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December 2012    


Christmas Bells

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Welcome to our December 2012 newsletter. Just a short newsletter this month so that all of us at Innovar can take the opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  


We are sending you these wishes via our newsletter instead of a Christmas card, partly because it is more environmentally friendly and partly so that the money saved by Innovar can once again be donated to the NSPCC charity. 


In this Newsletter we draw your attention to the new Innovar website and we have two articles which examine Christmas with  a planning theme i.e planning your Christmas shopping and planning all those traditional things we do at Christmas. 


A Christmas tradition that we would gladly let the Grinch steal, is the one where Finance spend all of December finalising their forecasts, getting ready for year end and making last minute changes to next year's budget, while their colleagues wind down for the festive season and put tinsel round their desks. Our advice, if this describes you, is not to use the word "Humbug" when mumbling your frustrations


Looking back over the year, Innovar has continued to support numerous clients with their planning needs and have implemented planning solutions at many businesses. We have added Anaplan and BOARD to our portfolio of products and increased our range of Webinars and Seminars. 


We look forward to having further opportunities to work with you in the future. 

In this issue
New Innovar Website
A Christmas Fable - or how Christmas Shopping taught a Planning Consultant the vakue of Planning
Christmas Traditions

New Innovar Website   


We are pleased to announce that we have launched our new website. We have aimed to make this a  user friendly and informative website where you can come for all your planning, forecasting and budgeting needs.


We are very grateful to those customers that have provided us with testimonials and case studies and we will be adding more to the website over the coming months. We have also put a lot of emphasis on using our corporate colours to give the website a consistent feel.


There are various types of media on the website. In particular within the Solutions part of the website there are now Podcasts and Video Clips (called Take 5), which provide hints and tips and tutorials on forecasting and budgeting.


Please take a look at our website at innovar ltd and if you have any feedback we would love to hear from you.

A Christmas Fable - or how Christmas Shopping taught a Planning Consultant the value of Planning


Today is a special day for me. It is not yet mid-November and for the first time in, well possibly ever, I have already done my Christmas shopping. This, dear reader, is not the status quo. In the normal scheme of things I am not a disorganised person and neither am I averse to the pleasures of shopping. In fact my flexible friend and I have spent many a happy hour together engaged in the pastime otherwise known as "retail therapy".



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Christmas Traditions   - Why do we do that? 


At Christmas time we tend do, eat and have all sorts of things that we don't have at any other time of the year. All these things take a lot of our time to plan for and are what make Christmas such a special time for most people. So whilst you are rushing around to get everything done have you ever paused for a moment and wondered why we do all these things?  


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And Finally


When planning your Christmas consider these words: 


The Grinch Dr Seuss    




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