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No doubt heard about the wide selection of prints and wonderful custom framing.


Before & After: Effects of Custom Framed Art


For those of us in the art or custom framing business, we understand its importance and the value framed art brings to a room. We share our passion for it and our knowledge of it with you so you will be excited too. 
Remember, not everyone lives in a home that looks like those we see in magazines. With custom framing you can suit your style. 


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Why Fight It?

It's in the air. Trees are budding, flowers are pushing up, and the animal kingdom is acting like it's last call on Noah's Ark. Just itching to start something?  Spring home improvements begin with ART.  Stop by the Gallery for a little inspiration.


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 Talented &Romantic

Our framer, Ed is in the habit of answering his wife Maria's question "What did you do today? by showing her a piece of art he worked on  that day.    

   Island Breeze

 When she saw this lovely piece above by Coleen Henry, she was envious as "Island Breeze" is a favorite picture of Maria's. Her next question was "What was with the yellow sticky note? "  Ed's next picture revealed the answer.

Island Breeze 2  

Maria's Birthday Surprise from Ed
To view more of Coleen Henry's art, click on

We were privileged to frame for a three time Olympiad this month.  Three identical  shadow boxes (each with their own skiing bib enclosed).  You'll note the fun we had using 4 different frames to  make each side of the shadow box a different color to represent the colors of the Olympic rings.

Olympic Bid 


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Collectors' Gallery & Framery

Collectors' Gallery & Framery has been in Historic Downtown Venice since 1983.  Located at 114 Nokomis Ave.S. between  Venice Wine and Coffee and Bella Luna Coffee shop in the Merchants of Venice Building.  We look forward to your visit!