Issue: # 7
April 2013

Dear Kid's Creek Families,


 It's SPRING!! Well, at least it is finally starting to feel like Spring. This time of year makes us think of renewal, new growth, new life, and change. Maybe it's appropriate that we all look forward to Spring Break. It's like a chance to pause from the business of life and evaluate where we are and where we are going. It's almost like another chance to do resolutions (how are you doing on your New Year's resolutions?)... me too...Don't worry! Spring has sprung with a fresh chance at new beginnings. So in looking ahead to April and Spring, let's think together of the opportunities we have in working together. 

  • Renewal-renew your commitment to work along-side your therapists here at Kid's Creek to help us achieve the greatest potential in your child. We can only achieve great things together.
  • New Growth-our kids are changing every single day. Their needs change too. Help us to best understand how we can assist your child in being successful in areas where you are seeing growth in them (or areas where you desire to see growth).
  • New Life-often times when a child achieves a goal it is equivalent to seeing new life being breathed into them. Let's celebrate those moments! Big or small every step achieved along the journey counts toward reaching the finish line!
  • Change-Are there changes happening in your family? Upcoming changes being evaluated at IEPs for the next school year? Be sure to communicate those changes to our therapy team so that we can support your family along the way.

And to start us on our way, we would like to give a HUGE accolade to one of our friends, Dylan. Dylan recently achieved his Black Belt in karate! A long time goal of perseverance, Dylan started doing karate six years ago through a program at Kid's Creek. He has continued working hard these six years and has reached his goal! Congratulations Dylan! We are proud of you!





 Melanie McGriff                      Silvia Herstik 

Owner/Clinical Director       Owner/Operations Director 






 What's going on at Kid's Creek?

Dear Parents,


You are probably aware of the recent news from Medicaid, but we wanted to ensure that our families were informed.


Changes starting 7/1/13 for Medicaid:

As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all doctors who prescribe or order services for Medicaid recipients (that means Katie Beckett/Deeming waiver, GAPP, NOW/COMP-home and community based waivers, etc..), or who refer Medicaid recipients to other providers/doctors, must be a Medicaid provider.


In the past this was not the case. Many families have made the choice to go to a pediatrician that does not accept Medicaid. If you do this, that doctor can no longer write prescriptions for Medicaid related services (example: therapy, prescriptions for medications, equipment, etc. if Medicaid is paying any amount of the bill).


If you don't know if your doctor is a Medicaid provider and writes your prescriptions, please ask. We are hopeful that if your current physician does not have a Medicaid provider number, that they will be willing to apply for one.


Please stay in communication with Emily (our billing and scheduling coordinator) regarding your physician's status in this situation. It is our desire that every patient who has Medicaid does not experience any lapse in the vital therapy services that they receive due to this change.


Thank you for addressing this with your child's physician and let us know if you have any questions.  



Patient Results

These are examples of results we are accomplishing at our clinic.

Social Skills Corner

 From the Desk of

Miss Monique


Emotional Intelligence

Social Skills Groups


Due to numerous parent requests, Kid's Creek is pleased to offer a 6-week session this spring on Emotional Intelligence. Groups are for children in 1st and 2nd grades on Mondays and for children in 3rd - 5th grades on Tuesdays. The sessions will begin the week of April 15th and complete on May 21st.

Students will:

  • Learn how to read facial expressions and nonverbal cues seen in body language;
  • Become "social detectives" as they look carefully for social cues that give important information about when to join in groups, making and keeping friends, and how best to cooperate;
  • Study feelings and learn how to express powerful feelings appropriately;
  • Participate in role-playing, games, video modeling, surveying, brainstorming, decision making and stress management.
  • Participate in activities that promote empathy and self-control.

There is no doubt that children with emotional intelligence do better in the classroom and are more at ease in social situations. At the end of six weeks, students will have a greater social and emotional awareness and even better self-esteem.

For more information, call Kid's Creek today. Class size is limited.

Mondays        4:00 - 5:30 p.m.                  Children in 1st and 2nd grades

Tuesdays       4:00 - 5:30 p.m.                  Children in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades
Scheduling Notes
If you are going out of town for Summer Vacation please let us know ASAP. Thanks!



Hare are some of the camps we will be offering this summer:

Kindergarten and Inclusion Readiness
Summer Fun at the Creek
Art Camp
Pencil Partners
Fitness and Fun
P.R.O.M.P.T. and Play
Social Skills Early Elementary
Social Skills Older Elementary

For more information our summer camps click on the links below:
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