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June 2013




Welcome to June and hopefully some sunny weather. To brighten your summer, we have created a very special Health Check offer for your business. This has to be booked in June (and taken by 31st December). See the article below. 

With our health check offer in mind we also have two articles that reinforce the need to make best use of your technology and those all important spreadsheets and some of the consequences that can occur when they are poorly used or badly managed.

A health check is also a good time to check what products you are currently using and the level of support you can expect. With this in mind we have an article discussing your options for upgrading from Cognos Planning 8.4.1, as it and all prior versions will no longer be supported by IBM after 30th September 2013.   


We hope you find this useful and would welcome any feedback you may have. If you enjoyed reading this then please feel free to share this with your colleagues 


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In this issue
Health Check Special Offer
Cognos 10 - Are you ready?
When your worst spreadsheet nightmare bcomes a reality!
Virtual insanity - Can we have too much technology
And finally
Health Check

Health Check Special Offer 


How often do you visit the dentist or doctor, to check those gripes on your health? Wouldn't it be good if you could have similar checks to determine the health of  your planning and reporting process? Can you think of some areas where your process is ailing? Its accuracy and efficiency is essential for your business to attain its maximum profitability. What is the cost of your system failing? Financial costs? Operations costs? Or what about the cost of your reputation?

At Innovar we offer a Health Check service, which will  enable us, using our planning expertise, to assess your business processes. We will come to your business and provide 2 days of intense investigation of your planning and reporting process. We then compile a comprehensive report and made recommendations for any improvements required. To find out more go to Innovar Health Check

And at the moment we are offering a  special promotion on our Health Check service.  If you book a Health Check before the end of June, to be taken by 31st December, we are offering a 30% discount on our list price. So the cost to you will be 2,100 instead of 3,000.

Added to that we will give an additional 10%
off for the first 3 takers - an incredible 40% in total. So the cost to you will be 1,800 instead of 3,000.


This small investment for our health check could save you many 1,000s in the long term. 

As we guarantee all our work, you have nothing to lose and all to gain - so sign up today.
Cognos 10  
Cognos 10 - Are You Ready?

Innovar would like to take this opportunity to remind our Cognos EP customers that the date for the termination of support for Cognos Planning 8.4.1 and all prior versions is 30th September 2013.


If you recognise your version number in this but are currently perfectly happy with your solution and wonder what this means and what action you might have to take, then hopefully this will answer your questions and get you to where you need to be with the minimum of fuss and expense!

For full story: click here

When your worst spreadsheet nightmare becomes a reality!!

"Spreadsheets appear to be a relatively intuitive tool that are perceived to be deceptively easy to use and although extensively used by organisations have often proved to be misleading at best and dangerous at worst. The spreadsheet itself has some limitations in its ability to act as a vehicle for the development of complex business models and users may be relatively nave in the development of models. Their basis for developing the model may bebased on a unique worldview, or contain deliberate or unintended biases. The model may have been deliberately tampered with to generate acceptable figures for a specific instance to preserve a perceived 'expert' label for the developer".

David A Banks & Ann Monday Contributors to EuSpRiG


I read this quote recently and wondered how much merit there was in the cautionary image it evoked of spreadsheets. So I decided to delve a little deeper and to my shock and horror found a whole raft of stories, available in the global media, of badly managed and badly controlled spreadsheets

For full story: click here

Too Much Technology  

Virtual Insanity - Can We Have Too Much Technology?

Not so much a current "of the moment" news story but rather an on-going topic for debate is the question of how to best use the ever-expanding capabilities of modern day technology in the classroom and the workplace. Can there be too much? If so, how much is too much and what does it mean for qualities and standards in education and contemporary business practices in the global economy of the future?


For full story: click here 




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