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The Pink Boots Society is an international professional association and USA 501(c)3 nonprofit. We inspire, encourage and empower women beer professionals to advance their careers through education. Our 1,000+ members are the female beer industry leaders of tomorrow, and they inspire women consumers to choose beer as their adult beverage of choice.


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We've got a lot going on, and more to come:
  • Next Scholarship
  • New Executive Director 
  • Siebel Recipient 
  • OSU Recipient  
  • RFV: Request for Volunteers 
  • Pink Boots Society turns 7 years old in a week!  
  • Calling all Chapter Leaders and Prospects
  • 172 Members attended our CBC meeting
  • International Women's Collaboration Brew Day photos
  • PBS in newly released Empowerment Project documentary 
  • How Scholarships Work
  • Upcoming Scholarship Schedule
  • Scholarship Application Tips  
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  • Pink Boots Sources
  • Learn more about Pink Boots Society 

  See below for details on all of these, and more...  


Hop Union Hop & Brew Scholarship

Course Dates: September  9-10, 2014

2 days (2-3nights)

Scholarship Application Window: June 5-30, 2014 (ends at 11:59 pm PDT)


Information: https://www.hopunion.com/hop-and-brew-school/  

Location: Yakima, Washington USA


In partnership with Hop Union, Pink Boots Society is proud to announce its fourth scholarship opportunity for 2014. The window for the PBS-Hop Union Hop & Brew School scholarship runs June 5 - 30, 2014, and closes at 11:59 pm PDST on  June 30, 2014.


Click here for the rest of the article and more information. And see the 3 articles at the bottom of this e-newsletter for more information on Scholarships in general and how they work.

Emily Engdahl has been a key volunteer for Pink Boots Society since January 2013. She first helped with our Pacific Northwest chapter's big Valentine's Day fundraiser which raised $1,765 for PBS.

Next Emily was Co-Chair of our Pacific Northwest Chapter, then International & National Regional Chapter Liaison, then Director of Development. You may have seen her in the background at our last GABF or CBC meetings in Denver, keeping things running smoothly. Emily was also profiled as a volunteer in a previous issue of this PBS e-News.

I hope you will all give Emily a HUGE welcome. We would not be where we are today without her help. It has been a long and often difficult journey building PBS, and Emily makes my load lighter, brighter, and happier. She is key to the future success of Pink Boots Society, and its growth into the international world class professional organization we all envision it to be.

After 7 long years, it is time for me to share the reigns and in fact step away from most day to day tasks of running PBS. Emily has been taking many of these task from me already, and she is a much better operational manager than I am. I will continue to be involved with Pink Boots Society a lot. Yet I look forward to taking personal time for fun and adventures with my patient husband, and not just taking personal time to work on Pink Boots Society.

Please give Emily your full trust and support. She's a true rock star. You can reach Emily at emily@pinkbootssociety.org or emily@oregonbeercountry.org.

Aly Hartwig was the recipient of our Siebel WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology scholarship.  


The application window for this scholarship ran during the month of February 2014, The Scholarship Selection Committee reviewed all applications and made their choice at the end of March. We announced Aly at our Craft Brewers Conference meeting in April.  


Click here to read about Aly and what the Scholarship Selection Committee had to say about her:   Aly Hartwig - Scholarship Recipient.


Aly is in class now, and we can't wait for Aly's Pay It Forward talk or article!   


Judy Neff was the recipient of our Oregon State University Craft Brewery Start-Up Workshop I scholarship.

The application window for this scholarship ran during the month of April 2014. The Scholarship Selection Committee reviewed all applications and made their choice at the end of May 2014. Our goal is to then announce the recipient by the 15th of the month following closure of the selection process. (June 15th in this case.)

Click here to read about Judy and what the Scholarship Selection Committee had to say about her: Judy Neff - PBS Scholarship Recipient.

Judy's OSU course will be held in Bend, Oregon September 8-12, 2014. We look forward to Judy's completion of the course, and her Pay It Forward article or talk.
We have an immediate need for 5 volunteers! Running Pink Boots Society is a huge job, and as soon as we think we've got our tails covered, there is more work to do. Here is what we need:

Bio Writer (for our Volunteer Highlights in e-newsletter)
Media Historian
Scholarship Opportunity Manager
National Meetings Registration Lists Manager
Constant Contact Email List Manager

Please click here to read the full Volunteer Job Descriptions for these posts.

In the meantime, we have a new link to our Become A Volunteer page. We hope you will consider it. The more info we have on what you're good at and what you want to do, the more likely we are to find a good fit for you.

Click here to volunteer! Please give us the link to your online resume in the Comment Box. Thank you! 
Lucky Number Seven!
Pink Boots Society turns 7 years old on June 16, 2014

Yes, hard to believe but true. Seven years ago on June 16th I visited Stone Brewing Company whilst on my Road Brewer trip and met Laura Ulrich, a young brewer at Stone. Laura had never met another woman brewer prior to meeting me, and she wanted to know how many of us there were. I promised her I would keep track on the rest of my road trip and let her know. On that day the list of women brewers that grew to encompass all women beer professionals and became the Pink Boots Society was born. Here is the link to my blog post for that day's visit:

Take this opportunity to celebrate how far women in beer have come, and how far the Pink Boots Society has come. This is a good opportunity to inspire and encourage a fellow woman beer professional or homebrewer, a good day to share a pint with girlfriends, and a good day to raise some money for Pink Boots Society's growing Scholarship Program.  

Cheers to you, Ladies!

Nine PBS Ozzies and a Yank
Are you a PBS Chapter Leader? Do you want to start a Chapter in your Region, State or Country? Are you looking for a Co-Leader to work with you?

If yes to any of these questions, please contact our new awesome Regional Chapter Liaison & National Meeting Coordinator, Nicol Winkler. She's a woman with a plan and she's getting things done around here. Witness that PBS has around 30 chapters already!

Email Nicol: nicol@pinkbootssociety.org

Pictured above: Team Australia at their first PBS regional meeting.

Are you hosting a Pink Boots Society event? Perhaps a Regional Chapter meeting or a PBS Fundraiser? Maybe a PBS member bottle share? Or a PBS Tap Takeover? If your event is directly involved with Pink Boots Society, you can get it posted on the PBS Calendar on our website. Unfortunately we can't list any beer or women-in-beer events that are not directly tied to Pink Boots Society. Please allow 2 weeks for posting.

Send your PBS Event info to Ashleigh Carter at carter.ashleigh@gmail.com.


Yes it was a record-breaker, and it was certainly a challenge to fit us all in. Denise Ratfield, Teri Fahrendorf and Emily Engdahl are in the back row holding up their boots. Thank you to Mike Johnson of FestPics.com for taking this great photo of our gang. See all Mike's PBS CBC-2014 meeting photos at http://festpics.com/p196897650    

Teri's PowerPoint presentation from our CBC meeting is now online at



Do you have video skills to volunteer? We need a technical person to point us toward a video greeting service, or set one up for us.  


It will take too long for the 200 members anticipated at next year's CBC meeting to introduce themselves live. We need a way to steer online registrants toward a 6-second video greeting service, and then we could knit all the video greetings together and play it at the meeting. Members could stand up and wave when their greeting played so others could see who they are and where they are sitting. Please help us connect with this idea if you can.  


We know you love meeting your fellow PBS members through our traditional introductions, and we need a high-tech solution to keep this tradition going. Thank you!


Photo credit: Mike Johnson of FestPics.com. 


If you noticed that the Pink Boots website got a huge makeover last year, you have Sibyl Perkins to thank. With the help of her team, Sibyl, a Washington State-based web and graphic designer who owns Sibyl Design Inc., donated her time to revamp the site to make it more user-friendly and interactive, and she continues to maintain it pro-bono. If that sounds like a lot of work, Sibyl says it's worth it to be part of a group that helps women move forward in the beer industry.


"I decided several years ago that the amazing folks in the craft beer industry are 'my people,' and PBS gives me a way of working with many of them," she says. It helps that her PBS work has also led to referrals at members' own breweries.  


So what's next for the site? Sibyl plans to add a more sophisticated e-commerce component for t-shirts and meeting fees.  


You can reach Sibyl at webmaster@pinkbootssociety.org or at sibyl@sibyl.com.  

If you took photos during IWCB# (IWCBD) or any PBS meetings or events, please send Carrie Knose, our Photo Gallery Administrator, up to three photos of each Pink Boots Society event past, present and future.

Please list the names of all people in the photos (as best as possible), as well as the name of the brewery or location where the photo was taken. Please send to Carrie at photos@pinkbootssociety.org.

Check out our small photo collection so far: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pinkbootssociety/ and watch it grow!

Also, if you were an International Women's Collaboration Brew Day host, please remember to send your check to our mailing address at the bottom of this e-news. International IWCB# participants, please donate online here.

These awesome ladies shown here comprise Heartfelt Productions. Last summer they filmed a documentary called The Empowerment Project that focused on women who were inspiring other women. Pink Boots Society and your fearless leader were featured subjects.

Now this amazing film is ready to show. If you are looking to show a completely inspiring film to boost the juju of the women in your life, click here to watch the trailer and book a showing. If you're not yet convinced, then
watch audience reactions here.

Bottom line: If you are a women with a dream, or a man with a daughter, sister or wife, YOU can be inspired.


A big welcome to Anne Sprecher, our new Media Contacts Administrator. Anne has been putting together our list of beer writers and audio & video journalists who have contacted me or Pink Boots Society over the years. She is doing a great job of organizing our unorganized pile of contacts. Now we realize we should consciously try to grow our Media Contacts List.

If you have a Media Contacts list in Excel that you would like to share with us, please forward it to asprecher@sprecherbrewery.com. We haven't got ahead of ourselves enough to be organized enough to get advance notice out for the cool things we do, but when we get there, we want to be ready with our Media Contacts. :-)

Thank you for your help with this.

Each PBS Scholarship has three separate dates, and our ace Scholarship Administrator, Kris McDowell is the organizational powerhouse behind keeping it all straight. The schedules run like this:

Month A: Scholarship Application Window runs about the 5th to last day. Generally the deadline is the last day of the month at 11:59pm PST/PDT. Please don't wait till the last minute! (See next section for more on this.)

Month B: Scholarship Selection Committee (Team A or Team B, depending on the month) reviews and discusses all applications and resumes, and submits the name of their chosen Recipient on the last day of the month.

Month C: PBS leadership secures verbal commitment from Recipient that she will Pay It Forward (PIF), and receives their Scholarship Deposit. Non-recipients are notified via email.

Month C, 15th Day: Announcement of the Recipient is normally made via this E-Newsletter.

We now have one scholarship opportunity occurring each month, and two Scholarship Selection Teams operating. You can just imagine the volume of work happening behind the scenes. So please be patient with us! Thank you, and thank you for your help in fundraising for these scholarships.
UPCOMING SCHOLARSHIP SCHEDULE (Best Estimate at this point in time)

June 5-30, 2014: Hop Union's Hop & Brew School application window.
July 5-31, 2014: Mikro Bar Cicerone Beer Savvy application window.
August 5-31, 2014: Portland State University Business of Craft Brewing application window.
September 5-30, 2014: TBD
October 5-31, 2014: TBD
November 5-30, 2014: TBD
December 5-31, 2014: Oregon State University's Craft Brewery Start-up Workshop II application window.

Please note that Recipients are not announced until 75 days after an application window opens! See above for How Scholarships Work.

Please be careful with your timing on making your scholarship applications! From now on we plan to have one scholarship campaign each month. Each campaign will begin approximately the 5th of each month, but that date could swing a few days because we are all volunteers and there is a lot of work behind the scenes. Start checking on the 5th and keep checking until you see what the offering is that month. Do not rely on these e-newsletters.

We always post on the Brewers Association Forum, our Yahoo Groups Forum, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Please note that no matter when a new scholarship application window goes up, they ALL come down on the last day of the month at 11:59pm Pacific Time (PST/PDT). But don't wait until the last minute because a technical snafu could take it down early and then you're out of luck.

Also, you MUST be a PBS member to apply EXCEPT for the new brewery business start-up type scholarships. Please note that your Membership Application is Moderated, and our hard-working Membership Committee Chair, Becky Molm, needs 7-14 days to process your membership e-form.

Therefore the sweet spot for applying for any scholarship is day 10-15 of any month. Please make a note of it, and plan accordingly!

Portland Regional
Friday, October 3, 2014:
GABF Meeting & Educational Seminar
11:00 am - 2:30 pm
Vine Street Pub, Denver, CO USA
Seats are limited to 55. E-Registration will be announced via email about one month ahead.

Friday, April 17, 2015:
CBC Annual Business Meeting
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Portland, Oregon USA

Saturday, April 18, 2015:
Proposed Women in Beer Leadership Conference
All day long
Portland, Oregon USA

Friday, May 6, 2016:
CBC Annual Business Meeting
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

In honor of Dad, shop at AmazonSmile through 6/15/14 and Amazon will donate an extra $5 to Pink Boots Society. Click here to get started: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/80-0345318

We received $15.46 for Q1 2014, and we just started with the program. (This is .5% of all purchases.) I will publish the update for Q2 in August or whenever I receive the results from AmazonSmile. (It takes them 2 months to compile and post the donations.)

Let's shoot for $500! That's only 100 e-news subscribers (out of 3,618 current subscribers) who sign up with Smile.Amazon.com and buy something for themselves or their Dad by June 15.
Click here now to help.


Onguard Boot
Have you been thinking about buying a pair of steel-toe pink rubber boots but never got around to it? Hantover is our new preferred supplier for steel-toe pink rubber work boots:

http://www.hantover.com/cgi/hnt.wsc/product.htm?p-item-num=14968&p-callprog=cust-search. Onguard Lady Monarch pink steel-toe boots. See link for actual boot visual.  
Last but not least...During the State of the Craft Beer Industry presentation prior to the Keynote Speaker at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, the Brewers Association awards the BA Recognition Award to somebody who has done a lot to promote the beer industry. It is like a lifetime achievement award, and was given to your faithful leader that day. At left is the photo I took in my hotel room that night.

Click here to see the BA Link: http://www.brewersassociation.org/news/2014-ba-achievement-awards-announced-at-craft-brewers-conference/

Click dropdown for BA Recognition Award to see the list of winners since 1987:

Click here to read a copy of my acceptance speech. In it I thank the amazing friends, peers and PBS volunteers who have helped me reach this peak in my own career. Thank you! 

 Onguard Boot  

Birth of a Beer Community: The Story of Pink Boots Society 

PBS Membership Qualifications
How PBS Began & Organizational Goals 
E-Newsletter Archive 
Donate to our PBS Scholarship Fund 

Pink Boots Society is committed to the advancement of the education of women beer professionals, either by developing educational scholarships, or by hosting educational speakers and seminars at our regional, national and international meetings. If you are a woman who earns income from beer, we encourage you to join us. 


Cheers to you!

Fearless Leader
Teri Fahrendorf                                                                 Emily Engdahl
Founder & Co-Creator                                                      Executive Director