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February 2015
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Welcome to our latest newsletter.With the new year well under way now's the time to review and reflect on your planning process. With this in mind, we have the latest information on the Anaplan January 2015 Release and articles providing hints and tips to improve your planning process -  "The Secret of Success", "Budgets are you going through the motions" and "Location Matters when Planning". So why not read on and start putting some of our advice into practice.

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Innovar is the expert planning company. We offer Cognos Planning, BOARD and  Anaplan software and implementation services. We provide specialist budgeting and forecasting training and consultancy services and we help solve spreadsheet issues.

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Anaplan January 2015 Release

The January 2015 release of Anaplan focuses on giving more power to decision makers in the company. There are two main themes within the release - Dynamic Business Insights and Dashboards transformed to powerful apps.

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The Secret Of Success

I should be a bit more specific here. I am not about to reveal a wonderful secret that will transform your life, although it could help you transform a few things. I am, however, about to explain the most important factor that explains why IT projects and software implementations either succeed or fail. However, this simple message can be used in so many ways in our lives, so go ahead and adapt it wherever you think suitable. (Other lifestyle gurus are available!)

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Budgets: are you going through the motions?

It may simply be the predictability of budgets, coming around once a year, every year, that causes so many jaded finance people to treat them like a necessary but altogether thankless chore. But if we continue to treat the creation of our annual budgets as an annual "putting out of the bins", then we shouldn't be surprised when they end up full of rubbish and their contribution to the management of the business is diminished to junk status


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Location Matters when Planning

I was quite heartened to read the BBC News Article:
Economic growth 'dramatically' diverges between North and South"
as it paints a generally encouraging view of the UK economy.

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And Finally

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" -

Albert Einstein
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