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The Pink Boots Society is an international professional association and USA 501(c)3 nonprofit. We inspire, encourage and empower women beer professionals to advance their careers through education. Our 1,000+ members are the female beer industry leaders of tomorrow, and they inspire women consumers to choose beer as their adult beverage of choice.


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  • Siebel Concise Course Scholarship
  • 2014 Scholarship Schedule
  • Craft Brewers Conference Meeting
  • Welcome new Scholarship Administrator  
  • We need a Fundraising Administrator 
  • Scholarship Naming Opportunity 
  • International Women's Collaboration Brew Day
  • CBC PBS Tap Take-Over in Denver
  • Thank you Denise Jones & Audra Marotta
  • Other Scholarship Opportunities
  • List of all 2013 Scholarship Recipients
  • Pink Boots Sources
  • Stand up and Be Counted: Register your Membership  
  • Upcoming Meetings
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  See below for details on all of these, and more... 



2014 Siebel Concise Course - Scholarship Open till February 28th 11:59pm PST. 


In partnership with the Siebel Institute of Technology, Pink Boots Society is proud to announce its first scholarship opportunity for 2014. The window for the PBS-Siebel Concise Course scholarship runs February 1 - 28, 2014, and closes at 11:59 pm PST on the last day.  


The Siebel WBA Web-based Concise Course in Brewing Technology is a three-month online course which runs May 5 - August 4, 2014.


Details about the course can be found on the Siebel Institute of Technology website: http://www.siebelinstitute.com/courses-a-programs/courses-in-english/programs-courses-by-date/details/136-wba-web-based-concise-course-in-brewing-technology 


To apply for the scholarship, visit the Pink Boots Society website: http://pinkbootssociety.org/scholarship-application/ 


Please note, this scholarship is directed to women who are already earning income as professional brewers, and who seek the career boost that a formal training program can provide. It is not intended for women who want to enter the ranks of the beer industry, nor for those who want to cross over laterally into a different field within the beer industry. 


This is an online course. Therefore we especially invite our international members to apply for this scholarship, and for any web-based or online scholarships we offer. Pink Boots Society is a USA tax-exempt nonprofit, which means we currently offer only USA-based training. All USA courses are offered in English only.


Any woman who earns income from beer, anywhere in the world, is eligible to apply for any Pink Boots Society scholarship, and earning beer income also automatically qualifies a woman for Pink Boots Society membership. Click here to join or to connect with us: www.pinkbootssociety.org/membership/.


There is a deposit for this class, and upon successful completion the deposit will be refunded. All PBS scholarships have a "Pay It Forward" requirement, where our scholarship recipients pay forward the knowledge they gained in their scholarship course. This is accomplished through either publishing an article or giving a speech at a national professional seminar or conference. More information on our Pay It Forward requirement is available on our website, http://pinkbootssociety.org/scholarship-application/.


Please note that scholarship recipients are announced approximately 6 weeks after the scholarship application deadline.


Best wishes to the applicants!


February 1-28 application window & April 15 recipient announced: Siebel WBA Web-based Concise Course in Brewing: http://www.siebelinstitute.com/courses-a-programs/courses-in-english/programs-courses-by-date/details/136-wba-web-based-concise-course-in-brewing-technology.


April 1-30 application window & June 15 recipient announced: Oregon State University Craft Brewery Startup Workshop: https://pace.oregonstate.edu/catalog/craft-brewery-startup-workshop.


June 1-30 application window & August 15 recipient announced: Scholarship Course TBD.

August 1-31 application window & October 15 recipient announced: Scholarship Course TBD.

October 1-31 application window & December 15 recipient announced: Scholarship Course TBD.

December 1-31 application window & February 15, 2015 recipient announced: Scholarship Course TBD

Almost here: Our annual Craft Brewers Conference International meeting in Denver.

Online registration invites will go out in about a month. Pre-orders on the new t-shirt design will be included in the e-invites.

Please register online! We need to limit the onsite registration in order to avoid long lines at the door. Last year there was a 45 minute wait at the door, and we can't have that! We are expecting 150-200 attendees.

MEETING VOLUNTEERS: We need 10-12 meeting volunteers. Email emily@pinkbootssociety.org.
LOCAL MEMBERS: Can attend this event without CBC tickets. Please get directions from CBC Registration.

DATE:            Thursday April 10, 2014 
WHEN:          11:00am - 1:00pm (Please arrive early--we want to start the meeting at 11:00am.)
WHERE:        Mile High Ballroom  
ADDRESS:    Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St, Denver, CO 80202
EVENT PH:   (303) 228-8000 
BEER:            Bring yours from the Trade Show floor.
FOOD:            Eat before or afterwards, or bring your lunch from the tradeshow floor.  
SWAG:           Please bring some for the raffle.
T-SHIRTS:      New design happening now, for pre-sale online prior to meeting, with pick up at the meeting. This saves you shipping costs and PBS gets a LOT more of the money for our Scholarship Fund. We will also have our remaining stock of Barley's Angels tees available for $10 cash at the meeting. We plan to sell out. 

PINS:              $5 cash available at the meeting. Sales fund our Scholarship Program. Wear your Boot Pride!  
FUTURE:        We plan to debut at least one new t-shirt design per year. Mostly pre-sales prior to CBC.
RAFFLE:        Always! At the end of the official meeting, after the member announcements.

SOCIAL/NETWORKING:   During the raffle. Hopefully everybody wins a prize!

MEDIA MEMBERS: Be sure to bring copies of your books and DVDs to sell. You are invited to sell at any PBS meeting. We hope you will reward us with a small tax-deductible donation, a percentage of your proceeds.

LOOKING FOR A ROOM OR TRANSPORTATION SHARE: Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Groups Forum, or look into the Groups & Forums section of our website. There are multiple ways to connect.

MEET TERI IN PERSON: I will be working the Trade Show all hours except Thursday AM before our PBS meeting. If you want to meet me in person or pick my brain about malt and brewing, find the Country Malt Group booth, as I am the Oregon-Washington Territory Manager for Country Malt. See you in Denver! 

A big welcome to Kris McDowell, our latest talented PBS volunteer.

Kris has been a huge help to me as I juggle too many hats here at PBS. Luckily Kris came with her own stylish hat, as you can see at left.

In her beerific career, Kris is the Marketing Director of Brewvana, a woman-owned brewery tour company based in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about Kris at Brewvana's Meet Our Team. You can also learn more about Kris at her Linked-In site.

I am so happy to have Kris on board at PBS. We are all volunteer-run here, and Kris has really saved my butt from burnout. Please send Kris a big Thank You for volunteering with PBS: kris@pinkbootssociety.org.

This is an important volunteer job and we need a two year commitment for a PBS Fundraising Administrator.

You do not have to do any fundraising. I will train you: Mainly we need someone to document all incoming donations: Who donated, date, type (cash, check, PayPal), how much, and all donor contact info. The Fundraising Administrator would also write and send Thank You cards and donation receipts. We also need you to document this volunteer job so when you move on, we can train the next volunteer for this position quickly.

Excel or spreadsheet experience and a computer/email are needed. Future duties may include researching fundraising opportunities or grant opportunities from large beer industry companies and/or their foundations.

I expect to ramp up PBS fundraising efforts in 2014. Thus the donor feedback loop and administration side need to be rock solid. Contact me to volunteer, please send your phone number: teri@pinkbootssociety.org.

We have a lot of potential donations coming with our International Women's Collaboration Brew Day on March 8th (see below for info). If possible we would like to get matching funds from non-participants. Also, I'll be looking for funding and material donations for our proposed PBS Women in Beer Leadership Conference on April 18, 2015.
We need to get Pink Boots Society well funded by the end of 2014 so I can get my life back! 

We Love Sponsors

Better than chocolates (which last a moment on the lips and months on the hips), give the gift that keeps on giving: A Pink Boots Society Scholarship!


Honor your favorite woman beer industry professional with a named scholarship.  


That's right! Name a Pink Boots Society scholarship after your favorite beer woman. If you donate twice the retail value of one of our beery scholarships or $1,000, whichever is higher, your loved one's name will be listed, along with the educational institution in the promotional materials for any of our scholarships. Naming right is for one scholarship event.  


This is a great value! The price ranges from $1,000 to $7,200, depending on which scholarship. 


And it keeps on giving! All scholarship recipients are required to Pay It Forward. They have agreed to share some of the knowledge they earned in their scholarship course via either a published article or via speaking at a brewing industry conference. 


Not only will your $ fund our scholarship program, by donating double the retail value you are helping us with our infrastructure expenses. These include domain registration, nonprofit corporation annual fees, this email newsletter service, stamps, thank you cards, printer ink, paper, CPA & bookkeeper, seminar expenses, etc. 


So in honor of Valentine's Day a week away, remember your favorite women beer professional and Think Pink.


All Pink Boots Society donations are tax-deductible as we are a USA 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit. Click here to donate toward one of our six 2014 scholarships: www.pinkbootssociety.org/donate/.  


If you are interested in a named scholarship, please contact me directly and include your phone number: teri@pinkbootssociety.org.  


We are also looking for large donations toward our 2015 PBS Women in Beer Leadership Conference in Portland, Oregon. There will be a lot of donation opportunities with this one-day conference, so please contact me with your proposal (location fees, breakfast buffet, lunch, snack service, beer, beer service, speakers, speaker gifts, possibly speaker stipends, etc.). More information on this PBS Leadership Conference in future e-newsletters. Contact me to donate funds, materials or to volunteer: teri@pinkbootssociety.org.  


Since we are 100% volunteer run, and therefore 100% funded, your donation goes so much farther than with any other 501(c)3 nonprofit. Your dollars work hard for PBS, just like our volunteers do.


If expanding educational and career opportunities for women is something you can support; if encouraging women as beer professionals and as positive female beer role models is important to you; and if you'd love to see more women as industry peers, then please click here to our donation page, http://pinkbootssociety.org/donate/. Or send checks made out to Pink Boots Society to the address listed at the bottom of this e-newsletter. You will receive a Donation Receipt for tax purposes.


We appreciate our industry support. We couldn't do this work without you!  


Join your fellow female beer professionals for a day of collaboration and camaraderie. March 8th is this year's annual International Women's Day, and the brewsters of Project Venus in the UK & Ireland have organized a worldwide collaborative brew for that day. Visit www.iwcbd.org.  This event is a PBS Fundraiser!


So far there are approximately 30 breweries worldwide participating, and we hope to grow that number.  


Brewing will take place on March 8th, all over the world! Watch Facebook and Twitter for constant brewing updates from all parts of the globe that day.


The recipe is called Unite Pale Ale, and it is formulated such that every Brewster (woman brewer) who wants to participate can put her creative personality into her version. (See the recipe below.)


As Project Venus states: "For this event, we as brewsters, want to raise the awareness of women in the brewing industry. We are dedicated brewers, making top quality beer and we want to make a difference in how beer is promoted and perceived around the world.


"As part of this event we wish to donate proceeds of the beer's earnings to charities, the Pink Boots Society and another charity of the brewers' choice. The Pink Boots Society is a USA-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization with an international membership, and helps women further their beer careers through scholarships and the educational programs PBS provides. The second charity can be of the brewers' choice, making the beer more meaningful to her or his local consumers."



Unite Pale Ale International Women's Collaboration Brew Day Recipe  

4% pale session beer with a universally available hop 
EBC: 10 
IBU: 25 
ABV: 4% 
Late hop: Cascade (US/UK/NZ/German)

Project Venus: "If we all follow the above recipe, the beer will still be unique to each brewery. If you have problems with getting the go ahead from your employer (if you are not the owner) due to the nature of the recipe then the additions of spice/fruits can be made at your discretion."


The members of Project Venus UK & Eire are also Pink Boots Society members. Project Venus was founded by Sara Barton, owner and Brewmaster of Brewster's Brewery in Grantham, UK. She was the first woman winner of the coveted UK "Brewer of the Year Award," given by the British Guild of Beer Writers.


The International Event Organizer is Denise Ratfield of Stone Brewing. Denise is also the Pink Boots Society - Social Media Committee Chair. You can reach Denise at denise@pinkbootssociety.org.  


Website: www.iwcbd.org 

Denver, Colorado USA member Ashleigh Carter is organizing a CBC week all-female Tap Takeover as a PBS Fundraiser at:

Ernie's Bar & Pizza
2915 W 44th Ave
Denver, CO 80211 USA

Ashleigh is looking for 10-15 women who can get their beer to Denver and join in on the fun.

Also, once Ashleigh gets this ball rolling, we should be able to knock this one out of the ballpark every year. While you are in Denver during CBC week, be sure to visit Ernie's to enjoy some woman-brewed suds.

Contact Ashleigh at ashleigh@prostbrewing.com.
Once a member of our Scholarship Selection Committee is done with her commitment, we can publicly thank her for her service and volunteer work with Pink Boots Society:

Thank you Denise Jones of Napa Point Brewing! 

Thank you Audra Marotta of Mother Earth Brewing! 


As a candidate, you carefully fill out our online scholarship form. You send it in, cross your fingers, and wait for 6-10 weeks to hear back. Your job is done. But, the job is just beginning for the five hard-working members of our Scholarship Selection Committee!

PBS's Scholarship Selection Committee is a super secret cabal of 5 very experienced women beer professionals. They begin their work on the closing day of each scholarship campaign and work hard for one month evaluating and discussing the many candidates and choosing the most worthy to receive the scholarship. Currently that's six judging sessions per year. Yet they all have intense beer careers and families.

In between scholarship campaigns they work with our Scholarship Administrator to write the scholarship applications and promotional materials. Truly, they work hard for you and PBS. We keep their names secret until they "retire" from the committee so they can avoid undue influence or conflicts of interest. They commit to a two year position on the committee, and when we need volunteers (normally annually), we'll post a request via this e-news. Please volunteer then if you are interested on serving on this important committee.

When you see them, please thank Denise Jones and Audra Marotta for their time and service on this committee.

Woman Chalkboard It takes us about three months to move completely through the scholarship process to the start date on a course. Please see above for current PBS scholarship opportunities. Several non-PBS scholarship deadlines are always approaching. Please google them for details:

Glenn Hay Falconer
      to both the American Brewers Guild and the Siebel Institute.

Greg Noonan Scholarship

      to the American Brewers Guild

Master Brewers Association of the Americas

      MBAA has both national and regional scholarship programs.



Colleen Kuehl
Congratulations to Colleen Kuehl, PSU Business of Beer Scholarship
Congratulations to Kate Lloyd, Cicerone Beer Savvy Scholarship

We gave away six scholarships in 2013, to six fantastic recipients. We had way more worthy applicants than we had scholarships, so if you were an applicant who was not awarded a scholarship in 2013, please continue to apply. Eventually your most current experience will catch up with our scholarship offerings! Otherwise, save your money and attend anyway. There is no gender-based glass ceiling in the beer industry, there is only an education-based glass ceiling. Never give up!

List of 2
013 Scholarships and Recipients:
Click onKate Lloyd the links to read about each of these Recipients:
Siebel WBA Concise Course in Brewing - Jessica Heidrich
Siebel Sensory Panel Management - Rachelle Smith (formerly OSU Sensory)
Oregon State University's Craft Brewery Start-up Workshop - Meagan Hatfield
Cicerone Beer Savvy Online Course #2 - Rachel Cleveland
Portland State University's Business of Craft Brewing Online Course - Colleen Kuehl
Cicerone Beer Savvy Online Course #2 - Kate Lloyd 
Alex Nowell's Boots
Have you been thinking about buying a pair of steel-toe pink rubber boots but never got around to it?

Valentine's Day is coming and you already have everything you need? Then ask for something you do want: a pair of steel-toe pink work boots!

We have a new preferred supplier for steel-toe pink rubber work boots: http://www.hantover.com/cgi/hnt.wsc/product.htm?p-item-num=14968&p-callprog=cust-search. Onguard Lady Monarch pink steel-toe boots. See link for actual boot visual.
New PBS Website We get requests for statistics all the time: Percentage of beer industry professionals that are women; percentage of brewers that are women; percentage of brewmasters that are women. Gee, we wish we knew!

Stand up and BE COUNTED. When you register your membership on our website, you help us Count You In. The first step to counting and statistics is to make sure we have every woman beer professional registered on our website.
That's every woman in the world please, not just the USA. So, please--stand up and be Counted!

If you have not gone to our new website and input your PBS membership profile (2 pages, please input both), please do so now:

Then once you revisit the site (the next day) and upload your photo or post next to your name, your account will show active. If you haven't registered on our current website yet, then you must re-sign up because our new website is social media driven. Thank you.
We're looking forward to seeing you all online!

If you have any questions or feedback, please email webmaster@pinkbootssociety.org.

And as long as we're mentioning statistics, if any members have statistician experience, we could sure use a PBS Statistics Administrator. Please contact teri@pinkbootssociety.org if you could fulfill this important role. 


Thursday, April 10, 2014:

11:00-1:00pm - at CBC, Denver, CO (USA).

Details above. 


Friday, October 3, 2014:  

11:00am-2:30pm - National Meeting & Seminar during GABF,  

at Vine Street Pub, Denver, CO (USA).


Thursday, April 16, 2015: 

11:00-1:00pm - at CBC, Portland, OR (USA)


Saturday, April 18, 2015: 

Saturday after CBC: PBS Women in Beer Leadership Conference.  

We are looking for sponsors with large donations for this event. Info will be released as we plan this event. 


All PBS meetings and events, including Regional and International PBS meetings, PBS Brew Days and PBS Fundraiser events, can now be listed on our new website calendar. Please email your meeting information to our PBS Event Coordinator, Ashleigh Carter at ashleigh@pinkbootssociety.org.  


Also send your PBS-only event info to teri@pinkbootssociety.org. I especially want to invite our non-USA members to send Ashleigh and me your PBS event info. I know you're out there; we want to help you. 


No non-PBS events or press info please. My mailbox is already full so I know you won't mind if I send your non-PBS news into my junk folder automatically.  


You can learn of all upcoming PBS Events on our website, http://pinkbootssociety.org/events/.  



PBS Pink Front PBS Pin BA Black Front Help us sell out our old t-shirts so we can order a new style shirt! Limited sizes are left, and what isn't sold prior to our CBC meeting will be sold there. Click here to see available sizes: http://pinkbootssociety.org/shop/  


PBS Pin: $7.50 includes shipping. 

Pink PBS Tees: $20 includes shipping.
Black BA Tees: $15 includes shipping. 


All merchandise sales support our Scholarship Fund. Click here to see the back of the Barley's Angels shirt we can't show you because Columbia Studios asked us to discontinue the Barley's Angels logo.


Please note these are standard size tees, not babygirl shrinky-dink sizes. 


Looking to hire a beer professional? We have the best women in the industry! Looking for a job? Only registered PBS members have access to our Jobs Board.


Post your Help Wanted ad here: www.pinkbootssociety.org/post-a-beer-job/

And remember we have paid ad opportunities for your graphics on website.


Seek your ideal beer industry job under Activity Feed/For Members/Job Listings at www.pinkbootssociety.org.

 Onguard Boot  

Birth of a Beer Community: The Story of Pink Boots Society 

PBS Membership Qualifications
How PBS Began & Organizational Goals 
E-Newsletter Archive 
Donate to our PBS Scholarship Fund 

Pink Boots Society is committed to the advancement of the education of women beer professionals, either by developing educational scholarships, or by hosting educational speakers and seminars at our regional and national meetings. If you are a woman who earns income from beer, I encourage you to join us. 


Cheers to you!

Fearless Leader

Teri Fahrendorf
Founder & Co-Creator
Pink Boots Society