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The Pink Boots Society is an international professional association and USA 501(c)3 nonprofit. We inspire, encourage and empower women beer professionals to advance their careers through education. Our 1,000+ members are the female beer industry leaders of tomorrow, and they inspire women consumers to choose beer as their adult beverage of choice.


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Hop Union Hop & Brew Scholarship

Course Dates: September  9-10, 2014

2 days (2-3nights)

Scholarship Application Window: June 5-30, 2014 (ends at 11:59 pm PDT)


Information: https://www.hopunion.com/hop-and-brew-school/  

Location: Yakima, Washington USA


In partnership with Hop Union, Pink Boots Society is proud to announce its fourth scholarship opportunity for 2014. The window for the PBS-Hop Union Hop & Brew School scholarship runs June 5 - 30, 2014, and closes at 11:59 pm PDST on  June 30, 2014.


This scholarship package is valued at $1,150, which includes the $150 course plus a $1,000 stipend toward travel, hotel and food expenses. The course deposit is $575 (50% of the course value), and the stipend can be used to pay this deposit. The deposit is 100% refundable to the recipient upon successful completion of the course, and is required to ensure attendance and graduation.  


Click here for the rest of the article and more information. And see the 3 articles at the bottom of this e-newsletter for more information on Scholarships in general and how they work.

Angela Arp is virtually a very busy woman, so she used her virtual experience to promote Pink Boots Society through social media from 2011 to 2013. She's also co-founder of the Nebraska Chapter of Barley's Angels*. 


Angela's social media work for PBS was a natural, as she led Social Media & Events for Nebraska Brewing Co. till 2013, when she became the brewery's Head Mistress of Cat Herding and Craft Projects. She was board member for Omaha Beer Week from 2013 through 2015 and chaired the marketing committee. Not surprisingly, you can catch up with Angela on virtually any social media site, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all @AngelaArp.


* Barley's Angels was formerly the Consumer side of Pink Boots Society. It is not independent as we had to focus on our core professional membership to receive our IRS 501(c)3 tax-exempt designation. 


It breaks Nicole Courides' heart to put Pennsylvania's Intercourse Brewing Co. on the market in hopes of finding someone who can devote more time to it. But the NYC pharmaceutical ad copywriter remains proud of the work she's done to bring more women into craft beer - both through her contract brewery and her work as coordinator of the annual PBS Mother's Day initiative, Bring Mom Out for a Beer (BMOFAB).


Courides helped launched BMOFAB as a way to celebrate beer and mothers (who were the first brewers) while enticing moms and grown kids to share a Mother's Day beer together. She signed up bars and restaurants from around the country to program special beer events and put beers on special. Then she promoted BMOFAB through the media - both social and traditional. The response, she says, was wild.


"We had tiny, independent pubs offering a special BMOFAB menu and then we had huge industry players partake too. That was awesome," she says.


BMOFAB went on hiatus this year while PBS members focused in International Women's Collaboration Brew Day but we're sure it'll be back!


If you want to host your own Bring Mom Out For A Beer event in 2015, host your event on Mother's Day from 1-4 pm, and be sure to register your event on www.craftbeer.com.  

We have an immediate need for 3 volunteers! Running Pink Boots Society is a grand project, and as soon as we think we've got our tails covered, there is more help needed. Here is what we need:

Media Historian/Online Link Collector & Collator
National Meetings Registration Lists Manager
Constant Contact Email List Manager

Please click here to read the full Volunteer Job Descriptions for these posts.

In the meantime, we have a new link to our Become A Volunteer page. We hope you will consider helping. The more info we have on what you're good at and what you want to do, the more likely we can find the right match.

Click here to volunteer! Please give us the link to your online resume in the Comment Box if you have one. Thank you! 
Denise Ratfield, our awesome Social Media Committee Chair, has started a YouTube PlayList with videos of either a national PBS meeting, a PBS Educational Seminar, or a video that mentions and promotes Pink Boots Society specifically. Check it out:


Forward your PBS-specific video links to denise@pinkbootssociety.org. Thanks for your help! 

Each PBS Scholarship has three separate dates, and our ace Scholarship Administrator, Kris McDowell is the organizational powerhouse behind keeping it all straight. The schedules run like this:

Month A: Scholarship Application Window runs about the 5th to last day. Generally the deadline is the last day of the month at 11:59pm PST/PDT. Please don't wait till the last minute! (See next section for more on this.)

Month B: Scholarship Selection Committee (Team A or Team B, depending on the month) reviews and discusses all applications and resumes, and submits the name of their chosen Recipient on the last day of the month.

Month C: PBS leadership secures verbal commitment from Recipient that she will Pay It Forward (PIF), and receives their Scholarship Deposit. Non-recipients are notified via email.

Month C, 15th Day: Announcement of the Recipient is normally made via this E-Newsletter.

We now have one scholarship opportunity occurring each month, and two Scholarship Selection Teams operating. You can just imagine the volume of work happening behind the scenes. So please be patient with us! Thank you, and thank you for your help in fundraising for these scholarships.
UPCOMING SCHOLARSHIP SCHEDULE (Best Estimate at this point in time)

June 5-30, 2014: Hop Union's Hop & Brew School application window.
July 5-31, 2014: Mikro Bar Cicerone Beer Savvy application window.
August 5-31, 2014: Portland State University Business of Craft Brewing application window.
September 5-30, 2014: TBD
October 5-31, 2014: TBD
November 5-30, 2014: TBD
December 5-31, 2014: Oregon State University's Craft Brewery Start-up Workshop II application window.

Please note that Recipients are not announced until 75 days after an application window opens! See above for How Scholarships Work.

Please be careful with your timing on making your scholarship applications! From now on we plan to have one scholarship campaign each month. Each campaign will begin approximately the 5th of each month, but that date could swing a few days because we are all volunteers and there is a lot of work behind the scenes. Start checking on the 5th and keep checking until you see what the offering is that month. Do not rely on these e-newsletters.

We always post on the Brewers Association Forum, our Yahoo Groups Forum, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Please note that no matter when a new scholarship application window goes up, they ALL come down on the last day of the month at 11:59pm Pacific Time (PST/PDT). But don't wait until the last minute because a technical snafu could take it down early and then you're out of luck.

Also, you MUST be a PBS member to apply EXCEPT for the new brewery business start-up type scholarships. Please note that your Membership Application is Moderated, and our hard-working Membership Committee Chair, Becky Molm, needs 7-14 days to process your membership e-form.

Therefore the sweet spot for applying for any scholarship is day 10-15 of any month. Please make a note of it, and plan accordingly!

Portland Regional
Friday, October 3, 2014:
GABF Meeting & Educational Seminar
11:00 am - 2:30 pm
Vine Street Pub, Denver, CO USA
Seats are limited to 55. E-Registration will be announced via email about one month ahead.

Friday, April 17, 2015:
CBC Annual Business Meeting
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Portland, Oregon USA

Saturday, April 18, 2015:
Proposed Women in Beer Leadership Conference
All day long
Portland, Oregon USA

Friday, May 6, 2016:
CBC Annual Business Meeting
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Onguard Boot
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 Onguard Boot  

Birth of a Beer Community: The Story of Pink Boots Society 

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Pink Boots Society is committed to the advancement of the education of women beer professionals, either by developing educational scholarships, or by hosting educational speakers and seminars at our regional, national and international meetings. If you are a woman who earns income from beer, we encourage you to join us. 


Cheers to you!

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