Haiti.


Parishioners interested in traveling to Haiti in May, 2013, to visit our sponsored school in St. Cyprien are energetically encouraged to join in this important planning and information social gathering. Serena has made more than 30 trips to Haiti as a guide for other churches who sponsor the rebuilding of Episcopal Schools destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. She is a treasure of stories and practical experience on travel in Haiti.


Dates suggested are Tuesday, March 12, Thursday, March 14 or Tuesday, March 19 2013. It is anticipated that we will meet for tea at about 2:30 p.m. Please contact Mary Jane Buchanan at maryjaneingalls@gmail.com or (805) 570-7158 if you wish to participate.


Outreach Committee

 Barbara Askew


Mary Jane Buchanan


Sheri Benninghoven


Linda Chapman
Lisa Chiles


Judy Cresap


Susan F. Evans, Chair


Mary Ann Froley 


Debbie Geremia
Dan Gude
Stephen Schaible
Holiday Vaill

Sydney Walker



To contact the Outreach Committee, call the All Saints church office at (805) 969-4771
or send an email outreach@asbts.org

Request Outreach Funds

Applications for grants are reviewed by the Outreach Committee in April, July and November. The deadlines for receiving applications for each grant review are February 28 for April decisions, May 31 for July decisions, and September 30 for November decisions.  More information and an application form are available here. 

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