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MaxinMotion™ Awards More Than $100,000 in Grants to Arizona Youth Soccer Players


PHOENIX, AZ - November 19, 2012 - MaxInMotion™ announces the awarding of its first cycle of grants in collaboration with Arizona Youth Soccer Association. This year's grant recipients will be able to participate in the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 competitive soccer seasons. It means that an additional 144 boys and girls, who otherwise would not have been able to compete, will join teams and have the opportunity to showcase their talents on the field.


"Knowing that more kids will be on the field this soccer season, improving their physical fitness, learning about team work and improving their self esteem, gives all of us at MaxInMotion™ great satisfaction," said Jonah Shacknai, MaxInMotion™ President. "It is exactly the reason that the organization was created, to facilitate participation and to nurture our most promising, committed youth athletes."


"The economy has forced a lot of families to forgo the extras, including organized, competitive youth sports," said Arizona Youth Soccer Association Executive Director, Leslie Johnson. "It is difficult for a child to comprehend such choices, especially, if they excel at the sport. This year thanks to MaxInMotion™ and its supporters, we are able to assist our soccer clubs around the state in providing more scholarships to deserving children than ever before."


This year more than 20 youth soccer clubs, from throughout Arizona, guided families through the MaxInMotiongrant application process. Ultimately, 144 boys and girls were awarded grants, which all together totaled more than $100,000. These awards mark the completion of MaxInMotion'sfirst-ever grant cycle with Arizona Youth Soccer Association. The next cycle begins in June of 2013.


MaxInMotion™ has developed partnerships with other youth sports organizations, including Coyotes Charities, the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation and Phoenix Suns Charities. Grant applications are being fulfilled by each organization for their respective youth sport. Like Arizona Youth Soccer Association, there are established cycles for application submission. Visit www.maxinmotion.org for more details.


MaxInMotion™ provides much needed financial assistance to youth sports programs for underprivileged children and for the development of programs to include special needs populations in youth sports activities.  Further, research shows that participation in youth sports enhances community values, interdependency, and collective responsibility.  Physical fitness prevents childhood obesity and has also been linked to reducing school dropout rates, teen pregnancy and high-risk behaviors, all of which pose tremendous consequences to our society.


MaxInMotion™ was founded in memory of Max Shacknai, who embodied the ideal young athlete: passionate, hard working, and incredibly committed to his teammates.  To learn more or contribute visit www.maxinmotion.org




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