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June 22-28 is Lightning Safety Awareness Week. Observe these tips to help ensure your safety on the water this summer.

> Install a lightning
   protection system.

> If thunderstorms
   are in the forecast,
   stay home!

> If you get caught in
   a storm, drop
   anchor and get low.

> If your boat has a
   cabin, stay inside
   and away from
   metal surfaces.

> Stay off the radio
   unless it is an

Visit NOAA's National Weather Service for more information. 

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e-News for June 2014 

OceanGrafix Releases New Video Series to Educate Boaters
OceanGrafix recently produced a series of four informational videos to help educate boaters and keep them safe on the water this boating season. Each of the videos address topics around safe navigation.

"Navigation doesn't have to be a daunting topic, but there are basic things that every boater should know," says OceanGrafix President Ron Walz. "We felt that we could provide some of that high-level information and that video would be the ideal medium for doing so."

Designed to be quick and easy to understand, each OceanGrafix video is approximately two minutes in length and is narrated by navigational expert, Bob Sweet.

View the videos below, and subscribe to OceanGrafix's YouTube channel here.
OceanGrafix Now Offers Charts With Traditional Look

OceanGrafix is pleased to announce that their Traditional chart format is now market ready! Printed on new, water-resistant paper using a classic color palette, the Traditional charts meet carriage requirements and contain the same up-to-date, NOAA-approved content as any other OceanGrafix navigational chart; but they appeal to mariners who prefer the more classic look and feel of NOAA's traditional, lithographic paper charts, which were discontinued earlier this year.

See your chart retailer for more information.
World Hydrography Day Celebrated on June 21
Each year World Hydrography Day (WHD) is celebrated on June 21 in an effort to raise awareness around the importance of all of the hydrographic work that is completed worldwide. According to the International Hydrographic Organization, hydrography "involves measuring the depth of the water and fixing the position of all the navigational hazards that lie on the seafloor, such as wrecks and rocks. It also involves measuring tide and currents."

NOAA's Office of Coast Survey invited the public to contribute articles related to this year's theme: "Hydrography-More Than Nautical Charts."

Read the articles and about the contributors here.
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