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November 2012
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Welcome to ENERGY worldnet, Inc.

Dear Clients,


At this time of the year, we at ENERGY worldnet, Inc. take time to give thanks for what we have received. Our employees paused for a terrific Thanksgiving feast Friday as a EWN family.  Everyone had the opportunity to express thanks for our many blessings.  At the top of our lists, the employees mentioned our clients, family, friends, and our great country.  We hope that you have a wonderful holiday.  We will be closed Thursday through Sunday so that we may enjoy the long weekend, but we'll be ready to answer your calls at 7:00 CST Monday morning.


Have a happy and safe holiday. 


ENERGY worldnet, Inc. Team

Hurricane Response

PHMSA's mission is to protect people and the environment from the risks inherent in transportation of hazardous materials by all modes of transportation, including pipelines. Preparedness and response is a priority that directly supports PHMSA's mission.


PHMSA is offering post-Sandy relief assistance in the following ways:

1) Issuing Special Permits for hazmat transportation from and within hurricane disaster areas.

If you have questions about transporting hazardous materials, please call the Hazmat Information Center at 1-800-467-4922. The information center is open for direct calls from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET; however, you may leave a message at any time, or email your question to Messages are returned within 24 hours.

2) Reminding pipeline operators to immediately notify the local Public Safety Access Point (PSAP) if there are signs of an emergency at their pipeline facilities.

3) Reminding the public to Call 811 BEFORE You Dig during restoration and rebuilding.

For more general recovery help, please visit Hurricane Sandy Recovery on Please visit for information about the action that other USDOT modes are taking now.

Apply for an Emergency Special Permit

In the event of severe weather and/ or a natural disaster, PHMSA's Offices of Hazardous Materials Safety and Pipeline Safety issue special permits to facilitate quick and safe recovery efforts. PHMSA stands ready to issue emergency special permits for the transport of hazardous materials from and within hurricane disaster areas.

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OSHA Training Courses Available Soon



As part of our commitment to providing superior technology, quality education content, and unmatched customer service, ENERGY worldnet, Inc. will be releasing 50 new computer based training courses for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


If you are interested in taking advantage of these new courses, please contact our sales department:


Email: or
Call: 1-855-396-5267

EWN Congratulates Our Most Recent Graduates!

From left to right, Lauren Morton, instructor from EWN, Rhonda DuBois, of EWN, Kevin McGree, MasTec, and Elias Delgado, MasTec. These three successfully completed the Basic Administration Course taught at ENERGY worldnet, Inc. at our November classes.



Piictured from left to right are: Geoff Isbell, EWN's COO, Harold Sturn, MasTec, Rhonda DuBois, EWN, Elias Delgado, MasTec, and Kevin McGree, also of MasTec. The MECP class all passed the course.



On the second Tuesday of every month, you'll find the ENERGY worldnet, Inc. classroom filled with students taking our Master Evaluator Certification Program course, taught by Sally Rieger. Our students are then certified to be evaluators for their company and are given certificates showing the date of completion. This certificate lasts for three years.

Lauren Morton now teaches our Basic Administrator Training classes, where students learn more about the administrator portion of the EWN system. Certificates are also presented to the students.

We also offer courses once a month in Advanced System Training plus, Instructional Design and Authoring.  


December 11: Master Evaluator Certification Program (MECP), Decatur, TX


December 12: Basic System Administrator Training, Decatur, TX


December 13: Advanced System Administrator Training, Decatur, TX


December 13 & 14: Instructional Design and Authoring (2 day class), Decatur, TX


Click Here to register for December Training Events.



From left to right, Harold Lotz of the SDBC at Tarleton State University, Mayra Lujan of ENERGY worldnet, Inc., Sabrina Easley of Oncor and President of Wise ABWN, and Lauren Morton, ENERGY worldnet, Inc.


EWN Employees Join Area Business Network


On Thursday, November 8th, EWN's Mayra Lujan and Lauren Morton attended the Wise Area Business Women's Network (ABWN) meeting at the Decatur Civic Center.  The keynote speaker for the luncheon was Mr. Harold Lotz with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Tarleton State University. Serving as a counselor at the SBDC, Harold specializes in providing resources, workshops, and technical assistance for small business and entrepreneurs throughout the state.


Mayra Lujan and Lauren Morton of ENERGY worldnet, Inc. have joined this group of business women who meet once a month.  The members meet to discuss all areas of enterprise in the Wise County by women.

ENERGY worldnet, Inc.

Our EWN Office is open 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time




For e-mail support, contact us at



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Hurricane Response
OSHA Training
EWN Employees Join
This Week in History
EWN Welcomes Its Newest Clients!


Encore Pipe & Construction Midland, TX.


R & R  Telco Enterprises, Inc.

 Winnsboro, TX.


Coast to Coast Development and Construction

 Fresno, CA.


West Coast Gauging Services, Inc.

Chula Vista, CA.




At EWN, Our Clients are Always First! 


"Cory Mattison spent 2 days with Cascade Training Group, working to develop a solid transition plan from one system to another.  Cory's efforts to manage all the data on Cascade's behalf has enabled us to get a real time grasp on the magnitude of the effort needed to successfully transfer data to new plan.  She was able to help us highlight details around performance evaluation and the need to identify the right people for the right evaluation process."


Brion K. Beaver

Cascade Safety Manager




"Energy World Net, in my opinion is above and beyond the industry in terms of their customer service.  Always so friendly and helpful in whatever I need."


Jeff Henderson

Director of Operator Qualifications

West Texas Gas




"Thank you! Y'all do an awesome job."


Jordan Chaney

Smetana & Associates


ENERGY worldnet does a great job every time for me. What stands out to me, is the knowledge ENERGY worldnet has over the industry and how they make every customer feel like they are the only customer. 


Joe/ Mission Site Services

ThisWeek in History
First pipeline


November 19, 1861 - American exports Oil for First Time


America exports petroleum for the first time when the Elizabeth Watts departs Philadelphia's docks bound for London with a cargo of 901 barrels of Pennsylvania oil and 428 barrels of refined kerosene.


The shippers are the highly successful Philadelphia import-export firm of Peter Wright & Sons, which since its founding in 1818 has prospered transporting "china, glass, and Queensware" among other commodities.

The company hires the Elizabeth Watts and her captain, Charles Bryant, to ship the petroleum to three British companies.


Forty-five days later, on January 9, 1862, the U.S. brig sails down the Thames River to arrive at London's Victoria Dock. It will take 12 days to unload the 1,329 barrels. Philadelphia exports 239,000 barrels the next year.




November 19, 1927 - Birth of Phillips 66 Gasoline


After a decade as an exploration and production company, Phillips Petroleum Company enters the highly competitive business of refining and retail gasoline distribution.


The Bartlesville, Oklahoma, company introduces a new line of gasoline at its first service station, which opens in Wichita, Kansas.


The gasoline is named Phillips 66 after it propels company officials down .S. Highway 66 at 66 mph in route to a meeting at their Bartlesville, Oklahoma 


Highway 66 becomes the backbone of Phillips marketing plans for the new product -which boasts "controlled volatility," the result of a higher-gravity mix of naphtha and natural gasoline. The composition makes Phillips 66 gasoline easier to start in cold weather, and advertisements entice motorists to try the "New Winter Gasoline."




November 20, 1866 - Petroleum Torpedo patented



Civil War veteran Col. Edward A.L. Roberts of New York City is awarded U.S. Patent. No. 59,936 for the latest version of what will become known as the Roberts Torpedo.


"Our attention has been called to a series of experiments that have been made in the wells of various localities by Col. Roberts, with his newly patented torpedo," notes the Titusville Morning Herald newspaper. "The results have in many cases been astonishing."


Roberts will receive many patents after his first - issued on April 25, 1865 - for an "Improvement in Exploding Torpedoes in Artesian Wells" to fracture oil-bearing formations and dramatically increase oil production.




November 22, 1905 - Discovery helps make Tulsa "Oil Capital of the World"


Two years before Oklahoma becomes a state, oil is discovered south of Tulsa. The Glenn Pool discovery - the greatest oil field in America at the time - will help make Tulsa the "Oil Capital of the World."


With daily production soon exceeding 120,000 barrels, Glenn Pool exceeds Tulsa County's earlier "Red Fork Gusher." It even tops the giant Spindletop Hill discovery near Beaumont, Texas, four years earlier.


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