What if you could have the power
of the finest military ships on your vessel?

Commercial vessels and yachts may face different
challenges than combat ships, but the best ones
have equipment inside that's built to last. That's
why many boat builders have turned to PEPCO -- 
the foremost power distribution company for military
boats and vehicles -- to power their ships as well.

Because of the high-level military projects we work on, much of what we do is confidential, so we can't share details here. However, we invite you to visit our facility in Connecticut to meet our team and get an inside look at our process. Or if you just want to talk about how PEPCO can power your next project,
we'd love to hear from you.

The PEPCO Story

PEPCO is the foremost power distribution company for military boats and vehicles. Since 1922, PEPCO has designed and manufactured electrical distribution panel boards not only for ships, but for some of the nation's top educational institutions and entertainment venues. During World War II, PEPCO became a significant contributor to the US war effort by providing electrical switchboards for maritime use on cargo ships and US submarines. To this day, PEPCO continues to meet and exceed the most rigorous military shipboard requirements and can be found on some of the most widely recognized combat ships, commercial boats, and yachts.
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