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   Duck Bay Lodge newsletter                 February 2016
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The "fix" for cabin fever 

Fighting a losing battle with winter?  Low temperatures and endless snow getting you down? Dreaming of spring? How about a May fishing trip to Duck Bay Lodge. Our exceptionally warm winter, and thin ice on Lake of the Woods, makes us suspect we'll have an early ice-out, and a great start to the season. 

Walleye and big northerns will be aggressively feeding. Just the cure you need to start spring off right.  

There's still good availability from May 17th - 31st. June has extremely limited space; a two-bedroom cabin for 6 is open on the nights of June 14th and 15th and a two-bedroom for 4 is open on June 20th and 21st.  A good way to make the most of these 
2-night dates is to stay in Baudette the night before and come in early in the morning so you can get two full days on the water.  Call to discuss options.

The greatest Valentine gift ever...

The year we bought Duck Bay Lodge we decided we wanted a dog. Not just any dog, we had our heart set on a Siberian Husky. After looking at breeders all across Canada and, while at a sports show in Grand Forks, ND, we went to a pet store in a mall. They had 3 puppies, two were sleeping and the third one, a grey and white little bundle of energy with ice blue eyes, was trying to wake them up to play with her. When the staff asked if we would like to visit with her in a private room, she was sold!

Katie was born on Valentines Day in 1990. That spring we moved to Duck Bay and she immediately took over the resort and became the official greeter, tour guide and security officer. 
Katie was a good hunter and kept the critters away.  A visit to the vet was required for stitches when she tangled with a beaver, and she was not welcome in her own cabin after an incident with a skunk.  A pesky cormorant also met it's demise after invading her private dock. She had a gentle way with people, but critters that crossed her were usually on the losing end of the battle. 

One winter Shirley (Dave's mom) was walking Katie. Katie slowed down and studied the snowdrift to the side of the trail, stuck her head in the deep snow and flipped an unsuspecting mouse up in the air.  Mom (terrified of mice) dropped the leash and ran.  Katie returned home a while later.  

Many guests brought her special treats and she would walk them to their cabins in hopes of getting more.  She was almost 17 years old and in relatively good health until a few months before she died. It warmed our hearts that so many people asked about her in the years after she passed away.  As all pet owners know, a dog is a much loved member of the family and is sadly missed.