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December 2014


I returned from the annual meeting of the Travel Alliance Partners recently with a suitcase full of wonderful tour programs to tempt you in the coming months.  Railroad buffs will find a wonderful selection of dates and destinations to indulge your love of trains.  Among the Guaranteed Departures we've included some destinations that we haven't featured in a long time.  Happy reading and we'll see you on the trail! 

Featured Tour:  El Camino Real El Camino Real

The first Europeans to settle New Mexico were led by Don Juan de Onate in 1598, as he blazed what would become known as El Camino Real.  Learn more about the trail and its consequences April 16-22, 2015 as we follow the trail that he and his followers blazed.
Yellowstone in Winter  - Jan 24 and Feb. 7
Railroad Tours
Lonely Planet Singles out  western South Dakota


Those of us fortunate enough to live in the Black Hills (otherwise known as God's Country) already know the many blessings this corner of the world provides.  And now the word is spreading: Lonely Planet, the world's leading travel media company, has recognized western South Dakota as one of their "Best in the US" destinations for 2015!   


Lonely Planet's list includes 10 destinations that are emerging, up-and-coming, or have a timely angle.  The 50th anniversary of the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup fits the bill, as does the 75th anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, both coming up in 2015. 

Bucket List:  Bucket




If North Dakota is on your bucket list, you need to check out this year's expanded itinerary for this popular departure. Following the paths of legendary North Dakotans Teddy Roosevelt, Lewis & Clark, and George Armstrong Custer, the itinerary also explores legendary places like the world's only International Peace Garden, the Scandinavian heritage of the state, a bison herd with three genuine white buffalo, a Viking Ship which actually crossed the Atlantic, the Astor trading post pictured below, plus much more! Make plans now to spend July 17-25 exploring this legendary prairie state!  

Fort Union ND ad    
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