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The Pink Boots Society is an international nonprofit association and USA 501(c) 3 tax-exempt charity. We empower women beer professionals to advance their careers through the educational opportunities we provide. We encourage women beer professionals to become tomorrow's beer industry leaders. And our members are positive female beer role models who inspire women consumers to choose beer as their adult beverage of choice.


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Pink Girl with Beer

Hope you are having an excellent summer, and that you are enjoying Pilsners, Saisons, Witbiers, Lawnmower Lagers, and all the other crisp and refreshing beers of summer. 


Our Cicerone Beer Savvy Scholarship expires Thursday. Announcing our Pacific Northwest PBS Brew Day & Meeting. Also PBS and its Founder will be featured in a documentary that will be filming at these two events.  


Our GABF national meeting and educational seminar are coming to the Vine Street Pub in Denver on October 11th at 11:00 am. I've been busy with scholarships but I know that both Kim Jordan (CEO of New Belgium) and Jessica Heidrich (our first scholarship winner and the only woman brewer in Sweden) will be speaking. More info in a future e-news.  


If you are near Portland, Oregon USA on Thursday, Kim Jordan will be enjoying Happy Hour at Saraveza Pasty Tavern & Bottle Shop on N Killingsworth Street at 5:00 pm. She'd love to see you there.  


Application Window ends August 15, 2013 at 11:59 pm (PDT)
Visit to apply.
Are you a woman currently earning income from beer as a Brewery Owner, Beer Bar Manager, Bartender, Server, Beer Writer, Beer Educator, Beer Distributor, Brewery Sales Representative, or Beer Chef? This online course will enhance knowledge of brewing techniques, beer styles, understanding flavors and off-flavors, food pairings, and the language to clearly discuss beer. Please see for info or see brochure
Please note that scholarship recipients are announced approximately 6 weeks after the scholarship application deadline.
For more information, please see the Scholarship page of our website, The next scholarship will not start until after our GABF Meeting & Seminar. The Scholarship Selection Committee and your fearless leader need a break!
PINK BOOTS BREW DAY - Saturday September 7th
NoCal Drakes 9-4-11
Member Lisa Allen and the Pacific Northwest Chapter of PBS will host a Pink Boots Brew Day at HeaterAllen Brewery in McMinnville, Oregon USA. Lisa is the Assistant Brewer at her family's  

2-person brewery. Lisa designed the recipe for our HeaterAllen Pink Boots Scholarship Sticke Alt.


The beer is a fundraiser for Pink Boots Society, and all money from kegs sold will go directly into PBS's scholarship fund after the excise taxes are paid. We hope to raise over $1,500.


The Best Malz Pilsner and Best Malz Dark Munich malts were donated by Country Malt Group. Lisa is looking for hop and yeast donations. Please contact her at if you can donate German hops or German Alt yeast. 


Lisa says,"Sticke means secret, and the first Sticke was a mistake but the beer was so popular it became a traditional style of altbier. Sticke is generally darker, stronger, maltier and roastier than a typical Alt. It is fermented cool and maintains a bit of fruitiness on the nose. It is a special beer that is only released twice a year, including each November. Since we are brewing this for our Nov/Dec fundraiser Party, and Sticke is a rare style among craft beers, I thought it would be a great style for the gals to brew together."


All PBS members are invited to join us on this brew, from anywhere in the world! (We already know of one Australian PBS member who will attend.) If you want an e-vite, please drop an email to Emily Engdahl with the title "Invite me to PBS Brew Day" at


Also, if you need a place to stay in McMinnville, Oregon on Friday night, Lisa has lots of floor space at her house, so email her at and bring a sleeping bag.


Here is the info:

WHAT:               Fundraiser Brew Day for PBS members.

MOVIE:             Brew Day will be FILMED for a documentary called, "The Empowerment Project"

                              by an all-woman film crew. So wear your pink boots! (See below to order.)

WHERE:            HeaterAllen Brewery - 907 NE 10th Ave, McMinnville, OR 97128, (503)472-4898

DATE:                Saturday September 7, 2013.

TIME:                Arrive at 9:00 am please. (We should wrap up about 5 pm.)

BRING:             A sack lunch or pizza money, PPE if you have it (rubber gloves and goggles), your

pink rubber boots, and a smile! (Beer to share is welcome.)

RSVP:              If you know you're coming, email Otherwise show up.     

We are taking advantage of the PBS Brew Day and the Documentary Filming to hold our Fundraising Meeting the very next day. Amanda Zameska and Emily Engdahl will host at Portland Brewing Company. We will discuss ideas and nail down actions for our Nov/Dec Fundraising Party at the Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon USA. Meeting will be followed by a personalized tour of Portland Brewing Co.

WHAT:       PNW regional & Fundraiser planning meeting & Tour.
MOVIE:     The Empowerment Project will be filming.
WHERE:   Portland Brewing - 2730 NW 31st Ave, PDX, OR 97210
DATE:       Sunday September 8, 2013
TIME:        3:00pm - 5:00pm
BRING:     $5 for the Scholarship Fund & your pink boots for film.
EVITES:    Email to get on the evite list.


A few months ago Sarah Moshman and Dana Michelle Cook of the Empowerment Project, a documentary series about inspirational women who are positive role models, contacted me about appearing in their docu-series. I told them what inspires me are the women in Pink Boots Society! Therefore PBS will be filmed in action September 7 and 8. You can read about their project here: youtube and Heartfelt Productions.

If you plan to attend either of the above filmed events, please wear boots, especially pink boots. The more color the better! See below to buy. 
Alex Nowell's Boots
Have you been thinking about buying a pair of steel toe pink rubber boots but never got around to it? Now is a good time to show your PBS pride!

If you plan to attend the two filmed events above in Oregon, please wear some boots. Pink is preferred!

Christmas is coming and you already have everything you need? Then ask for something you want: a pair of steel toe pink work boots!

One option: Onguard Industries Lady Monarch Pink Boots with Steel Toe. We receive no commission from this company. However we want to support them so that they continue to make and sell this low-volume item.  
Woman Chalkboard It takes us about three months to move completely through the scholarship process to the start date on a course. Please see above for current PBS scholarship opportunities. Several non-PBS scholarship deadlines are always approaching. Please google them for details:

Glenn Hay Falconer
      to both the American Brewers Guild and the Siebel Institute.

Greg Noonan Scholarship

      to the American Brewers Guild

Master Brewers Association of the Americas

      MBAA has both national and regional scholarship programs.


New PBS WebsiteIf you have not gone to our new website and input your PBS membership profile (2 pages, please input both!), please do so now.

Then once you revisit the site (the next day) and upload your photo or post next to your name, your account will show active. All members must re-sign up because our new website is social media driven. Thank you.
We're looking forward to seeing you all online!

If you have any questions or feedback, please email
PBS World


Friday, October 11, 2013:

11:00am-2:00pm - National Meeting & Seminar during GABF

at Vine Street Pub, Denver, CO (USA).

Speakers include Kim Jordan (New Belgium) and Jessica Heidrich (our first scholarship recipient and Sweden's only woman brewer). 


Friday, April 11, 2014:

11:00-1:30pm - at CBC, Denver, CO (USA).


Autumn 2014, date TBA (To Be Announced) 

11:00am-2:00pm - National Meeting & Seminar during GABF, Vine Street Pub, Denver, CO (USA).


All PBS meetings and events, including Regional and International PBS meetings, PBS Brew Days and PBS Fundraiser events, can now be listed on our new website calendar. Please email your meeting information to our PBS Event Coordinator, Ashleigh Carter at  


Also send your PBS-only event info to No non-PBS events or press info please. 


You can learn of all upcoming PBS Events on our website,  



  PBS Pink Front BA Black FrontPBS Black Back














Support PBS! Buy a t-shirt. Summer is not over and you deserve a nice PBS t-shirt. These are true-to-size (not tiny or tight) women's style tees with v-neck and logo on front and back. They come in three styles, and you can see them on our website: We need to move these so we can get a new design in stock. $25 includes shipping.  


All t-shirt money supports our Scholarship Fund! Buy a t-shirt today. (We also have PBS cloisonné pins.) 



Click here to see the back of the shirt we can't show you.


         Black cotton Pink Boots Society tees.

         Pink cotton Pink Boots Society tees.

         Black cotton Barley's Angels tees. (These are now collectors' items with original logo, which must be phased out as per Columbia Studio's requirement.) 

GABF LogoIf you are a beer professional (and hopefully a PBS member), you may have the experience and chops to become a professional beer judge. The requirements are straight forward: How much professional sensory experience and training do you have? That's pretty much the bottom line: Are you Experienced?

Click here to read about what is required to become a GABF and/or WBC Judge

Lucy Saunder's Beer CookbookWe invite PBS members who are beer writers or otherwise produce beer media, to share your beer knowledge, and bring your books, CDs or DVDs to sell at a Member Media Sales Table at any meeting. You will handle your own sales.


No donation is necessary, but because we now have 501(c)3 status, we would appreciate you donating a small proportion of your proceeds from sales at our meeting to PBS's scholarship fund. Please contact if you want to sell your media.

 Onguard Boot  

Birth of a Beer Community: The Story of Pink Boots Society

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Pink Boots Society is committed to the advancement of the education of women beer professionals, either by developing educational scholarships, or by hosting educational speakers and seminars at our regional and national meetings. If you are a woman who earns income from beer, I encourage you to join us. 


Cheers to you!

Fearless Leader

Teri Fahrendorf
Founder & Co-Creator
Pink Boots Society