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August 2014
Hi all,

Summer is well and truly upon us and I hope you have had a chance to enjoy the glorious sun we are having at the moment. With that in mind why not take a look at our article offering practical planning advice to enjoy a stress free holiday.

In this newsletter we invite you to some great events coming up in September and November. In September Innovar are joining forces with EyeOn to deliver a three day Master Class on Demand Planning in Life Science and in November Innovar will have a pod at the Anaplan Hub 2014 in London. These are two great events to find out what the latest technology can help your business achieve and we would love to see you there.

Talking of latest technology, take a look at our article explaining the features of the Anaplan release due to come out in August 2014.

We also have a very interesting article using a 3 Piece Suite analogy which questions how integrated your integrated solution really is.

We hope you find this useful and would welcome any feedback you may have. If you enjoyed reading this then please feel free to share this with your colleagues 


Innovar is the expert planning company. We offer Cognos Planning, BOARD and  Anaplan software and implementation services. We provide specialist budgeting and forecasting training and consultancy services and we help solve spreadsheet issues.

In this issue
Innovar are Sponsoring Anaplan Hub 2014 in London
What's New in Anaplan August 2014?
Master Class - Demand Planning in Life Science
3 Piece Suite
Don't Forget Your Toothbrush
And Finally
Innovar are Sponsoring the Anaplan Hub 2014 in London

Innovar are delighted to announce that we are a proud sponsor of the Anaplan Hub World Tour 2014 in London on 12th November 2014.


This will certainly not be your ordinary tech conference. It will provide a meeting point for businesses wanting to dramatically change the way they operate and perform through better processes and systems to support those processes.


It will enable attendees to meet fellow Anaplanners and be inspired by their stories on how Anaplan cloud based modelling has completely changed how their organisation works across multiple functions from the executive to business users. Hear how organisations have moved away from being completely dependent on Excel or other traditional systems. Meet the product development team, see what is on the road map and of course meet us. Meet Innovar!


Innovar will be hosting a demo pod showing examples of how processes can be modelled,  improved, streamlined, made faster and easier. Better forecasting and better analytics help make better decisions. Join us for one of our many quick demos on roll based planning, function planning, or perhaps you'd prefer a quick introduction on how the product works and see how easy it is to build in Anaplan. Maybe you would like a one to one session, perhaps to talk to us about the challenges and requirements you have at your business. We can certainly arrange that too.


Does your organisation use Salesforce? Come and learn about the integration between the two products and combine the best in class Customer Relation Management (CRM solution) with Anaplan, the leading cloud based planning and forecasting tool.


If you want to initiate change in your organisation, if you want to learn about the leading planning, budgeting and forecasting technology, ifyou want to improve your sales, financial or operational processes, forecasting and analysis, if you want to have fun and be inspired then join Innovar at Anaplan Hub World Tour 2014 in London on 12th November.


For further information and the opportunity to receive one of our limited VIP promotional invitations please email Innovar at:


Further information about this event will also be sent out in September.


We look forward to seeing you there 


What's New in Anaplan August 2014?


Following on from the very positive feedback in a previous Anaplan New features article, we have added another one! The Summer 2014 release is almost upon us and the Anaplan developers have been focusing on usability. There are new features for end users, data collection, analysis, charting and exports. Developers haven't been forgotten either with some useful new features for administrating models too.


Read Full Article Here
Master Class - Demand Planning in Life Science

Innovar are joining forces with EyeOn to deliver a  3 day Master Class - Demand Planning in Life Science in London between 17th and 19th September.

Our partners EyeOn are a Dutch based specialized consultancy firm that improves the bottom-line results of customers by improving their forecasting and planning capabilities. This, combined with Innovar's planning expertise ensures that this event will be a must for anyone performing Demand Planning in Life Science.

The Master Class will cover:

Day 1 - Forecasting and Demand Management Basics
Day 2 - Statistical Forecasting
Day 3 - Forecast, Enrichment, Organisation and Systems

To find out more take a look at the Master Class Brochure or contact Paul Baron:

We hope to see you there

3 Piece Suite?

Not your idea of a 3 piece suite? Certainly not mine. Nothing against any of the pieces of furniture per se, they may all be super comfortable, just the right height for whatever you want to be doing in them, and suited to the intended user's features and preferences, but...


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Don't Forget Your Toothbrush

Now that the holiday season is firmly upon us it seems an appropriate time to spare a thought towards good holiday planning and how we can "get away" without the stressful preparation!


We all know that feeling of relief when we get to our destination in one piece and with all children, luggage, errant spouses etc  all present and accounted for. But let's face it, the sheer panic that sometimes precedes the relief can all but do us in before we even get to where we are going! So how can we avoid this?



Read Full Article Here 
And Finally

"You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it."

Charles Buxton


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