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Accessories Newsletter - February 2013

Thanks for taking the time to check out our newsletter! This month I would like to help you with selecting the right travel bags. I see customers get overwhelmed by all the choices in our store everyday... and there they are able to compare 2 or 3 bags side-by-side. Doing this on-line has got to be even more daunting. It's: click/read, click/read, click/read. (But at least on-line you can shop at 2 AM in your jammies.)
Let's break your decision process down to 1, 2, 3:
#1. How much stuff do I want to schlep? 
For a day trip, you are probably packing; boots, socks, helmet, goggles, sunglasses (if you're lucky), gloves, bandana/gator, and maybe an extra sweater and a snack. So we're talking about a back pack or a boot bag with a shoulder strap.    See Boot Bags      See Back Packs
Or are you packing for a weekend or week trip? Then you're packing all the above PLUS your snowpants, jeans, jammies, toothbrush, and maybe even a boot dryer. Now we're talking about a cargo bag. And hells bells, if you're flying and paying for the luggage, you may as well use a bag that will fit the 50 lbs. that you are allowed.     See Cargo Bags
#2. Where am I traveling to and who will be handling  this luggage?
If it will be just you handling your travel bags from-home-to-car-to-lodge then you can get by with the basic bags; non-padded, no bells and whistles like the High Sierra ski and boot bag combo or the High Sierra board and boot bag combo.
If you will be traveling by bus or plane, and your bags will be thrown in the hold below with everyone else, then you should buy the ski (or snowboard) bag that is padded. We even pack some of our clothes with our skis in the ski bag to gain extra padding.   See ski and snowboard bags
If you travel a lot and have invested in some expensive skis, we offer hard travel cases. The plastic exterior wipes off easily after traveling on the roof of the car. All models have wheels, which are wonderful when walking thru airports. Or these can be shipped ahead by UPS or FedEx, making your travel through airports that much simpler.    See all Sportubes
#3. How much can I spend?
This I cannot answer. BUT I will recommend that you consider how often you will be using these bags and for how many years.  My advise is to buy the best as you can, to protect the investment of your ski equipment. The old adage holds true here too, 'You get what you pay for'. Yes, we do offer some inexpensive bags. We like to offer items for everyone's budget. But please do not expect any lower priced bags to withstand multiple trips for years and years. 
We highly recommend wheeled bags!
From personal experience, we can tell you it is no fun getting to your ski resort with your neck or back out of alignment from carring heavy bags. That is no way to start out a ski trip.
 With one wheeled cargo bag and one wheeled ski (or snowboard) bag, you can pack all that is needed for a week trip and easily wheel from baggage pick-up to your shuttle.
See Wheeled Bags or see your chiropractor
Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the bags or any products on our website. We can be reached at: 

If you would like to read more travel tips and view a packing list, read this archived newsletter; Getting Ready for Trips Tips

Safe travels,
 Rick & Laurie
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