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Compare the size of a certain historically important vessel measured in "cubits" to the size of the largest wooden vessel ever built without metal substructure, and you will understand the meaning of the term "unquestioning faith".

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May 2016
For those travel professionals who missed  my monthly Travel Trade advice column in ABA's online Insider, there's good news: After a year-long hiatus it resumed in April and we will again be including the link to each published entry in this newsletter.

Oregon Trail wagon ruts
Photo by Nebraska Tourism
Oregon Trail in Nebraska
Aug. 13-18, 2016

It's true:  you can walk in actual trail ruts created by wagons containing the hopes and dreams of pioneers in the middle of the 19th century.  Only cargo rode (and much of that was eventually discarded when teams gave out);  people walked the 2,000 mile route.  Our experience will be easier, and shorter, as we explore the mileposts recorded in pioneer journals in what is today Nebraska.  Join us on the trail this summer on the Oregon Trail.

Featured Tour:  Colorado Train Adventure
Experience a Colorado Rocky Mountain High as you travel on-board historic railroads through rugged mountains draped in fall colors. Be transported back to a Wild West era where mining towns thrived and panning for gold was a way of life.

Tap into Travel
buffalo calf
South Dakota Tourism
Buffalo Roundup
Sept. 28-Oct. 3, 2016

Anticipation is mounting as Custer State Park prepares for this most unique Old West tradition.  Join us this fall for the annual roundup and buffalo arts festival in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. 
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Shebby Lee Named Winner
of Individual Governor's Award for History
On April 30 the South Dakota Governor's Awards for History were presented at the state Historical Society's annual Awards Luncheon in the state capitol, Pierre (pronounced "peer").  According to the press release, the award is presented to the individual who demonstrates outstanding dedication and commitment to excellence in the sharing, collection, preservation and interpretation of South Dakota history.  Pictured, left to right:  Shebby Lee, Dr. Melody Schopp, Secretary, Department of Education, Jay D. Vogt, Director, South Dakota State Historical Society.

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