February 2015
Monthly Mom's Group
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Mom's Group and Bible Study

Join us on Thursday morning, March 5, from 10-11am for our monthly Mom's Group, a refreshing time of encouragement, support, and hope through an informal Bible study with our owner, Melanie McGriff. Come enjoy a time of sharing with other moms and receive some encouragement for your heart! All moms welcome and feel free to bring a friend.
Featured Blog Post
Melanie McGriff, Clinic Director
Did you see our latest blog post?

Our philosophy here at Kid's Creek Therapy is that parents and patients will find compassion, direction and be treated like family. One way we do that is to provide tips and ideas which are both fun for your child and support his or her therapy goals. 


In the latest blog post, Melanie McGriff, clinic director and speech therapist, shares seven DIY speech therapy activities we love that you can try at home with your child.


Parking Reminder
Good News With a Side of Bad News...


Disability Parking Spaces

Kid's Creek is growing by leaps and bounds, which is great! Unfortunately, our growth occasionally presents a problem with parking.


Please be mindful when parking in or near the designated handicapped spots that we have several families that require the use of wheelchairs and wheelchair ramps. Parking in those spaces even "just for a minute" prevents these families from being able to maximize their therapy visits, and being forced to wheel between cars can be dangerous, as well, due to lower visibility of people in wheelchairs.


We should have plenty of parking but if you encounter any problems, please let us know. Since we lease the building, we don't have a lot of control over the parking, but if the need arises, we will check with our landlord to see if we can do anything differently.

As always, the Kid's Creek family appreciates you sharing your precious children with us!  We want you to know we are there for you and will assist you in any way possible.
Scheduling News

Spring Break!


Spring Break is approaching quickly! Please be sure to let Amanda at our front desk know if you are planning to go out of town.

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Please forward this email/newsletter to your friends to let them know about Kid's Creek and the upcoming events we have scheduled. We always have room for more children in the Kid's Creek family!

We Love Referrals!
Do you know a child who needs our help? Let their parents know that we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and SCREENINGS. Many people are looking for a speech, occupational, or physical therapist for their child, and want to find a place that not only produces results, but values both the child and his/her family.
To refer a friend, have them mention your name and we'll take care of the rest. Plus, you will receive a Starbucks gift card for our refer-a-friend award program! 

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