Issue: # 19
April 2014

It's SPRING!! Well, at least it is finally starting to feel like Spring. This time of year makes us think of renewal, new growth, new life, and change. Maybe it's appropriate that we all look forward to Spring Break. It's like a chance to pause from the business of life and evaluate where we are and where we are going. It's almost like another chance to do resolutions (how are you doing on your New Year's resolutions?)... me too...Don't worry! Spring has sprung with a fresh chance at new beginnings. So in looking ahead to April and Spring, let's think together of the opportunities we have in working together. 

  • Renewal-renew your commitment to work along-side your therapists here at Kid's Creek to help us achieve the greatest potential in your child. We can only achieve great things together.
  • New Growth-our kids are changing every single day. Their needs change too. Help us to best understand how we can assist your child in being successful in areas where you are seeing growth in them (or areas where you desire to see growth).
  • New Life-often times when a child achieves a goal it is equivalent to seeing new life being breathed into them. Let's celebrate those moments! Big or small every step achieved along the journey counts toward reaching the finish line!
  • Change-Are there changes happening in your family? Upcoming changes being evaluated at IEPs for the next school year? Be sure to communicate those changes to our therapy team so that we can support your family along the way. 




Next week (April 21st-25th) at Kid's Creek we are looking for Superheros of ALL kinds! SO we want all of our Kid's Creek friends to come to therapy dressed up as their favorite (or self-created...sometimes those are the best!) superhero! Wear your cape, your mask, your costume,whatever makes you feel SUPER! Who knows what superheros we might see! Let's make it a SUPER FUN week!

Community Events

Kid's Creek Safety Day

Saturday April 26th 


at Kid's Creek
 Join us for an interactive and educational event for our kids and families. Forsyth County will be providing a fire truck, police car and ambulance and professionals for the children to interact with. We will also have available information for you on Forsyth's STAR Kids Program (a program that can assist families that have a child with special needs to plan for an emergency). 
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Looking for a Sensory friendly movie for your family? Check out AMC they offer screenings once a month for families with sensory needs. Click the link below for a list of theaters and movies showing 
near you.
Patient Spotlight

Bethany is an adorable three and a half year old girl who loves coloring, swinging on the trapeze, and playing with the other children in the therapy gym here at Kid's Creek. She and can be heard saying "I go to OT!" with much excitement to her mom in the car as they pull up to the clinic. Bethany has made many gains since she started coming for occupational therapy at Kid's Creek in many areas including her fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social and play skills, and sensory processing skills.  Bethany now loves exploring the therapy gym at the clinic and trying new activities whether it's swinging on the trapeze and crashing onto the crash pillows, swinging on the platform swings, playing in the ball pit with other children, trying to climb up the rope ladder, or crawling through the tunnel with other children. She can also be found having a great time in the fine motor room practicing her scissor skills, letters, numbers, as well as shapes which she loves then to draw smile faces in! Bethany now loves playing with shaving cream, finger paints, and the like with no hesitation for getting both her hands messy. Bethany's mother recently shared with her therapist pictures from a horseback riding camp that Bethany attended which had her enjoying painting the horses!  Such great progress to see Bethany up riding on a horse as well as enjoying painting the horses and getting her hands messy!


Bethany's occupational therapist has truly enjoyed watching her grow and is so proud of all her accomplishments and new skills she has developed over the past year here at Kid's Creek. Way to go Bethany!


Check Bethany out in action here! 

Upcoming Events 
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Monthly FREE 

Parent Seminar 

May 8th, 6:30-8pm 

at Kid's Creek 

Help me get organized!!



(A seminar for parents of children with special needs presented by Aja Rutledge, Life Optimizer/coach).


Join us for an evening of helpful suggestions and ideas to implement to help make your daily schedule and life at home more easy to navigate.


The road of parenting a child with special needs is not the easiest.  I understand the sense of overwhelm and, at times, loneliness, and the desire for guidance from someone who understands. I help families with children who have ASD/SPD/ADD reduce the stress and feelings of overwhelm by implementing organizing strategies in your home and daily life that integrate the needs of your child and family to create a balanced life.  I organize in a specialized way - the first level is based on the needs of the ASD/SPD/ADD community and the second level is based on the specific needs of your child and family. 


Can you use some assistance with setting up the ideal home environment for your child to thrive, creating a custom medical binder to store the medical paperwork for your child specially, identifying your child's strengths and creating independence promotion tools based on them or creating a customized sensory diet tailored specifically to your routine?  I can help!  Let's start bringing together the pieces of your life.


Spectrum Life Services

Aja Rutledge - Life Optimizer



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