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April 2013



Well spring is allegedly upon as, so it must be time for our April newsletter. Although with the cold and snow outside it doesn't feel very spring like.

Innovar have produced a 3 minute video, which compliments the article we produced in our previous newsletter, explaining what Innovar do. Its worth taking a look, you may be surprised.

Following the successful webinars we have run introducing BOARD, we have an article which summaries the key points covered and the huge benefits this product can bring to your company.

Finally we have a general think, as to whether swapping your faithful spreadsheets is really worth it. Is it time to consider what else is out there?


We hope you find this useful and would welcome any feedback you may have.


Innovar is the expert Anaplan, BOARD and Cognos planning and training consultancy company, specialising in budgeting and forecasting software, planning and spreadsheet issues.


In this issue
What do we do
BOARD - an invitation to find out more
Is it worth It?
And finally

What do we do

Following on from our last newsletter we now have a 3 minute video showing what Innovar can do to improve budgeting and forecasting in your company. It is silent, so perfect for watching in a busy office without disturbing your colleagues. Click on the image below:

What we do  
BOARD - an invitation to find out more!

On 22nd March Innovar was proud to host an "Introduction to BOARD" webinar run by BOARD'S Head of Pre-Sales Gavin Allen. Not only were we pleased with the turn out for this from many of our customers but as always Gavin's delivery was excellent, really highlighting some of the key benefits of the BOARD software solution. 

For full article click here 

Is it worth it?

Is it worth changing your budgeting solution from Excel, is the full question.


Well first let's consider what 'pain' your current budgeting and forecasting solution can cause you.  When creating a budget are you dealing with uncertain forecasts and shifting plans? Does this lead to frustration especially when after all your hard work the numbers don't add up? You then find yourself spending too much time 'playing' with numbers on budgets and not enough time doing value added work. And then on top of that no one appears to pay any attention to your budgets anyway. All this could well make budgeting your least liked job!


For full article click here. 





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