2013 was a fantastic year for the organization, aviation, and most importantly our students and graduates.
In this issue, we will be covering the Guidance Aviation graduates who are now working as professional helicopter pilots, the incredible successes of 2013, recent milestones of 2014, top videos, and our collegiate partners' aviation programs.
And, don't forget to check out the "Get To The Choppa" video below!

Guidance Aviation Graduates Landing Jobs

The end of 2013 and the start of 2014 meant the beginning of new careers for many Guidance Aviation graduates and former flight instructors (CFI-I).  Congratulations to these Professional Pilots! Here are some of the latest successes:

  • Brett Woods - Papillon Helicopters.
  • Hunter Jefferson - Papillon Helicopters & remains as Stage Check Pilot for Guidance Aviation.
  • Jason Martin - Papillon Helicopters & remains as Stage Check Pilot for Guidance Aviation.
  • Judd Rolfes - Sundance Helicopters.
  • Scott Mahon - Papillon Helicopters & remains as Stage Check Pilot for Guidance Aviation.
  • Robert Dean Roderick - Papillon Helicopters & remains as Stage Check Pilot for Guidance Aviation.
  • Curtis Marshall - Redding Air Service, also accepted into the FAA's DPE program.
  • Kenan Bahadir - Guidance Aviation Graduate, started his career flying for Maverick Helicopters.
    Kenan is now an EMS Pilot for AirMethods - Saving Lives!
  • Who did we miss? See next article below! Alumni, tell us where you're at!!
Brett Woods,CFI-I, Guidance Aviation Grad,
U.S. Military Veteran, Pilot, Papillon Helicopters
 Hunter Jefferson, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation Grad, Pilot, Papillon Helicopters
Scott Mahon, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation Grad, Pilot, Papillon Helicopters

Here Are Some of The Companies Hiring Guidance Aviation Graduates

Air Methods Air Methods

Air Methods has built its reputation on a commitment to quality patient care and safety in aviation operations. Since 1980, Air Methods has been dedicated to air medical transport and has grown to become the most experienced air medical operator in the industry. Transcending three decades, Air Methods continues to maintain an industry-leading position.  While they call Centennial Airport in Englewood, Colorado home, their operations expand from Alaska to Key West. Currently, Air Methods has more than 300 bases of operations that serve 48 states. They operate eight maintenance centers of excellence throughout the nation and a national communications center.

Maverick Helicopters
Maverick Helicopter
Maverick Helicopters® offers VIP-level service from various departure locations, including Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. Maverick has the top safety record of any tourism-based aviation company in the world.  Its airline division, Maverick Airlines, departs from the Henderson Executive Airport. Whether it is a Grand Canyon Helicopter tour, a flight above the Las Vegas Strip, or an airline flight throughout the stunning Southwest, you are sure to experience a breathtaking tour of the most beautiful scenery in the Western United States. Maverick Grand Canyon Tours offers the highest level of safety and service in the industry and has over 18 years' experience of making dreams come true! 

Papillon Helicopters
Papillon Helicopters
Established in 1965, Papillon Helicopters operates a fleet of 48 helicopters including Bell 206L, 206B, Bell 407, A-Star 350B BA B2, MD900, EC130 and fixed wing aircraft (deHavilland Twin Otter).  With 600+ employees, Papillon's Utility and Contract divisions support the Grand Canyon National Park, U.S. Forest Service, Department of Defense, Bureau of Land Management, Arizona Game & Fish, Tucson Electric Power, and Bar 10 Ranch. Papillon's airport locations include McCarran Intl(LAS), Grand Canyon National Park Airport (GCN), Boulder City Airport (61B), Grand Canyon West Airport(1G4), and Page Muni (PGA).
Redding Air Service Redding Air Service
In business since 1957, Redding Air Service has a long history of providing consistently superior service and support.
Redding Air Service is an FAA Part 135 Certified Air Carrier. They offer a wide variety of charter options to include aerial limousine, firefighting, utility services, advanced flight training as well as still photography, video or film flights.

Sundance Helicopters
Sundance Helicopters
Established in 1985, Sundance Helicopters operates a fleet of 23 luxury helicopters consisting of American Eurocopter A-Star AS350's, EC130's and the new EC130T2 helicopters. All of the Sundance helicopters offer forward facing seats, air conditioning and wraparound windows for unrestricted views.
Veteran? Thinking about Applying? - Veterans In Student Services Are Ready To Serve You

Prospective students should know that Guidance Aviation maintains a staff of U.S. Military Veterans in its student

Zach Talraas Army Veteran Helicopter Flight Student Guidance Aviation
Zach Talraas, US Army Veteran, Helicopter Flight Student & Student Services Representative

services department to answer all Veterans' questions on:

  • Utilizing G.I. Bill benefits for helicopter flight training
  • BAH (Basic Allowance For Housing)
  • VA paperwork
  • Eligibility requirements
  • What's covered
  • What it takes to get through the application process.

    It's all about Veterans helping Veterans. You've Earned It.

Zach Talraas, a five year US Army Veteran, 82nd Airborne, Infantry, Purple Heart Recipient, is our newest addition to the Guidance Aviation Student Services Department.


"Using the Post 9/11 GI Bill has made my transition back to school easier because I don't have to worry about the financial aspect of my education and training.  I know my tuition and books are covered 100%, and the BAH I receive takes care of my housing costs. Being able to concentrate completely on my training and school work, instead of how I am going to pay for school, makes life exponentially less stressful," Zach Talrass, Veteran, Student Services, Guidance Aviation.


Contact Guidance Aviation today to start your training.


Military Seals
Guidance Aviation is a U.S. Military Friendly Organization


Guidance Aviation Alumni - We're Launching an Alumni Web Portal, Let's Make Contact
MY GA Guidance Aviation
MYGA Web Portal

Alumni, we are launching a new Guidance Aviation Alumni portal on our website. This portal will be a great resource for our Alumni, providing networking opportunities, job information, and a great way to stay in touch with fellow alumni.  Please check in with us and let us know where you are at so we can send you information on how to sign into the new alumni portal.


Please email us your updated information to the Alumni Email: alumni@guidance.aero


Please include:

  • First, Last Name
  • Email
  • Mailing Address
  • Where you work
  • *All info will be kept private. This info will enable us to contact you with Alumni updates. Thank you!
  • Make sure to mention you're an Alumnus!
X-Copter Flight Simulators Purchased For Advanced Simulation Labs in Arizona and Louisiana
NEXTGEN Flight SIM: X-Copter.aero

Called "X-Copter", it is an eighth generation helicopter flight simulator that has been in development since 2006 and the core component of the nationally recognized "Flight Cost Reduction Training" program at Guidance Aviation.  Engineered for the primary flight training market, the X-Copter simulates the Robinson R22 and R44 models. The R66 model is in development and future plans include the popular Schweizer, Bell, and Eurocopter models.





The X-Copter is unveiled at Heli-Expo
The X-Copter is unveiled at Heli-Expo


"Get To The Choppa!"
- An Arnold Schwarzenegger Shout-Out

Recently, Guidance Aviation sent a shout-out to Arnold Schwarzenegger - "Get To The Choppa!"  We're hoping Arnold will send a shout-out back to our Veterans!  Check out the video below and share!

If you're bold enough, using your phone, make your own "Get To The Choppa" Arnold impersonation video and share on the Guidance Aviation Facebook Page - We'll reshare it! "GET TO THE CHOPPA, RUNNNNNN, GOOOO!"


While you're at it, check out and "LIKE" Arnold's Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ARNOLD.

Get To The Choppa! Shout-Out To Arnold Schwarzenegger
Get To The Choppa! Shout-Out To Arnold Schwarzenegger


Collegiate Aviation Scholarships - Louisiana
Louisiana Airport Managers and Associates

The Louisiana Airport Managers and Associates will once again be offering scholarships for college students in the aviation curriculum. LAMA will award up to three (3) $1,000 academic scholarships at its annual conference October 8th, in Shreveport.


HELI-PHOTOS Sweepstakes Closes with 100's of Entries, 1,000's of Votes

The HELI-PHOTOS Sweepstakes, launched in January of this year, closed on May 15th. Sponsored by Guidance AviationGibson & Barnes, and Rotorcraft Pro Media Magazine, the HELI-PHOTOS Sweepstakes garnered 100's of photos and 1,000's of votes.  The sponsors and their photo selection committees are currently selecting the winners. Top prizes include a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, Flight Suit, Leather Flight Jacket, and a Flight Bag filled with swag. Winning photos will be included in future editions of Rotorcraft Media Pro Media Magazine.  Be looking for winner announcements soon!

2013 - 2014 Timeline Review
Electronic Flight Bags at Guidance Aviation
Age of EFB's: Electronic Flight Bags at Guidance
Helicopter Flight Training Mountain Biking Whiskey off road
Flight Student Israel Tilman warming up for the Whiskey Off Road
Houseboats and Helipads Guidance Aviation
Flagship "Miss Guided" at Summer Sickness Series Wakeboarding competition with R66 on helipad.
Guidance Aviation CEO John Stonecipher receives the National U.S. SBA Small Business Person of the Year Award from SBA Administrator Karen Mills
STARR Aviation Operational Excellence Award
STARR Aviation Operational Excellence Award

Garmin Glass Panels Helicopter Flight School Guidance Aviation
Garmin 500H Glass Panel Upgrades
Students & Instructors Ogling New Glass
YCSO Rescue 1 Helicopter donated by Guidance Aviation
R44 donated by Guidance Aviation
Robinson R66 Dealership Established

Guidance Aviation helicopter flight school

2013 was an incredible year and 2014 has taken off just as strong. From the launch of our "MY GA" training portal and Mobile APP to Guidance Aviation's CEO being recognized as the United States' SBA Small Business Person of the Year - check it all out in the timeline below!


02.11.13 - My GA, Mobile APP, HD Videos

Guidance Aviation develops online HD training videos and launches "MY GA", a Mobile APP and web based portal delivery for high definition helicopter flight training videos. Students may now access flight training curriculum anywhere, anytime, 24/7.



03.07.13 - HELI-EXPO 2013

Exhibiting at HELI-EXPO 2013, the World's largest helicopter exposition.



04.27.13 - The 2013 Whiskey Off Road

Guidance Aviation covers the United States' largest mountain bike race from the air: "The Whiskey Off Road".



05.05.13 - CEO Takes Home State Honors

Guidance Aviation's CEO, John Stonecipher, named Arizona's Small Business Person of the Year. CEO to represent helicopter aviation and Arizona in Washington, D.C.



05.27.13 - 2013 Summer Sickness Series $5,045

Wakeboarding Event, The Summer Sickness Series, with $5,045 cash purse, launched by Guidance Aviation.



06.18.13 - "Miss Guided" Launched, Heli-pad

Flagship "Miss Guided" is launched. Complete with helipad, students and instructor pilots have opportunity to log cross country time and turbine time in the Robinson R66 while taking shot at a platform landing.



06.21.13 - CEO Takes Home National Honors

Guidance Aviation CEO John Stonecipher named 2013 National Small Business Person of the Year by Karen Mills, Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration during SBA's celebration of National Small Business Week in Washington, D.C.



07.01.13 - Baton Rouge Flight Operations Established

Guidance Aviation opens flight operations in Baton Rouge Lousiana. Baton Rouge Community College establishes Center of Excellence in Transportation



09.06.13 - Electronic Flight Bags for Students

iPads arrive for students. The Age of the Electronic Flight Bag takes off.



09.19.13 - Prescott Rally Race - Epic Videos

Guidance Aviation sponsors the Prescott Rally, covers the off-road race from the air and provides unique opportunities for both instructor pilots and students.



09.27.13 - Helicopter Pilot Scholarships in LA

Guidance Aviation establishes Helicopter Pilot Scholarship in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



11.01.13 - Dir. Of Maintenance Takes Home State Honors

Guidance Aviation's Director of Maintenance, Mr. Jason Kidd, Awarded the FAA's General Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year.



02.11.14 - Guidance Aviation Upgrades Fleet With Garmin 500H Glass Panels  As Robinson Helicopters announces the introduction of glass instrument panels and advanced avionics for the R22, R44, and R66s, Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona and Baton Rouge, Louisiana is upgrading its fleet with Garmin G500H glass panels. 



02.14.14 - Guidance Aviation Receives Operational Excellence Award

Guidance Aviation was presented the STARR Aviation Operational Excellence Award during the HELI-EXPO 2014 in Anaheim, CA.



02.27.14 - Guidance Aviation Flight Ops Manager, Recipient of International AgustaWestland Safety Excellence Award

Guidance Aviation's Chris Horton addressed by Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Deborah Hersman.



2.28.14 - X-Copter unveiled at HELI-EXPO 2014, Guidance Aviation acquires for Advanced Simulation Labs



2.28.14 - Guidance LLC establishes R66 Helicopter Dealership in Baton Rouge, Louisiana



3.31.2014 - HELI-EXPO Highlights Video

A co-production between Guidance Aviation and Rotorcraft Pro Media Magazine hits the web.



4.17.14 - Rescue 1 Helicopter Saving Lives

R44 Donated by Guidance Aviation to Yavapai County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) "Rescue 1 Helicopter", continues to save lives.








Top 10 Videos of 2013 to Date
#1 Video - 2013 Summer Sickness Series Wakeboarding at The Point
Summer Sickness Series Wakeboarding at The Point 2013
#2 - Mastering The Autorotation
Helicopter Flight Training: Mastering the Autorotation
 #3 - Helicopter Careers & Helicopter Pilot Training
Helicopter Careers & Helicopter Pilot Training

#4 - U.S. Marine Veteran to Professional Pilot in 20 Months
U.S. Marine Veteran to Professional Helicopter Pilot in 19 Months

#5 - Enrolling in the Professional Pilot Degree Program
Enrolling in the Professional Helicopter Pilot Degree Program

#6 - The Prescott Rally - As Covered by Guidance Aviation Aerial Media

#7 - Using GI Bill Benefits for Helicopter Flight Training
Using GI Bill benefits for Helicopter Pilot Training

#8 - Unique Opportunities for Students & Instructors at Guidance Aviation
Guidance Aviation: Providing Unique Opportunities for Helicopter Flight Students and Instructors

HAI Heli-Expo 2013: Day 1 Helicopter Careers

#10 - 2013 Prescott Rally Aerial Video
2013 Prescott Rally Race Course Aerial Video by Guidance Aviation

2014 Special Events - Past & Future
Zombie Apocalypse?

Prescott, Arizona Flight Ops

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Flight Ops

Collegiate Institutions Flying With
Guidance Aviation

Baton Rouge Community College - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge Community College  









Yavapai College - Prescott, Arizona

Yavpai College Life Explored  

About Guidance Aviation
Guidance Aviation is an FAA Approved Part 141 Helicopter Flight Training Organization with flight operations in Helicopter flight school Arizona Louisiana Prescott, Arizona and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Graduates acquire both the necessary ratings and certificates to become working, professional helicopter pilots while earning their Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree - Aviation Technology.
Guidance Aviation is a U.S. Military friendly organization, committed to continuous improvement and Training To A Higher Standard.


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