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Cattle Owners Workshop

June 25



Independence Day

July 4

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July 16


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Hudson Livestock Supplements :: Fly Control Tub


With all the rain, we all know the flies will be horrible this year.  Don't let the pesky creatures diminish your cattle profits by causing unneeded stress by flies.  Hudson Livestock Supplements make one of the best fly tubs on the market for cattle.  Just roll the tub out the back of your truck and let the cattle do the rest.

HB Hunting Products 750 Protein Feeder


It's antler growth season! HB Hunting Products is the premier fabricator of steel deer feeders. The design insures that ALL of the feed drains to the bottom mounted 6" x 6" tubes for easy feeding access and creates a virtually CLOG-PROOF feeder. Corner tube placement insures the widest separation of feed tubes in the industry. This corner tube design allows over 270 degrees of visibility for feeding whitetails, making them more comfortable, while not risking potential horn damage caused by "overhead" bin designs. The tube steel angled skids have a wide stance for ease in moving.

Many thanks to all that attended the Pond Workshop last month. We had a crowd of nearly 90 folks in our barn to hear Fisheries Biologist, the Pond Boss, Bob Lusk speak and learn what we need for a healthy pond ecosystem.

Up next, our Cattle Raiser's Workshop on Thursday, June 25 at 6:30pm. Read more about it below and RSVP here.

Father's Day is Sunday June 21. Our store is filled with lots of gifts for dad, Yetis, ball caps, Case Knives, tools and more.

We appreciate your business.  See you soon!
Shawn Risinger
Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch
Advice from an Aggie :: Thank You to Dads & All Those Who Help

I expect all would agree, he was a good man. History records it and his family certainly would attest to it. In fact every animal on earth benefitted from his monumental act of good will. He was a hard worker. He provided for his family. He took ridicule from his neighbors but persevered and did the right thing. He protected his family. Even when that first drop of moisture fell from the sky, he persevered. A little odd he might have been but by golly was he ever a lover of animals and a boat maker extraordinaire. And who could not think of this man the last few (ok, a bunch) ...


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June Featured Items of the Week


Every week in June, we highlight one of our favorite products at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch!  Each featured product is something you may need now as you head outside in this beautiful Texas sunshine to work on outside projects, it may be a new product we are carrying, an item that is on sale, or it just may be a product we think you plain just need to know about! Here are our Featured Items of the Week for June: June 2 - Rainy Boot Special - Buy right boot, Get left FREE - Who would have thought we would see our lakes overflowing just weeks after implementing water rationing? Great that our lakes are full but lakes in our backyard  ...    


Cattle Raiser's Workshop :: June 25, 6:30pm


With unprecedented cattle prices at an all-time high and fewer cattle producers, there is no better time than now to be certain of your production operation.  We have the privilege this year as our speaker, Dr. Jason Cleere from Texas A&M (so we know he'll be awesome). He will be with us for a Cattle Workshop on Thursday, June 25 at 6:30pm to cover exactly what we need to be hearing for today and for the next foreseeable future.  Dinner will be served, door prizes and more. Be sure to make plans not to attend and RSVP by calling the store at 972-635-7878 or online using the link below.

Father's Day :: Top 5 Gifts from Eagle Hardware


Father's Day is Sunday, June 21. What father doesn't want to spend a day at the spa this coming Father's Day?  Or receive a beautiful floral arrangement? Or better yet, a stunningly hand carved plastic molded thingy jewelry box or fuzzy house slippers to celebrate the day?  Ahhhh not being sexist but most men probably would not.  However, after a recent poll at Eagle Hardware of all dads shopping in our store, we have set aside the Top 5 Father's Day gifts our dads polled said they'd enjoy receiving: #5 - Case knives are always a popular gift idea and this year new styles are in and stocked. #4 - There is a new ... 


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Tractor Implements & Repairs

Many have noticed the Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch proudly sells Tarter tractor implements. Not only will one find the Tarter brand out front but the economical Bumble Bee line is represented at our store as well. Do not feel you have to go to the big box store to buy your next mower, tiller, posthole digger, etc., shop Eagle Hardware first. You will be pleasantly surprised at the price, amazed at the quality and thankful for the full-service Eagle Hardware offers. Speaking of "service", did you know Eagle ...

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