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April 2015
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Happy Easter and welcome to our latest newsletter.

With the clocks going forward and hopefully the worst of the winter weather behind us, now is a good time to have a review of your organisation. See our article Spring Is Here! Take a Good Look. Some particular areas where you might want to focus your review could be your planning solution, see our article Watch Your Forecasting Flow, or your company training plans, see our article Why Its All About Training. Hopefully our articles will inspire you to take action and improve your organisation this Spring

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Innovar is the expert planning company. We offer Cognos Planning, BOARD and  Anaplan software and implementation services. We provide specialist budgeting and forecasting training and consultancy services and we help solve spreadsheet issues.

In this issue
Watch Your Forecasting Flow

 I have been working on a customer site recently, helping them flow their planning from one version to another, with great effect. It has been difficult, but worthwhile, and the end result is a thoroughly joined up approach to planning.

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Why It's All About Training

According to the article 'UK business costs 'fall for first time in six years' from the BBC News, the future for business is looking promising and for the first time since 2009 the accountancy and services group BDO inflation index has descended into deflationary territory. This all sounds great except for the last line of the report that states companies were still struggling with skills shortages.


So the question I ask you is, do you have a plan and budget dedicated to training  staff? If not, or you maybe feel your plan isn't up to scratch then read on


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Spring Is Here! Take a Good Look

Up North, where I live, Spring has been creeping up on us rather more sedately than in London. I notice the differences when I speed my way from Crewe to Euston, gazing at the landscape changing from springing to sprung over the course of an hour and a half. In the London parks I notice swathes of daffodils nearing the end of their majestic displays, while the few daffs in my garden are only just beginning to flower. Likewise, the cherry blossom is a wonderful sight in the southern counties but barely noticeable where I live.

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