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No doubt heard about the wide selection of prints and wonderful custom framing.

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March 1st 2013

Artist Minds and Wine

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Impact of Framing I  

Impact of Framing II


Dear Friends of the Gallery, 


Leah J. Sherman


Thank you one and all for the wonderful response to our October Newsletter.  Your compliments and words of encouragement like those below

are more than a little appreciated. 


 "Very nice first issue. One of these days you should stop by and see all your frames hanging on our walls."   Regards,  Peter and Suzy


Let us hear from YOU.


Leah J.Sherman
Collectors' Gallery & Framery         

Gift Certificates and Beyond...
Mouse RugsGift Certificate from Collectors' Gallery & Framery certain to be appreciated.  You can call us and order one from home if you like and we will be glad to send it out for you.

Also  in gallery, we have a selection of affordable artistic gifts like the computer rugs pictured ($19.95), art books ($20-$60),prints ($10+) chinese calligraphy brushes (($26-$85), nice pottery and colorful ceramic boxes among others. 

Memorabilia Framing Such fun in the Framery this week. Items from one enviable collector included among others a first class airline menu signed by ALL of the Beatles as well as Mick Jagger's Shirt (pictured)

 Mick Jagger's Shirt

Impact of Custom Framing

Personalizing your home or work space with custom framing is a great way to express your personality and to enjoy your surroundings. While others can go to the store and buy the same sofa, tables and lamps that you have, it is highly unlikely anyone will ever have the exact same custom framing as you.

Regardless of what you choose to have framed for your home, whether it is a favorite piece of art, a mirror, an object inherited from an ancestor or anything else, it will add interest to your space.


Take a look at the rooms on the left, with and without framed art to see for yourself what a big impact custom framing makes. 

Collectors' Gallery & Framery

Collectors' Gallery & Framery has been in Historic Downtown Venice since 1983.  Located at 114 Nokomis Ave.S. between  Venice Wine and Coffee and Bella Luna Coffee shop in the Merchants of Venice Building.  We look forward to your visit!