Issue: # 8
May 2013

Dear Kid's Creek Families,


May...does anyone else besides me think that May is one of the busiest months of the year? Countdown to the end of the school year; end of the year parties; graduations; and making summer plans! At Kid's Creek, we start planning for summer in January and "WOW!" what a great summer we have planned! We hope that you will take the time to look through all the options that Kid's Creek has for summer camps and fun experiences throughout the summer. There are so many to choose from. We have even added two more fun camps that we would like for you to know about. Designed by one of our new speech therapists, Patricia Parekh, we are offering a Kid's Creek Music Creekside Jamboree and the Kid's Creek Storybook Club! See details below.


Another exciting opportunity for your child at Kid's Creek is the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT). The SIPT is a wonderful, comprehensive assessment that requires a certified provider to administer the evaluation. We are happy to have Bethany Bearden, OTR/L, on staff, who is certified in the SIPT. We are aware of how expensive this test can be for parents to invest in to learn more about your child's needs. That is why we have decided to offer the SIPT at Kid's Creek for $400 per assessment. We realize that there are so many of our patients and other children in the community who can benefit from this evaluation. It is our desire to have more children and families who are able to have access to the assessment and reap the benefits of having received the SIPT. Please check out the information below on "why the SIPT is good for your child." Then call Amanda to set up your child's evaluation. We are happy that many parents are already taking advantage of this benefit.


So as we step boldly into May, let's cheer each other on through our busy schedules, celebrate the end of another school year, and get ready for a GREAT summer!  



 Melanie McGriff                      Silvia Herstik 

Owner/Clinical Director       Owner/Operations Director 


What's going on at Kid's Creek?
Our New website has launched! Take a look and let us know what you think: 

We have some exciting additions to our current camp offerings for the summer at Kid's Creek. If you haven't done so already, call and register TODAY for a camp. Time is running out! We have some fun days planned for lazy days of summer around here! Check out these options:


Jammin' in June at the Creekside Jamboree!  DAYS:  Tue/Thurs

DATES: June 4&6; 11&13; 18&20; 25&27
TIME: 10-11am         


DETAILS:  A fun, interactive music experience for you and your child! This is a "mom and me" group led by a speech pathologist who loves music!  Multiple children/siblings are welcome to attend. Reservations are required one week prior to the scheduled music days. You are welcome to attend one day, or several!

AGES: 2-6

COST:  $20 per class per child 

       If you sign up for 4 or more classes you receive 

       a 15% discount!

       $5 discount for second child/sibling


Kid's Creek Storybook Club July

DAYS: Tue/Thurs

DATES: July 9& 11; 16& 18; 23& 25; July 30& Aug 1

TIME: 10-11am


DETAILS: Does your child need some language stimulation during the summer? We have a fun option to stimulate their minds! Sign up for our Storybook Club! Designed with a language and cognitive skills focus and led by a speech pathologist. Each week will have fun activities focused around a storybook theme. There will also be fine/gross motor activities and art projects to do!

Reservations are required one week prior to the scheduled storybook days. Kids are welcome to attend one week, or several!

AGES: 4-10

COST: $20 per class per child 

             If you sign up for 4 or more classes you receive a 

             15% discount!

             $5 discount for second child/sibling  


Patient Results

These are examples of results we are accomplishing at our clinic.

Social Skills Corner

 From the Desk of Miss Monique


Social Skills

It's a lot more than just

learning how to make friends. . .


Social Skills is both an inward gaze and outward experience.  Social skills are how we interact with the world.  This begins with the self-awareness and self-examination of who we are and this defines our self-concept.   Self-examination is an ongoing discovery.  Children who are encouraged to try new things and experience new friends are well on the way to understanding who they are and who they aspire to become.

As children mature, they develop their own ways to cope with social situations.  Some children cope well and some need assistance from a teacher, counselor and/or parent.  Here is where modeling and teaching social skills is so important.  There truly are "best practice" methods to making and keeping friends.  Parents can help their children practice these:


How we promote ourselves  (self-esteem)


How we interact with others (body language, personal space, eye contact, voice)


How we feel about ourselves (mood, courage, determination, fears, resilience)


How we treat others   (respect and empathy)


How we regulate ourselves (self-control, calming activities, positive self-talk)


How we engage others (take turns, greetings, conversations, transitions)


How we defend ourselves (negotiate, resolve conflict)


Working on these skills over the summer is a wonderful investment for your child's upcoming academic year.  Please download our summer brochure on and consider enrolling your child in a social skills summer camp at Kid's Creek.  For a free 30-minute consultation, contact Social Skills coordinator Monique Toole, and she will be happy to meet with you to discuss if a summer camp is a good fit for your child.

Scheduling Notes
If you are going out of town for Summer Vacation please let us know ASAP. Thanks! 


Here are some of the camps we will be offering this summer:

Kindergarten and Inclusion Readiness
Summer Fun at the Creek
Art Camp
Pencil Partners
Fitness and Fun
P.R.O.M.P.T. and Play
Social Skills Early Elementary
Social Skills Older Elementary

We have also added two new camps
Creekside Jamboree
Kid's Creek Storybook Club  
For more information our summer camps,
download our Summer Camp Brochure

Staff News
  • Silvia and Monique participated in the Talk About Curing Autism Family Picnic also known as TACA last month. TACA is a national organization that focuses on family support and education for autism . 
  • Melanie and Silvia both attended the April Johns Creek Health Association Meeting.

Because we are growing we have a new speech therapist coming on board  in June and an occupational therapist joining us in July! We look forward to welcoming them to our Kid's Creek Family!

Therapy Articles

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Parent Resources

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