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Increased Demand Drives Key Trends in Organizational Change Management
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Fall 2012

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Kate Nelson & Stacy Aaron

Organizational Change Management looks different today than it did 20 years ago. Instead of just reacting to a problem, companies are being more proactive when dealing with their change management needs.


In Increased Demand Drives Key Trends in Organizational Change Management, we talk about a few of the major trends happening in the field of organizational change management and how organizations are approaching change.  We also share a little bit of how Change Guides has evolved as the field of organizational change management has changed in Change Guides-Adapting and Changing Just Like our Clients


We hope you like them both.   As always, keep in touch and let us know what you think!  

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Kate and Stacy

Increased Demand Drives Key Trends in Organizational Change Management  

Organizational Change Management has come a long way since 1994 when Kate and I first learned about it as Senior Consultants at Deloitte Consulting. Back then, many clients didn't understand the need or fully fund resources for a people strategy. How times have changed! Not only are companies funding and resourcing change management work, a whole industry of specialists, books, conferences and training has formed.


The key driver of these changes is an increased demand for change management work. The demand is partially a reaction to project failures. Leaders have witnessed poor implementations...many times due to people related issues such as resistance, lack of understanding, lack of training and lack of aligned leadership support.


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Change Guides - Adapting and Changing Just Like our Clients!  

As the market for Change Management has changed over the years, so has Change Guides. We started with a book and an idea: To help organizations manage change by building change management competence in others.  

Our initial idea has not changed and remains our core purpose to this day. But the way we fulfill that mission has certainly changed a lot.

In the last 8 years, our consulting practice has evolved. Our initial consulting work tended to be focused on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system implementations. We helped our clients manage the people elements of those big technology switches. We continued to do that work as we started spending more time with clients who were interested in culture change work. And now, while we still do ERP and culture change work, we have more and more clients who come to us asking us to help them build long term organizational change management capabilities.


In Your Shoes

Debbie Jessee

PMO Manager

Change Guides - Change Management
     Certification Attendee

Have you approached projects differently
after the certification? If so, how?   

I do approach projects a bit differently now.  The main difference is that I have tools that I can use to help my team think through the change that is coming.  In the past, we would talk about it and plan for it to some degree but didn't have a formal process to help us.  Probably the two biggest improvements we have made is to check periodically throughout the project with stakeholders to understand where they are with understanding and willingness to adopt the changes (CRA) and secondly to plan early in the process for how the change will be sustained and what - if any organizational structures need to be modified or put in place.

What advice do you have for others trying to drive change?

Make it part of the plan - starting at the beginning and actively address it throughout the plan.  At the beginning of the project, assess the amount of change that will result from the project. Once you know 'how big' the change is going to be then plan accordingly.  While the basic steps are the same for getting people up the commitment curve, the size of the change should dictate how much detail and rigor is required.  Tailor the change process to apply the appropriate amount of rigor.

The project team that is designing and implementing the new process or technology need to be high on the commitment curve.  Don't assume that they are already there.  Have a change management plan to address the project team and the users.


What one thing has helped you the most in driving change in your organization?  

Leadership support.