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October 2012

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In this month's newsletter we invite you to join us at our free Webinars running on dates throughout October and November. This is a great opportunity for you to improve your knowledge on various aspects of planning for you to implement within your organisation. Numbers are limited so please book early.


We also invite you to join the Planning Gurus, Linked In Group. This has been set up by Innovar specifically for discussions, questions and answers on all aspects of planning.


For many of us it is that Budgeting time of year again and same as last year plus 3% can be a common and quick answer. But why not look at it differently? Innovar are pleased to introduce a guest writer for our October Newsletter, Paul Copsey from Auditel, specialists in Cost Management. He has a quick guide for saving energy and water where we can reduce and manage costs rather than make the usual percentage increase assumptions.


We also look at Cloud Planning and the confidence it should give you, both in terms of its data storage and powerful reporting capabilities.


We hope you find this useful and would welcome any feedback you may have.


Innovar is the expert planning and training consultancy company, specialising in budgeting and forecasting software, planning and spreadsheet issues.


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Free Webinars on Planning during October and November
Join the Planning Gurus On Linked In
Auditel article - Take Action - Save Money
The Cloud - Who's in the Driving Seat?
Anaplan - View your data with Confidence
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 Free Webinars on Planning during October and November


To help you keep up to date with the latest developments in budgeting and forecasting, we are holding a series of free planning webinars that are designed to show you ways that you could take your planning to the next level. Each webinar is only 45 minutes long and is about a specific element of planning that you should find really useful. 


If you think that the following topics would be of interest to your colleagues, then by all means forward this email to them. You, or they, can register for as many, or as few, webinars as are relevant. If the topic is of interest but the dates or times are not suitable, then please drop me an email and I will let you know when we are repeating the webinars.


Friday 19th October 11am-12pm Cloud Planning 
Stop worrying about: version control, upgrading, the issues of large spreadsheets, how to consolidate, sending out spreadsheets, getting them all back in (unchanged), IT and server issues. Start concentrating on the numbers instead. Take a look at planning using cloud software (Anaplan) and ditch those spreadsheets. Take a look at what planning should be like.

Monday 22nd October 1pm-2pm Payroll Planning 
For many organisations, this is the biggest overhead of all. Model it, track it, forecast the impact of pay-rises and do what-if-scenarios on those re-structures before they happen. Plan your increases and decreases in headcount and never be surprised again. Whether you have 100 employees or 20,000, join us to find out how to keep up with constant change in staff costs. 

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Monday 31st October 1pm-2pm Sales Tracking 

Sales revenue is the biggest unknown in most organisations! But it isn't completely unknown by everybody. Find out what your sales team know almost as soon as they know it. Get an early warning system so that you have the inside track on what deals have been won or lost as they happen. See how that changes the sales forecast and therefore your P&L and Cashflow forecasts immediately. Join us to see how you can collaborate without making it a fulltime job


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Friday 2nd November 10am -11am Integrated Cashflow and Balance Sheet

You make a change to your P&L budget or forecast - and then what? Isn't it sensible that your debtors and creditors automatically update? That the bank balance goes up or down? That stock changes? That your overdraft headroom becomes a bit more comfortable or a little more squeezed? If your budgeting and forecasting aren't integrated, then how do you sleep easy at night? Join us to find out how to integrate your P&L, Cashflow and Balance Sheet.


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All this for FREE.

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Planning Gurus

Join the Planning Gurus on Linked In   


Would you like to join a LinkedIN group that is solely for finance people to pose and answer planning problems? The Planning Gurus Group has been set up to enable knowledgeable discussion about any aspect of planning. It could be about budgeting, forecasting, what-if scenarios, payroll planning, cashflow forecasting, rolling forecasts..... 


If any of that is what you do, then join us. Our shared experience should be a great knowledge bank that can answer almost any planning problem we can pose.

If you would like to join in the discussion then go to:


Planning Gurus Group  

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Take Action - Save Money

With the commercial Energy Market continually unpredictable and ongoing concern for future gas and electricity prices, many organisations are preparing for a further increase in their utilities budget.  


By reducing future contract rates through a comprehensive tendering process, either managing internally or by working with an independent consultancy, many businesses find a significant saving can still be realised. However, cost reduction is only part of the solution - reducing consumption is equally vital to maximize all savings opportunities.


As a result of an Energy or Water Efficiency Audit you may become aware of quick win changes that can be made to your business, with instant reductions in Energy and Water use.


For full article follow link 


By Paul Copsey,  Auditel 

Cloud Planning

The Cloud - Who's in the Driving Seat?

Hitting the headlines earlier this month was Judge Peter Bowers, the judge at the centre of a burglary case in which he chose to release the accused with a suspended sentence. That in itself was not the reason for his new found and short lived celebrity. Rather it was his attitude to the crime that drew attention and garnered outrage and indignation from many; "It takes a huge amount of courage for somebody to burgle somebody's house. I wouldn't have the nerve." No one seemed more surprised about this rather charitable view of theft and the potential psychological scars for the victims than the wayward burglar himself who at least had the good grace and decency to be chagrined and embarrassed about the whole affair.


 For full article follow link 



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Anaplan - View your data with Confidence


Imagine you have taken the plunge into the world of Cloud Computing. Or maybe you already have. What benefits do you expect? Would you enjoy being able to manipulate and view your data under different scenarios with just a few clicks and know that you are looking at the same source data? One cloud based product that allows this in a very simple and user friendly manner is Anaplan and here we look at some of the ways you can view and manipulate your data. We also look at how Anaplan is different Excel in this respect.


 For full article follow link 



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