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July 9, 1:00-4:00

STEM Day @ Central Iowa Fair




August 23

STEM Day at Iowa State Fair



STEM Seal of Approval Earned by 
Iowa State Extension and Outreach Program


The Environmental Agriculture Days program created by the 4-H county staff from Hamilton, Humboldt, Webster, and Wright counties celebrated their 20th anniversary this spring and just this month has been recognized as an program that officially advances one of the most progressive state STEM initiatives in the country.

Over its 20 year history the Ag Days program has delivered research based-activities and lessons to tens of thousands of Iowa youth.  Sessions presented include:  Sun Safety; From Farm to You; Why Water?; Chemical Safety; Food, Fiber, and Fuel; Energize Your Future; 21st Century Agriculture. Use this link for session details.

The Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council is focused on increasing student interest and achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Iowa.  The STEM Council created the Seal of Approval to recognize and support select, non-Council programs and events that help achieve STEM Council goals.

2015-16 Scale-Up Program Updates
CASE Training June 2015
CASE Training - June 2015
  1. Funding Update:  State legislature passed level funding, now we need the Governor to sign, which is expected any day now.  The number/amount of awards was based upon level funding.
  2. Potential Impact in North Central Region:  17,585 students and 417 educators!
  3. All Awardees To Hear from Programs:  All educators who have received an award should be contacted by the program awarded by July 1st.  They will be using the email address provided on your application.  Please contact Paul,,if you do not hear from them by early July. 
  4. Training/PD in Another Region:  All North Central awardees have a reserved space for training in our region.  You may attend training in other regions if space is available.
  5. Training/PD is Required:  All awardees are required to attend scheduled Professional Development in order to receive their award.
  6. All Project Lead the Way Awardees:  You should have already been in contact with Kim Glenn regarding your training schedule.
  7. All Pint Sized Science Awardees:  Be aware that your trainings are early in July.  
A World in MotionSept 18Clear Lake AEA
Engineering is ElementarySept 29
Clear Lake AEA
Engineering is ElementarySept 30Ames
HyperstreamAug 1st or 2nd weekTBD
KidWind K-3Aug 4Clear Lake AEA
KidWind 4-12Aug 5Clear Lake AEA
Pint Sized Science 1Aug 6Clear Lake AEA 
Pint Sized Science 2July 9Marshalltown AEA
Pint Sized Science 2July 10Des Moines (Science Center of Iowa)
Project Lead the WayJuly 6-18Ames and Iowa City
Ten80 RacingJuly 21-22Boone
FIRST Tech Challenge - NewOct 3Des Moines
FIRST Tech Challenge - ReturningSept 26Des Moines
ST MathFlexibleonline training
Defined STEMFlexibleonline training

North Central STEM Festivals
Marshalltown, July 9, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. 

STEAMMason City - Lincoln Intermediate STEAM Festival

The Mason City STEAM Festival was held on May 28th at Lincoln Intermediate School.  The free event attracted 250+ people.  Interactive activities in the areas of engineering, life science, physical science, earth science, the arts, energy, Iowa State College of Design, Iowa State Extension and Outreach, NIACC, robotics as well as computer programming.  
The students created a newsletter which contains numerous articles about the event.  See that newsletter here!

Interested in hosting a STEM festival in your community?  If so, contact your NC Regional STEM manager Paul Gibbins, pgibbins@iastate.