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Local Groups Call for a Full & Fair Farm Bill
PLEASE JOIN US IN SOLIDARITY! Next Wednesday, October 16, farmers, ranchers, and food advocates from throughout New Mexico will come together on World Food Day to urge Congress to re-authorize the Farm Bill. Also celebrated as the Global Day of Action for Food Sovereignty, several local organizations will share a meal consisting of atole, made from New Mexico-grown blue corn, to call attention to the significance of locally-grown food.


WHAT: Day of Action for a Full and Fair Farm Bill

WHERE: Santa Fe Farmers' Market - Santa Fe Railyard

WHEN: Wednesday, October 16, 2013


11:00am Gathering to eat atole (blue corn)

12:00pm Press Conference - Full and Fair Farm Bill Now


WHO: Speakers and cosponsors - New Mexico Acequia Association (Paula Garcia), Taos County Economic Development Corporation (Pati Martinson and Terri Badhand), Northern New Mexico Stockmans' Association (Dave Sanchez), American Friends Service Committee (Don Bustos). Cosponsors - Rural Coalition, National Latino Farmers and Ranchers.


The action is coordinated with over 400 organizations across the country who signed a joint statement calling for action by Congress on our nation's most pressing food and farm policy. A full and fair Farm Bill would:

  • Support the next generation of farmers and ranchers
  • Promote equity and justice for historically underserved farmers and ranchers (OASDFR Program)
  • Restore funding for food and nutrition programs (SNAP)
  • Improve access to healthy, fresh, locally grown food
  • Promote conservation of land, water, and natural resources

The Farm Bill expired on October 1, 2013. Lack of action by Congress on the Farm Bill combined with the recent shutdown of the federal government has left programs for food and agriculture with an uncertain future. Grassroots organizations are fighting for a full and fair Farm Bill that protects gains made in the last two cycles that address the needs of small-scale and beginning farmers and ranchers and also includes Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) funding.


New Mexico organizations hosting the action include the New Mexico Acequia Association, the Taos County Economic Development Corporation, American Friends Service Committee, Northern New Mexico Stockmans' Association, and the Santa Fe Farmers' Market Institute. Several other New Mexico organizations have signed the joint statement calling for a full and fair Farm Bill and will also participate in the action on October 16. National organizations supporting the action include Rural Coalition, the National Family Farm Coalition, the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture, Community Food and Justice Coalition, and the National Latino Farmers and Ranchers.

NMAA To Present at SPREAD Competition
The Art of Mayordomia Poster
The New Mexico Acequia Association is among the seven finalists in SITE Santa Fe's micro-granting initiative SPREAD, which is a fundraising dinner that supports community efforts in New Mexico. NMAA applied for the grant on behalf of its Mayordomo Project to help support the costs associated with copying and distributing project materials that were produced - this includes the short film "The Art of Mayordomía" and the "Mayordomo Field Guide and Handbook."

The SREAD dinner will be held on Friday, October 11th at the Santa Fe Farmers' Market. Attendees vote for the project they most want to support. Dinner proceeds are awarded to the winning project. Tickets to the general public go on sale Thursday, October 10th at 6:00pm at the SITE Santa Fe building. Visit http://www.spreadsantafe.com for more information about the event.


We hope our members can make it out to this event to support us!  

Acequia Photo Contest - $250 grand prize
Dia de San Isidro
Enter your photograph and you could win a $250 prize and your photo will be featured in a 2014 acequia calendar!

Photo Categories

Acequia Landscape

Photos in this category include the acequia landscape that show off your farm or ranch, including but not limited to scenic photos of your crops and/or animals.


This is an opportunity to capture the unique acequia features that show off the ingenuity of our ancestors' traditional engineering. This category includes anything and everything about your acequia - some examples include photos of your limpia, unique infrastructure, first opening of the acequia in spring, picturesque winter photos, etc.


Photos in this category include photos of parciantes irrigating fields, and other photos related to irrigating.

Food and Seed Traditions

Photos in this category should cover acequia food traditions. Examples include making chicos, food preservation, harvesting, close-up photos of your produce, seed saving, etc.


 Submissions must be sent electronically, in high resolution jpeg format. Please email photos to quita@lasacequias.org along with the following information:
  • Name of photographer
  • Acequia Name
  • Region (if applicable)
  • Town
  • County
  • Photo Description

Participants are limited to one photo per category.

Terms and conditions: Upon photo submission, you agree to the use of your photo(s) in NMAA materials including but not limited to publications, calendar, website pages, and outreach materials. Photo credit will be given where appropriate.


Congreso de las Acequias
congreso 2013

The New Mexico Acequia Association will hold its annual meeting, the Congreso de las Acequias, on Saturday, November 23rd at the Bishop's Lodge in Santa Fe (Tesuque area). See agenda below. This year, we hope to bring together our members, NMAA delegates, and supporters for a discussion about the different facets of acequias as a complex system that merges land, water, and people. We encourage you to attend this event. There will be a registration fee of $20 per person to cover the cost of food.  


Online registration opens on October 11th at http://www.lasacequias.org/congreso-de-las-acequias 



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The NMAA offers technical assistance on Acequia Governance and USDA programs for landowners. If any of these questions apply to you or your acequia, please submit a Request for Technical Assistance.

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Become a member of the New Mexico Acequia Association! Parciante and Supporter Memberships are $20/year and includes a quarterly newsletter subscription. Membership for an Acequia is $40/year including a newsletter subscription for all four officers.


The NMAA is a charitable, educational non-profit organization that relies on membership contributions and foundations for its general operating expenses. We rely on folks who join as members, contributing dues that support our work. It has never been more important to have a united front to protect our acequias and strengthen our food and agricultural traditions.