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February 2013



In our first newsletter of 2013 we take the opportunity to remind you of what Innovar is all about. Read  our article called, 'We Do That!'  and take a few minutes to learn about the wide range of services and products we offer, some of which you may not be aware of but more importantly may be in need of! We also take a moment to reflect on 2012 and consider what lies in store for 2013. 


In the Cloud, we look at how it can help you with your spend visibility and control and we congratulate Anaplan Founder Michael Gould on his recent Cloud Industry Recognition. 


We hope you find this useful and would welcome any feedback you may have.


Innovar is the expert Anaplan, BOARD and Cognos planning and training consultancy company, specialising in budgeting and forecasting software, planning and spreadsheet issues.


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Innovar Product Highlight
Hopes for 2013
Using the Cloud for Spending Visibility and Control
Anaplan Founder Earns Cloud Industry Recognition
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What we do

We Do That!     


Talking to a long standing Innovar customer recently, they uttered the dreaded phrase "I didn't know you did that! I wish I'd known that before I ......" This all goes to prove that we could communicate better. So before anyone else tells me the same thing, I thought it would be wise to tell you all of the other stuff we do. Just in case it is useful.


For Full article go to We do that!


2012 to 2013

Hopes for 2013     


It's safe to say that 2012 has been a busy year all round and as the year draws to a close it is only natural to pause and reflect on all that has happened. Only recently has it really hit home just how much more quickly the time passes as we get older. As I hear my daughter sigh and enquire for, probably only the 15th time today, how many more "sleeps" it is until Christmas, I remember how much longer time seemed to fan out when I was growing up.  


For Full article go to Hopes for 2013


Spend Visibility
Using the Cloud for Spending Visibility and Control

Do you have complete visibility of spending in your company? Are you making the right decisions based on accurate information on company spending? Are you sure you are buying the right stuff at the right price? Do you really know what the company is spending? Are you managing demand effectively? Without complete visibility of spending these questions cannot accurately be answered and it is difficult to make financial decisions. If some of the questions above, sound alarm bells in your head then something needs to be done to improve your visibility of company spending.

Anaplan Logo

Anaplan Founder Earns Cloud Industry Recognition



We at Innovar would like to share the article below, written for the anaplan website by Kevin Wolf and Michaela Dempsey. I am sure you would also like to join in with us at Innovar in congratulating Michael Gould on this tremendous achievement.


"Michael Gould honoured by internationally known Cloud Awards organization for development of next-generation enterprise sales and financial planning software


For full article go to Anaplan Founder Earns Cloud Industry Recognition 



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