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                                                                                 March/April/May 2013

Frederick County Public Libraries

Spring programs are popping up like daffodils at the library! As usual, your library offers an ever-changing variety of activities and events for kids, 'tweens and teens. We are also planning ahead for our Summer Reading Program that begins May 1. Check the article below about the Summer Reading Program Art Contest.


You might think the library is just about books--but there's much more available here! There's all kinds of different technology out there: the Web, apps, e-readers . . . it can be hard to keep up, even if you like gadgets. You can download eBooks, audio books, and music for free at the library. Stop by any of our branches (including our most visited branch, fcpl.org) and talk to the teen specialist or another librarian to find out more ways the library can help you use technology!


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Darrell Batson, Director
Frederick County Public Libraries
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Writing Workshops for Teens
Craft Books to Check Out
So Many Books...So Little Time
Beneath the Surface: Art Contest
Pa$$port to Wealth
The Cache at C. Burr Artz
The Book Box Project
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Music Concert

Interfaith Rock

Upper Terrace of

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Saturday, May 18
12-1 pm
No ticket required
For details, visit fcpl.org
Did you know that you're already a writer? After all, you write emails to your family, Facebook status messages, and send texts to your friends. But if you'd like to learn more about creative writing or improve your skills, attend one of the writing workshops at the C. Burr Artz Public Library
this spring.


There will be fun, challenging activities that will help you develop your writing. Become better at description, characterization, or plotting. If you're working on a story or poem already, bring it along to share with the group!


The workshops will be held on Saturday, March 9 at 3 pm and Thursday, May 9 at 4 pm. Come to either workshop or both. No registration is required; just come ready to practice your writing.


Melissa Rabey

Teen Services, C. Burr Artz Public Library
Spring is almost here! While it's not quite warm enough to spend every afternoon outdoors, you can spend some quality time inside learning a new hobby or craft. From drawing and making art with a variety of materials, to upcycling items into new and unique jewelry, and even creating your own manga characters.


If you're looking for some ideas for new hobbies and crafts to try this spring, look no further than the shelves at your local FCPL branches.


Art Lab for Kids by Susan Schwake includes instructions for 52 different "adventures in drawing, painting, printmaking, paper, and mixed media." This book includes something for everyone, whether you're an experienced artist looking to try a new medium, or just bored and waiting for inspiration to strike. Many of the instructions take basic art supplies and art projects to the next level. Instead of simply creating a picture with watercolors, try Lab 17 and press plastic wrap over your painting while it's still wet to create a totally new effect.


Junk-Box Jewelry: 25 DIY Low Cost (Or No Cost) Jewelry Projects by Sarah Drew includes instructions for (you guessed it!) 25 different projects that can be made using a variety of materials that can either be found around the house or salvaged from old out-of-fashion jewelry pieces. This is a wonderful book for both beginner jewelry makers and experienced crafters looking for new ideas. If you enjoy this book you'll love the Sea Glass Jewelry program that will be offered at many of our branches this summer.


The Practical Guide to Drawing Manga by Peter Gray includes everything you need to know to draw great manga characters, from the different dimensions needed to create children, teens, and adults to illustrating characters in motion using dynamic postures. If you've ever wanted to write and illustrate your own manga this book is a must read.


For additional titles and the schedule of Teen Crafternoons and Make & Takes at Frederick County Public Libraries please call or visit us. We'd love to hear from you!


Submitted by Tracey Carter, Teen Services

Walkersville Branch Library

Teen readers have such busy schedules and little time for pleasure reading. When you pick up a book off the shelf at the library you hope that it will be a "good read". You get recommendations from friends or the librarian but sometimes the book is not to your liking.


A useful resource to find just the right book is the website teenreads.com. Teen reads has book lists by genre and subject, book reviews, books to movies, and other cool information. Check out the author interviews, polls, contests, newsletters and more.


When you find the right books you want to read check out the FCPL on-line Catalog at fcpl.org. See if the books you want are at your library. If not, place a HOLD on the item and have it sent to your local branch. You can also use the FCPL website Teen Zone area to locate other on-line resources to locate great books. A quick click on any of the lists/awards will take you to the website:


The Newberry Award - For the best book written for children, up to the age of 14.

The Printz Award - For the best book written for teens, ages 12 to 18.

Alex Awards - Adult books that appeal to teenagers, ages 14 to 18.

Novelist - A database for books and reading.

Reading Rants - Out of the Ordinary Teen books.

TeenRead - A website devoted to the best, newest teen books. 
No Flying No Tights
- Get recommendations for new comics and manga series.


Life is just too short. Find great books with helpful resources and get the most out of your reading experience.


2013 Newbery Medal Winner

The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate

This is a book that will touch your heart, make you think deeply about the way we treat animals. Even more than that, it will lead to conversations about friendship, humanity and respect.


Mary Ann Foltz, Teen Services

Urbana Regional Library

Summer Reading Art Contest

The countdown to the Summer Reading Program has officially begun! With only two months to go, we have been busy preparing for another summer full of good reads, exciting programs, and cool crafts.


The Summer Reading Program may not officially begin until May 1st, but we want to see your Summer Reading spirit now! This year's Summer Reading theme for teens in middle and high school is to discover the world "Beneath the Surface." Focusing on earth and oceans, the creatures that inhabit them, fossils, and ancient discoveries, this year's theme

2012 Art by Rebecca Compton

is sure to please! And we want you to create your own full-color artwork for our annual Bookmark Art Contest.


The contest, which runs now through April 1st asks Frederick County's elementary and teen readers to submit their best original artwork relating to the Summer Reading theme. We print the bookmarks in color, so you can use as many colors as you like. One winning design will be chosen from each grade level category (Preschool, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12) and will be featured on free bookmarks at all the FCPL branches beginning May 1st.


Entries must be received at any FCPL branch by Monday, April 1st, 2013. For contest guidelines and the official entry form, visit your local branch or fcpl.org.


Thanks to Carly Reighard Children's Services, C. Burr Artz Public Library

for her contribution to this article.


Saving money is always a good thing and in northern Frederick County, the libraries have teamed up with other community groups and businesses to sponsor a weeklong "Pa$$port to Wealth" project. This event is scheduled April 6-13 with speakers, workshops and activities happening throughout the Emmitsburg/Thurmont area.


Of particular interest to young people are two basic banking workshops hosted by the Woodsboro Bank.


Basic Banking for Teens will be held in the Thurmont Regional Library Community room on Monday, April 8 and Basic Banking for College Students will be held in the Emmitsburg Library Community Room on Tuesday, April 9. Both workshops begin at 5 pm and will provide an overview of banking, budgeting, and credit card use and explain why a checking and savings account is important. The workshops will be conducted by Jennifer Rice, Branch Manager of the Woodsboro Bank, Frederick. Rice will also provide all kinds of tips for smart budgeting of finances. Plus she'll share how to establish good credit and why that is so important, particularly for young people just beginning their working careers.


Both workshops are free. Please register by email through the Woodsboro Bank at jenniferr@woodsborobank.com or call the Emmitsburg Library at 301-600-6329.


Submitted by Erin Dingle

Branch Administrator, Thurmont Regional Library

While the majority of patrons head to C. Burr Artz Public Library in search of reading material, some are seeking a very different type of treasure. They are the geocachers, explains Librarian Katilyn Miller, and they follow latitude and longitude coordinates to find a "cache" that she hid several months ago.


It's all in good fun-and all part of an increasingly popular game called geocaching. According to Miller, geocaching involves people hiding a container, or cache, and then posting online the latitude and longitude of where it is hidden. Other people then use those coordinates to find the hidden treasure. "The containers can be as small as a film canister or as big as oil drums," she explains. "They can be easy to access, like ours, or you might have to do some climbing to reach them." Caches typically contain an introduction to the game, a log book, and assorted trinkets that people often swap with other small items. "Geocaching is a fun way to get outside, visit fun places, and learn orienteering and how to use GPS technology," says Miller, who enjoys geocaching in her spare time.


Miller had the idea for a geocache at C. Burr Artz last fall. She signed up for a free account at geocaching.com, submitted the required application, and gathered small trinkets such as bookmarks and magnets to put in the container when the geocache "went live" in late December. Since then, 24 people have signed the log kept in the container and all the original trinkets have been traded for other items. Miller checks the cache regularly but she's not giving any hints as to where it's hidden. "That would spoil the fun," she says. "But I am more than happy to teach anyone who asks how to use the technology in order to find our library's treasure."


To see online comments about the C. Burr Artz geocache, go to coord.info/GC430N8. To learn more about geocaching, visit geocaching.com.


Written by Marlene England, England Creative

for FCPL Spring 2013 BookMarks publication

 Teen volunteers at the Urbana Regional Library launched a service project last August to bring books to children of low-income families. The Book Box Project, as the volunteers dubbed it, involves collecting books and donating them to local service agencies, where children can read the books and then take them home as their own.


With support from Teen Services Librarian Mary Ann Foltz, the teen volunteers created a logo for their project, started collecting new and gently used books at the Urbana library, and contacted service agencies in Frederick County to see if they were interested in receiving a supply of children's books. After sorting the books by reading level, the volunteers labeled them with stickers that read "Take me home!" or "I want a friend!"


More than 500 books have been collected to date, and many have already found good homes through the Frederick County Department of Social Services (DSS) and the Frederick Community Action Agency (FCAA), which has placed book boxes in the downtown health clinic and tutoring room, as well as the health clinic at Hillcrest Elementary School.


The volunteers plan to continue the Book Box Project this year, restocking the boxes at DSS and FCAA and bringing books to additional agencies, including Frederick County Head Start that serves nearly 300 three- and four-year-olds. "I hope the people we help will feel a little happier because they can have books to read and to call their own," says Lisa Wu, a senior at Urbana High School with five years of experience volunteering at the library. "It's a great way to directly help our community."


Donations of new and gently used books for children through teens can be dropped off at Urbana Regional Library.


"There are so many things going on at the library. It's shown me that libraries do much more than just lend out books."

--Rachel Walker, Urbana High School.


Thanks to Laura Cergol, a senior at Urbana High School, for her help with this article.


Written by Marlene England, England Creative

for FCPL Spring 2013 BookMarks publication
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