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August 2013




Well August is here, its holiday season, the hot summer continues and we have a new heir to the throne.


We are delighted to offer a service to provide a health check for spreadsheets so you can have more confidence  that they are producing meaningful and valid data. And incase you were wondering why it is important to keep your spreadsheets 'healthy' we have some more spreadsheet stories to give you nightmares.


Finally we have a look at putting a forecast together, be it a spreadsheet or some other solution and why giving it some thought and consideration will make it a more meaningful and useful tool within your business. 


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In this issue
How confident are you in your spreadsheets?
More Spreadsheet Stories to Give You Nightmares
Its the Thought That Counts
And finally
Health Check   

How confident are you in your spreadsheets?

Every business has them - but how confident are you in the information they are providing?

No doubt at one time, your spreadsheet was pristine and solved the problem you wanted it to. But then time moved on  and now you find that the spreadsheet has had so many adjustments and tweaks  that remembering exactly where everything is and how it functions can be a problem and it doesn't quite work the way you need it to.

At Innovar we offer a Spreadsheet Health Check service, which enables us, using our planning expertise, to assess your spreadsheets. We provide a thorough investigation of the spreadsheets you are concerned about. We then compile a comprehensive report and make recommendations for any improvements required. Once agreed we can even implement the changes for you.   


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Spreadsheet Health Check  


More Spreadsheet Stories to Give you Nightmares


Following on from my previous article Spreadsheet Nightmares, I have been doing more research into the use of spreadsheets and how, when they are used or managed incorrectly, they can have major consequences for business. So here are another 4 'nightmare' stories relating to spreadsheets.



Read Full Article Here 


Its the Thought that Counts

In any Finance Department there are probably a number of people who would be able to put a forecast together but without the necessary thought and consideration the forecast is meaningless and a complete waste of time.


Read Full Article Here
Crystal Ball
And finally    

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now." 


Alan Lakein


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