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February 24
Online Scale-up application for LEAs open

March 1
Computational Thinking Workshop  

Iowa State University
Pearson Hall
9 am-12 pm and 1 pm-3 pm

March 1
Deadline for CBIRC   

Professional Development 


March 1
Deadline for IT Leadership Forum Technology Scholarship

March 4
KidWind Challenge

 Drake University  

Des Moines


March 14  

World Food Prize 

Iowa Youth Institute  


March 22



Space Grant  


Iowa State University Memorial Union


March 28

Statewide STEM Conference

Iowa Event Center

Des Moines 


April 9
Middle School Day

Iowa State University


April 12
STEM Festival

Iowa State University


April 14  

World Food Prize Iowa Youth Institute
Iowa State University


April 18 and 19 

Professional Development  Wonders of Water
Blank Park Zoo

Des Moines

Friday 4:00-9:30
Saturday 8:00-5:30


April 19
Computational Thinking Competition
Iowa State University
Pearson Hall

April 25-26
HyperStream/IT-A Competition
Hilton Coliseum

May 2
Online Scale-up application for LEAs closes

May 16
Monitoring for 2013-2014 Scale Up Recipients due

June 9-July 25, 2014

CBiRC  Research Experiences for  High School Teachers
Iowa State University

July 7-11, 2013 
Workshop for Elementary Biorenewables Workshop
Parkview Middle School
Ames CSD

July 7-July 25, 2013

Summer Academy for Middle School Teachers
Iowa State University
July 14-18, 2014
Workshop for Elementary Plants in Society
Parkview Middle School
Ames CSD

Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council identified nine STEM programs for "scale-up" in 2013-14. 

May 16
Progress Monitoring reports due
Information About  Progress Monitoring for 2013-2014 Scale Up Recipients

A World in Motion (AWIM)

Camp in a Can Show & Tell 


 Carolina STEM Curriculum  


 CASE - The CASE for Agricultural STEM Education in Iowa: Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders, Today   


Defined STEM 


Experience Health 


 Engineering is Elementary
in Iowa (EiE)

Technology Hub for Iowa Students


 Project Lead The Way: Gateway to Technology Program
Breaking News!  
Governor's STEM Advisory Council Announces  
10 Scale-Up Programs for 2014-15

With the top priority of boosting student interest and achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the Governor's STEM Advisory Council has approved 10 high-quality STEM education programs for 2014-15 that will be offered to schools, after-school programs and other settings for grades pre-K through 12.

The selected Scale-Up programs are: A World in Motion, The CASE for Agriculture Education in Iowa, Defined STEM, Engineering is Elementary, FIRST Tech Challenge, HyperStream, KidWind Renewable Energy STEM, SCI Pint Size Science, Project Lead the Way: Engineering and Project Lead the Way: Gateway.

Selected through a national RFP process and multi-level evaluation, these Scale-Up programs were chosen from an outstanding pool of 29 applicants. School districts, nonpublic schools, after-school programs and other active learning communities serving students will have the opportunity to apply for these Scale-Up programs beginning Monday, Feb. 24, 2014, at

"Seeing children actively engaged in STEM in classrooms and afterschool programs across Iowa is what the Council is all about," said Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, co-chair of the Governor's STEM Advisory Council. "As external evaluation shows a positive impact, the Scale-Up programs will continue to be vital partners in our mission to deliver the best possible STEM education to Iowa students."

In 2012-13, nearly 40,000 students participated in Scale-Up programming across Iowa. That number is expected to exceed 100,000 this school year. Mathematics and science test scores and interest in STEM careers were higher among Scale-Up participants in year one. Data is still being collected on year two.

"The feedback from educators and students is encouraging," said Mary Andringa, Vermeer Corporation CEO and Council co-chair. "When a student says, 'I want to be an engineer,' it's gratifying knowing these programs are feeding the workforce pipeline."

To learn about the Scale-Up programs visit:

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North Central STEM Network Manager

Feature STEM Story:   

Block Heads FTC Team Advances to State Championship  


The Block Heads FTC Team from Garner received the Connect Award, Winning Alliance Captain Team and advanced to the Iowa FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Championship, at a recent competition in Cedar Falls.  FIRST Tech Challenge is designed for those who want to compete head to head, using a sports model. Teams of students are responsible for designing, building, and programming their robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams.   


According to Lynne Campbell, "There is so much that needs to be shared about this story! This is a great example of how the collaboration between STEM stakeholders -- Extension and Outreach (non-formal educators), business, and parents --or grandparents in this story-- to build a community-based approach to support STEM learning opportunities for  youth!  


This STEM Story starts with Andrew Dornbier, a 4-H member who enjoyed his experience in FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and wanted to continue working with he set out to start a new FTC Club.  Andrew shared his vision for this quest with several potential STEM stakeholders including  Stellar Industries, Inc. to solicit support that included financial support, space to meet, and technical help in terms of an engineer as a mentor. Andrew found a partner in Stellar Industries, Inc., a company in Garner, Iowa, to provide the team with financial support and an engineer mentor.  The Hancock County Extension Council was willing to help support this effort and decided to start a First Tech Challenge 4-H Club.  The Block Heads also received a grant through Rockwell Collins FIRST grants. Andrew's grandmother offered her basement for the group to meet.   


Carol Opp, School Enrichment Coordinator Hancock County Extension and TEAM 7220 Mentor, said, "The Block Heads are a group of young people that have formed great friendships through this experience. They are working to let others know more about FTC, and they also encourage other young people to get involved in STEM related opportunities.     


But, without an email from Craig Martinson, a long time FTC volunteer, school board member, SE STEM Advisory Board member, and technician at Rockwell Collins, the story might not have been told. Mr. Martinson was so impressed with this rookie team, especially their willingness to overcome roadblocks and work independently to design their robot, that he contacted the North Central Region STEM Manager to share their STEM STORY.  "I am so delighted that Mr. Martinson shared the Block Head's story with me, because it is an important story to tell for so many reasons. First, Andrew was persistent in finding partners to support his goal of starting an FTC Club. He demonstrated that students can advocate on their own behalf in order to reach their goals. Second, this story demonstrates how innovative partnerships are vital to support STEM learning opportunities for our youth.  And, third, this story demonstrates the importance of family involvement in supporting STEM learning opportunities."   


What a great STEM story to tell!   

Reminder for 2013-2014 Scale Up Recipients:   
Progress Monitoring due May 16 

"Scale-Up Monitoring" reflects the 3 activities that are being done to evaluate Scale-Up programs in Iowa and is one of the contract expectations of having received Scale-Up funding. These 3 Scale-Up Monitoring activities are to be completed by each teacher/leader who implements a Scale-Up program in their classroom or organization.

The 3 activities include a 1) teacher/leader survey, 2) compiled student participant list, and 3) student surveys.

The Scale-Up Monitoring link will take you to a dedicated site which hosts all the documents, survey instruments, spreadsheets, and links that implementers will need to complete the 3 STEM Scale-Up Monitoring activities.  Instructions for each  activity are included in the monitoring packet can be accessed at that link as well. 

STEM Training at Public Libraries in North Central Region 
Local educators learning about STEM 
Video Footage from KIMT
On January 28, fifty-five non-formal educators attended training for two Scale-Up programs at four different sites in the North Central Region. Librarians, home school educators, county conservationists, and county extension staff learned about two Scale Up programs:  A World In Motion and Defined STEM. In this second round of training for non-formal educators, participants met at public libraries in Webster City, Iowa Falls, Algona and Mason City to engage in a hands-on WebEx training.   Mason City's KIMT interviewed some of the participants and STEM Hub Manger Lynne Campbell. 

Gayle Opp works as a liaison between Charles City Schools and parents who home school their kids, and Carol Opp is employed by Hancock County Extension and works with 4-H kids.  They both attended to learn about these Scale Up programs so they can implement them into their non-formal learning environments.  "It's such an important part of what children are learning and the hands on activities are so neat," says Carol Opp.  These kits can also be utilized by both home school educators to ensure that homes school students have access to exemplary programming.   According to Gayle, "These opportunities are so important because sometimes home school kids aren't exposed to what the kids in school have, they don't necessarily have the resources or curriculum that public school kids do so it's a way to bring this into the homes." 

"Non-formal educational programs are a fantastic way of extending learning opportunities for the students," adds Campbell.  "One way to ensure that our STEM stakeholders have access to these kits is to partner with libraries so that the resource can be used my multiple partners." According to Lake Mills Children's Librarian, Dwight Angel, "This is something brand new, we hope they can be checked out, if not they're always free to come to our library and do them there if they want to."   

 Boone and Story County 4-H'ers Learn about Circuits

The 30 4-H'ers in the HyperStream Technology Club in Boone and Story counties learned how to use Arduino circuit boards during their January 27 meeting. The club, in its second year, was formed when they were awarded the Hypertream Scale Up from  the Governor's STEM  Initiative. This Scale Up program is a partnership between Technology Association of Iowa, ISU Extension and Outreach 4-H Youth Development program, and their ambassador business, Global Reach which provides the technology expertise and mentoring.

Technology Scholarship application deadline:  March 1 
On behalf of the IT Leadership Forum and Paragon IT Professionals, we'd like to make you aware of a new college scholarship available to seniors in the graduating class of 2014. The IT Leadership Forum Technology Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship awarded to an Iowa high school senior who has been involved in technology classes or clubs and plans to pursue a technology related degree at an Iowa college, university or community college. 

Nine $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to the class of 2014.  To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria.  To apply click here:  application.     

Real World Externship for Teachers 


Over the past five years, the Real World Externship for Teachers of Mathematics, Science and Technology has matched over 200 teacher-externs with over 50 businesses across the state of Iowa. The program provides educators with opportunities to utilize science, mathematics and technology skills in a real-world setting, and the experience to be able to answer "When am I ever going to use this?"

Teachers are matched with local businesses based on skills and business needs, and in turn businesses benefit from the fresh insights of a teacher on site contributing to company operations. Now heading into its sixth season, the Governor's STEM Advisory Council aims to expand the program into all regions of Iowa in order to meet the demand for this unique professional development program. 

If you are an educator who is interested in participating, learn more and click here. If your business is interested in partnering with us, please contact Meghan Reynolds, Externships Program Coordinator, at

Meet NC STEM Hub Advisory Board Member:  

Adah Leshem

Adah received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at King's College, London University and then went on to get a master's degree in Applied Biology at Cambridge University.  Her Ph. D. dissertation was on the embryonic development of turtle eggs in changing environmental conditions and she conducted her field-work on the Nile Soft-Shelled Turtle in central Israel.  She began her teaching career at Iowa State University in the Department of Zoology and received numerous teaching awards.   She is the recipient of Iowa State University's Strong-Minded Woman Award, the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer Outstanding STEM Mentorship Award and the Iowa Science Teachers' Friend of Science Award.  Adah serves on the North Central Governor's STEM Advisory Council.  


Over the past twelve years Adah has devoted her career to providing teachers and students opportunities to strengthen their STEM knowledge base and experiences to broaden their understanding of scientific research.  She has been awarded federal funds to support the Research Experiences for Teachers program, the Young Engineers and Scientists Program, the Summer Academy in Biorenewables for Middle School Teachers, STEM Workshops for Elementary School Teachers and SYMBI GK12 - a program that brings STEM graduate students into 7th-12th grade science classrooms to serve as resident engineers and scientists.


The main objectives Adah focuses on are how to engage the community at large in engineering and science. This involves working closely with school districts in Iowa, providing science teachers with enriching professional development programs at Iowa State University; bringing opportunities to K-12 students that will help them become more interested in and connected to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields; and finally helping engineering and science graduate students become successful communicators of their research programs. These objectives will hopefully support the growth of (1) a more scientifically literate society and (2) a workforce academically prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


Why are you willing to serve as a Board Member for the NC STEM Hub?

The reason I applied to serve on the NC STEM Hub is to provide a link between university engineering and science faculty, the Center for Biorenewable Chemicals and the SATEM K12 community in central Iowa.


What do you hope that the Initiative can collectively accomplish?  
Improving Iowa's workforce in this growing technological economy is one of the main objectives for the STEM initiative and it requires effective collaboration between STEM experts and academics, industry and K-20. We all have to work together to make sure our K20 graduates are sufficiently skilled to meet the demands. I hope this initiative can help improve the lines of communication between higher education and K-12.             

Summer Professional Development
Application deadline:  March 1


The Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC) at Iowa State University has announced STEM Teacher Professional Development Opportunities for the summer of 2014.  Programs vary in length and are open to teachers across the state of Iowa and beyond.   Programs include:    


Research Experiences for High School Teachers 

Summer Academy for Middle School Teachers  

Workshops for Elementary Teachers  

"Participating in our programs brings a whole new dimension to teaching STEM content: teachers (1) are able to better conceptualize scientific method and nature of science (2) get inspired to incorporate inquiry based activities into their curriculum and (3) develop strong networks with STEM teachers across the state." states Adah Leshem, CBiRC Director of Pre-College Programs. Applications should be submitted before March 1, 2014. For further information, please contact Stacy Renfro via email ( or by phone (515-294-8582). 

 Online paper submission deadline: March 14

Don't miss the Iowa Youth Institute at Iowa State University Monday, April 14, 2014!

The World Food Prize provides Iowa high school students with unique opportunities to explore global issues and STEM fields, inspiring the next generation of leaders in the fight against hunger.his exciting day-long event, participating high school students have the opportunity to:

  • Present research and recommendations on how to solve key global challenges in a short speech and small group discussions with local experts
  • Connect with other students from across Iowa to share ideas, identify solutions to these problems and build lasting friendships
  • Interact with global leaders in science, industry and policy
  • Take part in educational sessions and interactive tours at Iowa State University to explore current research and issues in international development and life sciences
  • Meet innovative researchers, professors and college students in Iowa working to end hunger and poverty and improve food security around the world, and;
  • Earn scholarships to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University

To find our more about writing the paper click here.  For more information click here or contact Catherine Swoboda, Director of Iowa Education Programs at the World Food Prize, at   


Biotechnology and Bioethics Education Workshops
Summer 2014 at Iowa State University 

The 2014 summer workshops offered by the Office of Biotechnology at Iowa State University are designed especially for educators in public and private schools or those who work with youth in 4-H or other community programs.  Educators are invited to attend one or more of the workshops to strengthen and update their STEM-based curriculums with modern content, techniques, and activities in biotechnology and bioethics, while earning professional development or ISU graduate credits.


Details for each workshop and contact information can be obtained from their website or by contacting