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July 2014

Please... Pause for a moment.  Consider the front page of the June 15th New York Times.

Above the fold - there were three stunning quotes related to intelligence effectiveness and the unfolding developments in Iraq:
  • "With just a few thousand members, the group's (Islamic militants) lightening sweep into Mosul... appeared to catch Iraqi and American officials by surprise."
  • "The ISIS's gains were actually the realization of a yearlong strategy..."
  • "What we see...(is the) culmination of what the ISIS have been trying to accomplish since its founding in 2006" - according to New America Foundation's, Brian Fishman. 
To be clear - our consultants believe only 25% of the printed and digital news.

Nonetheless, the Washington Post reported on August 29, 2013 that we invest $52.6 billion in intelligence each year. "(DNI Director, Jim) Clapper disclosed March 6 (2014) the aggregate 2015 spending request for the 16-agency National Intelligence Program is $45.6 billion," according to US News and World Report.  The Los Angeles Times reported on October 28, 2010 that we invest $80.1 billion.

Our financial investment in intelligence is a complicated issue.  More important than the economics is the reality that thousands of talented intelligence professionals, enabled by billions invested annually in data and technology, devote their lives delivering high quality intelligence on-time and in-time.
If we were surprised by the unfolding situation in Iraq - there are no excuses.  

Beginning in 2013 - our firm, with several of our Alliance Partners, invested over $250k in pro-bono hours to define the challenge typified by last week's ISIS actions.   We then business-deal-illustration.jpgoutlined Intel 2.0 - a starting point toward implementing a more cost effective, agile, and more business-like process to anticipate, mitigate and at least be proactive in scores of intelligence situations typified by Iraq.

We see the United States as THE intelligence "superpower." There must be a way to get there from here.  What do you think?  

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